RCS and the Android Messaging Mess

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RCS and the Android Messaging Mess

So Google's messaging strategy some would say is convoluted and messy but along the way some have wondered if Google's flavor of rich communication services that's RCS might be a beacon of light joining us to help make sense of RCS is David Redick from Android police how's it going David great thanks Jason it's great to have you here thank you so much for coming on absolutely before we get to RCS because it can get a little confusing why is Android messaging such I don't know such a confusing mess my thoughts but I'm assuming you probably agreed to some extent well I mean it's funny you know you see a lot of people saying Android communications are a mess but it's especially true in the

United States probably more than anywhere else outside the United States everybody's perfectly happy to use you know whatsapp or WeChat or telegram or line or whatever your regional messaging you know messaging app that you like is in the u.s. though we have the situation where the iPhone is so popular and this iMessage is so popular that well if you want to talk to your friends with iPhones you kind of have to do it over SMS and that's the mess is an ideal because you know your iPhone friends with iMessage can't give you all the cool features of iMessage tensley in their messages and you're stuck with the limitations of MMS which are extensive so when people say that they want the iMessage for Android what what are they saying exactly what are what are those features that they feel like they're missing

I mean a lot of it is you know for example if you send even something as simple as sending a picture in an SMS well you know it's going to get compressed it's gonna just be it's gonna get JPEG if I'd so badly just something as simple as that or you know for example having native emoji and stickers and things like that and your messaging app things that just you know work and and that's kind of the experience that Google tried to create with a low was an iMessage like experience for Android but obviously it only works if the other person has a low so that's a major downside RCS is what people are starting to look at say well maybe this is how we can actually make that work I feel like it's always a carrot that's dangling in front of us when yeah Android messaging it's like yeah well that work you know you even put out on

Twitter that allo sits at 134 in Playstore charts so obviously that isn't lighting the charts on fire and that was Google's next messaging thing but Google committed to Arceus back in September officially with a blog post so give us an idea what RCS actually is why it's different from what we already have well RCS has been around since I think it might be even 2012 it's been around a very long time and GSMA or yeah that's GSMA right is is the body that really started to try to push it and they did so under the platform join Jo why n well join never really caught on if some carriers around the world probably two or three dozen total maybe adopted it and it just didn't seem to work but now Google bought a company called jive I believe last year they bought chive jibe is the company that made the standard for the universal

RCS profile for advanced messaging so the GSMA said hey we want to have a universal standard for RCS advanced messaging which is a you know long way of saying for advanced messaging we want just you know once and everybody uses it and so Google bought the company that GSMA decided made the standard so now the GSMA I believe late last month said hey we're finally gonna publish the universal standard it's based on the same thing you know the jibe uses the Google bot and we've got in the US the important ones to know they have sprint they have t-mobile and they have Verizon onboard as being you know pledged to support this technology the problem is right now we already have RCS in America AT&T; has it Sprint has it and t-mobile has it but AT&T; RCS doesn't talk to t-mobile RCS Gmail bar CSS induct sprint RCS and sprint

RCS that's in talk to AT&T; RCS and Google's own network project five doesn't have RCS at all and and so it's just a mess and everybody says well no you eventually this will work out everything will become inter compatible once the universal profile is out there and we'll get through this the problem is this could take two to three years to really sort out and in that time a lot could change so does Google want people to use RCS or do they want people to use aloe or do they just don't care as long as long as people aren't like switching to iPhones or using facebook Messenger I think aloe and RCS I mean I'm not really sure if aloe could have RCS integrated into it in a way where Alice features would be fully maintained or not but I think that Google is essentially saying here well we'll see what sticks and that's how

Google approaches so many products they they have multiple approaches and whichever one ends up being very successful is the one they decide to heat RCS I would say probably has a better chance than a low as a low currently exists but RCS has its fair share of obstacles ahead of it so you say that Google's version of RCS is different than all the carriers take is it is it like limited like between the different kind of flavors of RCA RCS there's limited features or they don't talk the same air quotes language or like what it what exactly differentiates them that's right there's there's no way for them to communicate with each other right now so t-mobile has developed their own RCS advanced messaging that they've decided that's how they want to do an AT&T; did the same and but Sprint decide to use jive Google's thing now

AT&T; hasn't signed on to the universal standard a t-mobile has so t-mobile has essentially pledged that hey no matter what we do with RCS advanced messaging eventually ours will work with everybody else's it also uses Universal profile how and when we don't know and so there's still a lot of uncertainty around it it's not clear you know 80 who have been pushing RCS advanced messaging well they're not signed on to the program to try to make it interoperable Verizon is signed on to the program to make it interoperable but Verizon hasn't ever announced any plans to implement RCS so we assume that that Apple doesn't put iMessage on Android because they want to keep people using iPhones and you know we assume that do we assume that the carriers are not making compatible systems for the same reason like if Sprint wants people to stay with

Sprint t-mobile wants people to stay with t-mobile I think that eventually you'll see the carrier's decide that they want interoperability I think the the universal profile evidence is that I think they don't have any reason to really hurry up about doing that I think they also the carrier's big concern I think is they essentially once they made SMS free they couldn't they couldn't put that back in the box SMS in America is basically free and unlimited even on most prepaid plans now an RCS might give them a chance to try to corner that again and maybe make messaging into a revenue platform in fact the one of the GSMA is major major bullet points for the second release of the universal profile is turning RCS advanced messaging into an e-commerce platform so carriers are very much looking at this I think is a business situation where well how could we make money on this and that's why

I think they're they're being tentative about interoperability and how and when things are going to happen cool so then I should just get used to having a folder full of messaging apps and never knowing which one I actually use because everybody's on different things and there is no standard that sounds great I think so and Apple like like you guys said Apple has no reason to ever sign on to this they they they there's no incentive so and with Apple trying to monetize iMessage now I message is now an RCS competitor essentially it's just that I message only works on one platform well thank you so much for depressing us and roid users David Roddick and rightfully so really appreciate it I actually very much so appreciate you coming on and especially kind of dispelling some of the details behind

RCS because when you read it when you read through it it can get a little confusing like what the difference is but I think anyone who's on Android understands the effect of all of this and that's just that messaging feels like a broken thing and I don't know where the fix is anywhere and I think we're gonna be in the quagmire for a little while longer all righty David Roddick at Android please thanks again and have a great weekend thank you guys.
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