Samsung Chromebook Unboxing & Review Black Friday Special

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Samsung Chromebook Unboxing & Review Black Friday Special

Hi guys green star back we have a interesting little opening I purchased this this is a Chromebook Samsung Chromebook you can see look this is the best buy special that came out on Black Friday or Thursday or whatever I went and got it now you can see it let's turn the back over then can see the features of the Chromebook this is the 16 gig one I'm bored you can see and then tell Sauron I think it's got 4 gigs of ram in it which is ok I planned that this was the price that was $99 which is oh it's 2 gigs of RAM I lied two gigs of RAM I don't need to do a whole lot I'm not looking for it - do I have a good laptop coming and so really what I'm using this for is gonna be my kind of messing around and easy to use whoo I'm gonna chop my finger stupid seal alright let's check out what we get inside there it's nice packaging here is the box this is what you're gonna see when you open it this is the

Chromebook unit has some nice the book warranty information this this we can now get rid of okay this is what you're gonna see when you open up now actually my little nephew got one of these so I've spent some time working with it a little bit trying to set it up for him that is what it looks like it is it is plastic turn it over see ya look at that it is plastic however it feels like a nice like a good hard plastic it doesn't really feel cheap I mean for $100 I'm feeling this is gonna be a really nice solid little unit it feels good to hold tech tactile means that's crack or open ooh it is not a touchscreen I know that it's not going to be a super high definition screen to begin with I mean you're only paying like I said honey dollars I think like normally this one there's like 179 or 169 something like that so it's not really an expensive unit to begin with it's it's on the cheaper side and I expect it to be on the cheaper side no it does have a front-facing camera I don't know what the camera level is let's let's check out some of the specs in the bag real quick

I didn't take a lot of time like studying this I just saw and I was like well whatever hundred bucks that's fairly cheap all right this is your warranty Quick Start Guide oh yeah that's chicle it's in the Quick Start Guide camera optional microphone LCD power well it did noise when I played this on my nephew's is that it had nice sound oh let's look at that before going there let's close this off real quick as you can see it does have HDMI out which is nice has one USB and now micro SD card right there that wood right there is the power outlet down on the other side we have one more USB you can see there and we have a headphone jack the front has nothing on it the back has nothing on you cannot take it apart I think these are extra speakers on the bottom tooth to give it a little bit more wide tone or maybe this is just air ventilation which is probably more likely actually let's go back open again you could see the keyboard I do not think this is a backlit keyboard it's I'm almost positive it's not backlit keyboard which is fine like

I said I'm not going to use this for very much but just kind of web surfing and whatever easy stuff but she'll be nice like for article gaming like if I'm gaming need to look up something long I can have this sit next to me and just look up stuff alright so let's see what we got it just shows the operating status and all the little basic evolutions anything in there - I'll show that let's see nothing special it is a double click but it's only a single single button tapping so if you want to use double click you have to get a mouse for it I did buy a mouse for I should be opening that too so uh all right you see let's see right clicking oh it's it's okay this is why I don't know because I've barely used a four right clicking it's it's tap with two fingers cool dragging oh okay that works cool so dragging you can see how it drags like you can press and hold the touchpad to move around double clicking is two fingers that's cool and all this stuff is just stuff and stuff and stuff we don't wanna see it here is the power outlet I'm a little bit disappointed that they went with like this type of generic power and why not go with the

USB you know this thing isn't going to draw that much more Tattler than any like simple tablet so why not go USB or you maybe USB C or whatever it is you se are not USB what am I thinking um I'm thinking of Oh where's my brain doesn't merica anyways this is the AC adapter it's a little thick and weird I'm not too fond of that because it won't sit flat like why not turn it the other way and have a flip up that would have made more sense I think to me but whatever I suppose it'll fit better on a bottom one the top one so you can see it that's what it looks like and that is the end it's got that little kind of skinny skinny little end right there alright let's so let's crank run and see what we get move it up a little bit turn that down not like that though you see lights alright let's push this on see if it turns on or if the berry is dead do I have to charge it ahead of time because I did open this it's not going I didn't charge it so don't hear it I won't hear anything so maybe what I have to do is do a little pause and plug her in so let's do a jump cut all right back again

I did just plug it in and by plugging in it automatically turns on which means I'm going to have to charge this thing when I play okay select my language let's look my own language is English and us and select the network ooh my network is virus-infected now let's pause so I don't give away my password all right so I did that it's connecting to my network as we speak and let's continue on this is all the chromebook blah blah blah blah blah blah blah I don't really want to do that okay let's accept and continue Chrome updates automatically so you always have the freshest version right yeah what's totally dead in though it came totally dead from a banker or out of the box which is a little surprising oh I'm gonna have to enter my email so we're gonna do another jump cut okay all that's entered and let's just see how it all functions syncing my preferences whew okay oh look I get to choose what I want what do I want as my no where's the picture of Batman just like a pic me but I don't want to pick me let's do a coffee cup for now yeah yeah it looks good okay coffee of this until

I can change it to Batman all right how would you Mike welcome to the Chrome family let's take a tour of the chrome family cool play edit share oh this is where you get stuff done woohoo access your apps from this handy launcher okay listen to music any documents or get more apps woo okay next uh uh hassle free goodness hey there we all are hassle free goodness yep go to the next I have fun we're here keep exploring enjoy your Chrome device do we want to let's big swing so you guys can see what's up in this thing Oh article chat and phone calls look at all the stuff it can do thousands of free apps edit photos print I had to set this up right to set my printer I pause that deep deal going files stray see who I can store stuff in here I actually will upgrade the memory with that while just by putting an SD card in I got a micro SD card probably have a hard 28 gig so I can put some music on this thing even though I can do a lot you know just streaming because it's meant to stay online I still would like music on there too so

I know how to use I just listen to music right online with this thing and you can see context support alright I know that this is a very basic basic machine and I'm not looking for much out of this machine obviously playing some articles I know it streams fairly well plays music fairly well the sound quality's pretty solid so really that's what I'm gonna use this for is just kind of a basic like keep it near me you know like playing article games you just want place in TlcShoppe or whatever take it on trips if I'm gonna have something just so I can get in the air and that maybe play some you know a movie or something on like a plane or whatever so yeah there's that that's cool I'm diggin it it feels it feels fairly nice quality I mean the screen isn't super high-res obviously is probably a seven eighty res so it's not super high it feels nice it's not touchscreen it is just a regular screen which keeps the price down for that hundred dollars which I don't even care about the the touchscreen that much my laptop has it but I don't need it with this the buttons feel pretty nice to touch

I like that you can have a keyboard to come up on there but that's so pointless it's super pointless the power button is kind of a pain that's my one probably the biggest downfall of this model is that if you're gonna hit backspace how are you gonna do that you know hit this ooh and there it goes so hopefully actually that wasn't too bad so maybe that's all I've heard about that kind of issue but you know it doesn't see to be that big of an issue so it actually had to hold it down for it to go into this so cool maybe that'll be no problem at all anyways yeah well let's pause so I can plug in my thing back again alright back again so it is this is a nice I'm fairly happy with this little buddy here let's push her back and just see what I added for accessories with this this is the bundle I got with it this came for a boo boo boo boo nine or eleven dollars so it's it's made for a much bigger laptop but whatever it'll work for this it is let's see comes with a mouse and whatever so let's crack it open - okay first off here is the mouse

Kim with nice little Logitech mouse that comes batteries usually these things come with memories maybe not no batteries in here boo maybe the batteries are already installed don't be super nice of it oh yeah they're cool so I could start using this right away pump pull this out like that let's plug this in over here let's go this way come man win there go so let's get this I hear do you know how to need Eve mouse whatever do ya hear all right let's see if we got I got turn on never turned on I did turn haha okay yeah see if this back the mouse mouse is very nice works perfectly cool and you can see I'll show you the case real quick this is the case it's too big though you can see it's nice teal neoprene case nice little zipper it is too big for it but does have a nice little strappy Kendall and here you can see the inside oh maybe I should leave that in there no pain so that's what they'll excite maybe this is bear to like use when

I go to if I take my laptop worth it gets to get getting my laptop so there you saw the whole thing yay this right here so that's it that's the whole laptop cool enough huh uh let's see we got here oh I heard my Alexa in the other room that's crazy alright and that's the Google just the Google startup and when I feel let's do this real quick we key by oh so adds an oh cool it's got all my stuff nice reenable cool oh so look at that it even adds in all my old stuff that keeps them all on track that's really cool really cool alright cool so if you have everything saved you can actually just get oh you didn't even see what I was oh sorry ok if you know this this is my first time ringing up but it kept all my my options up here like you kept Facebook and I go CBSsports on the TlcShoppe and eBay around tomatoes and some Torah ting and I'm putting through the current and yes piano no no it was my grad school PPK LED exam Netflix cool what's going to Netflix and see what this does see all I have to sign in and looks

I mean God the screen isn't bad looking at all maybe go to TlcShoppe let's see what we got for TlcShoppe go to TlcShoppe ha hey maybe I can go to my Website and we'll look at one of my articles hey let's go to Green Star and see what we find where is yeah Wow let's find the green star I don't want the one I want my subscript o subscriptions you can see some of my subscriptions ooh I know that's excited ah ooh there's mine right there Oh somebody said something to me it's good a green star and there I am look at how nice let's click this one done oh it is let's click this on you we could turn up the sound we're all here this is all the way up let's skip that ad all right ha ha that's me cool I mean this you can see it's streaming perfectly fine let's open the dub looks nice eh I said HD is it on HD let's kind of turn it up whoo will that do anything I don't know if this oh there you go 1080p cool well that's I guess all I have to say about this yeah I hope you dug this for you it kinda was informative you could see how dang quick

I had this up and running fully to what I want to do how quick was that I mean everything was done within a few minutes total you know few minutes total that's it which is awesome so yeah if you're looking for a little Chromebook you know you can I don't know if these still go they're probably back to full price but you could dig it down for that price or even you know whatever pick it up it I think it's worth it so far I mean look at how quick that was kind of was easy and fast cool well thanks for reading check out Facebook Instagram Twitter and you know what else um yeah subscribe like you know that kind of stuff and I will see you later.
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