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Today's article I want to run you guys through the PlayStation official Black Friday deals running from November 24th through December 2nd now these are all of the deals that will be available at retailers and depending on the retailer you go to it will vary a little bit I'll go over my own input and do remember that the PlayStation Store should be running their own set of deals and those should be popping up relatively soon here and speaking of the PlayStation Store there is an idea factory PSN sale going on right now so a couple of good deals can be had with that a free red box one night movie or a game rental with the Code Red Box 17 that's available today only so take advantage of that if you're interested we'll talk not at the end of this article and before we get into everything I just want to remind you guys to make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the bell notification icon so you're always notified of uploads and that definitely helps out the Website too so we always appreciate that but first up let's go over the PlayStation 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as they have been revealed over on the PlayStation Blog an official post was put out by Marion vice president of global marketing and Sony interactive entertainment and it notes the season free Divya is almost here to help you get ready here's a roundup of PlayStation deals being offered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday from November 24th to December 2nd and it will vary a little bit in candidates from November 28th until December 6 join the PlayStation family and experience the epic gameplay moments on a new Playstation 4 or PlayStation VR bundle starting in the US on November 24th we're releasing a special Black Friday ps4 bundle that comes with three of the biggest ps4 hit games we're also pleased to introduce a new psvr mega pack bundle in North America during Black Friday which includes five immersive PS VR games to get you into the world of virtual reality here's a quick look at our Black Friday offerings be sure to check your local retailers for more information ok so let's go through this real quickly only on

PlayStation 4 bundles for $1.99 99 or to $49.99 Canadian featuring a one terabyte PlayStation 4 system and three award-winning titles including the Last of Us remastered god of war and Horizons yard on complete edition la supplies last I think that's a great bundle and this is probably the bundle with the PlayStation that I would be recommending to pick up if you do want a ps4 I imagine the majority of you guys reading our articles already have a ps4 but who knows you might want to pick it up for a family member a friend you might want to get a console for the living room or your own room whatever the case may be sometimes you just want another ps4 console and this one is a great way to get it in terms of value getting the ps4 itself for $200 is already really good to be perfectly honest those games aren't worth a lot anymore The Last of Us remastered I'll value that at $10 got a where you'll value that at 15 and then Horizons your time complete addition another one you'll value at around $10 so really the value itself of the games is like $35 that means you would get the console itself for like 165 if you look at it that way that's pretty freakin good so good deal all around also the

PlayStation 4 Pro if you're interested in that will be $300 u.s. 370 Canadian and of course regularly it is $400 or $500 Canadian ah so the PlayStation 4 Pro is the console some of you guys definitely want I don't know if it makes a ton of sense to make that $300 investment right now when we're one year away from the release of the PlayStation five I would say settle with your regular PlayStation 4 and then get the PlayStation 5 when it comes out later in 2020 it just makes a lot more sense putting the money towards that unless you're super eager to get the ps4 Pro and you'll want to play The Last of Us part or a games like that at the highest performance possible then I guess you can pick it up but if you've already waited this long the ps4 pro has been out for three years and three years after its initial release are only saving $100 off of its original release price man that's not worth it save your money get the PlayStation 5 when it comes out because what you're probably gonna be tacking on a hundred or two hundred dollars on top of the ps4 is three hundred other price point and then you're gonna have enough money to get the

PS 5 so it just doesn't make a lot of sense thing at the ps4 Pro right now that is my opinion all right here is the psvr multi game bundle for a $200 u.s. or 250 dollars Canadian this will feature a PS VR headset a PlayStation camera and vouchers to download 5 PS VR titles that include the Astra bot rescue mission the elderscrolls v skyrim VR Resident Evil 7 biohazard bunnies golf VR and PlayStation VR world so this is an absolutely ridiculous deal they seem to be enticing and sweetening the pot for PlayStation VR every year but this is just a steal of a deal $200 and you're getting the PS VR headset you're getting a camera and you're getting a Trabant rescue mission skyrim VR Resident Evil 7 everybody's golf your NPS VR worlds the game value in itself you're talking of north of a hundred all our Skyrim VR doesn't go on sale that much astronaut rescue mission doesn't go on sale that much Resident Evil 7 is a great game everybody's gone VR is really good on I know P as VR world is more of a demo disc but it's nice to get that as well all of that with the headset with the camera $200 is a steal if you've been looking to get into psvr and

I really recommend it if you have an interest in virtual reality the game offerings is top-notch on PlayStation VR and I would highly recommend you to check it out if you have some inherent interest in VR but it is quite good and I would recommend it the other VR bundle that they have is the PlayStation VR blood and truth and everybody's golf bundle this is gonna be two hundred and fifty dollars and it's a little bit different you get a POC car headset a PlayStation camera two PlayStation Move controllers and two popular psvr titles and blood and truth and everybody's called VR so this one you get the two PS Move controllers but you're paying $50 more and you're not getting all of the aforementioned games that I mentioned instead you're getting blood and truth and you are getting everybody's golf VR I just think the multi game bundle is way better and you can pick up the PS Move controllers this doesn't make a lot of sense to get that but nonetheless that'll be a bundle as well the PlayStation Gold headset will also be available that'll be $70 or $90 Canadian regularly it's a hundred dollars or 120 Canadian so that's pretty good ah it's the gold headset nothing much more to say but I do think it's a high quality headset

DualShock for wireless controllers will be $40 or $50 Canadian there regularly $65 or $75 Canadian that is so ridiculous but there you have it if you need to get a couple of DualShock 4 controller Black Friday would not be a bad time to get them you'll also have 25% off PlayStation Plus yearly subscriptions from November 22nd until December 2nd a little bit of a bummer on that deal that means they would be down to well $45 I believe in the past they were down to just $40 flat so it does seem like they're heightening the plus a little bit for flat Friday I pick up on the little things but nonetheless if you want PlayStation Plus at a discount you'll have it and that's a pretty good deal and lastly they do note select PlayStation exclusive titles for $19.99 including days gone marvel spiderman game of the eora nation medieval concrete genie and MLB the show some of those games will actually be a cheaper at specific retailers spider-man Game of the Year Edition I believe will be $15 at Walmart the rest of them

I don't recall right off the top of my head but there will be deals available on all of them and lastly PlayStation Hits titles will be available for $9.99 those regularly go for $19.99 and that means games like God of War Horizons your Downton complete Last of Us remastered the Uncharted collection I believe Uncharted 4 is in that category as well those will be available for $9.99 a pop which is pretty freakin great alright so those are all of the deals that Sony highlighted and are going to be available from retailers also there are going to be deals available on the PlayStation Store to the Black Friday sale in the holiday sales are some of the biggest sales of the year and do you expect those to be rolling out sometime in the very near future so we'll be covering that in depth as they roll out all right quickly I do want to cover a couple of other things right now there is an idea factory sale on the US PlayStation Store not a bunch of marquee titles on sale in support of this one just because Idea Factory isn't that long known however some games are discounted dragon star Varney R which just came out is 50% off for $30 which isn't bad super

Neptunia RPG 60% offered $20 also known as romancing saga 3 is 20% offered 23 19 I believe that's just the long to discount but I thought I would mention that as well a spark light is seeing a 10% off discount as a launch discount that's down to 20 to 49 you've got death Endre quest at 60% off for $20 cyber dimension Neptunia 4 and that 60% offers $16 and a couple of other deals are available as a part of that so thought it would make quick mention of that and it was also noted that there are a bunch of other deals available so just have a look at the PlayStation Store and you can take advantage of whatever deal interests you and lastly I do want to note that there is a free red box one-night movie or game rental with the code red box 17 some of the games that are high include Star Wars Jedi fallen order and debts training so if you want to rent one of those gifts for just a day if your local red box has it which it's kind of a little bit difficult to sometimes get the games you want out of a red box just because a lot of other people will come through and snag them and they just don't have a lot of copies to go around from the get-go just because it's a business model you know you can't really get like a hundred copies of

Jedi fawn order into a single red box location that's just not really financially feasible but nonetheless that is available for those of you guys with a red box near you you can take advantage of that again with the Code Red Box seventeen and that's gonna conclude this article guys again the Black Friday deals continue to roll out and these are the official PlayStation deals these should be available at the majority of retailer some of the deals might even be better in specific retailers again I mentioned Marvel's spider-man game of the year edition for instance will be $15 at Walmart while they're promoting it as $19.99 so just bear that in mind an idea factory PSN sell is going on right now and free red box one night movie and game rental code with the Code Red Box 17 that's gonna conclude this article sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below thank you for reading and good bye hey guys

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