Nvidia Shield TV (2019) review: This great media streamer is still just a little nerdy

Nvidia Shield TV (2019) review: This great media streamer is still just a little nerdy nvidia shield tv 2019 nvidia shield 2018 nvidia shield games nvidia shield tv with remote and controller nvidia shield specs nvidia shield tv controller nvidia shield review xnxubd 2019 nvidia shield

Nvidia Shield TV (2019) review: This great media streamer is still just a little nerdy

A lot that you find looking folk there's crumpet expert and I'm here with everybody's fresh new shield TV 2019 edition quite a lot has changed since the previous shield TV including just from a quick squid on the box actual design of the bloody thing it's one of the smartest streaming boxes out there right now not really a box more of a cylinder of course let me tell you if your plan is basically to vegetate and hibernate this winter then golly gosh this thing will do the job for you for kh2 your support of course all the usual dolby atmos dolby vision and everything and of course the most incredible upskill and i've ever seen from a streaming device very smart stuff indeed and of course because it's in article get a good buy the game stream and support using the GeForce now services well which in itself has evolved quite a lot since its first incarnation all those years ago can you get fully unbox now and set up and have a good old tour of all of the best features and give it a bit of a review as well and for one the latest greatest tech please do pork subscribe ending that notifications bell

Cheers so that right there as you can see is the Nvidia shield TV at 2019 it is actually this thing is not inside this thing or anything this is actually it and yes it does admittedly look like a smallish tube with the label removed but that's absolutely fine because it's not designed to sit there in full view next your telly it's decide to be tucked away behind the TV or whatever just out of sight and nice and compact and subtle as you see there you've got your power collector you've actually got an Ethernet port there as well so you can get a wide connection on the gore especially important if you'll be doing a lot of games streaming and the like and then around this side of course got your HDMI connection 2.1 and you've got a bit of microsd expandable 'ti there as well to expand their 8 gigabytes of on-board storage then what else do you get in the Box Activia it's not stick that we always it let's just roll straight off the desk that will be great you don't course get a bundled remote as well an interesting little triangular affair they've gone for all of the various shipped more on that in a bit and then the rest of the box you've got of course a power cable to actually hook up your shield TV get it all powered up and you also have a

Quick Start Guide and that's it unfortunate there's no itch to my cable bundled in the Box are similar to the fire TV cube on that front you'll have to provide your own a little bit stingy but at least you get a good bit of tech in this thing let's get it all set up so this right here is the entire shield TV 2019 setup you got the plug going into the wall of course that goes into this the Nvidia shield TV 2019 this can just be shoved away behind the TV or wherever is convenient and then coming out of the arse end is the itch to my cable which by the way in article ID to pilfer for my thirty pound rock ooh yeah good ol rock who gives you an HDMI cable Nvidia not so much cheapskates okay the Nvidia shield TV 2019 is all hooked up and that by the way down there is a shield TV next to the Amazon fire TV cube and the Roku premium I'm gonna do a full comparison between the three of those for the features that design everything you need to know so stay tuned for that should we go live about the same time as this article now hopefully it should just be a case of putting to the order of mort's at it and hitting this button here and hopefully that will cause it to spring to life oh yeah there we go boom so at least

Nvidia did actually include batteries in the remote control that's something at least and because the Nvidia shield TV 2019 of course uses a bit of Android TV you can quickly get it all set up using your Android phone assuming of course you've got one so your my phone I'm gonna go to the Google app and then see set up my device and let's get started and we've just got to look for the shield we should hopefully pop up on the phone there we got confirm that get it connected to Zee Internet absolutely minimal effort which is gratefully as he gets like me because it's Android TV of course you got the Google assistant built-in there and you'd actually have a mic built into the remote control as well for fast and easy voice access as you can see once you sign in with your account you got the chance to download some of the biggest and most popular streaming apps out there like so twitch and all this kind of shenanigans Disney like of course called get in the UK so there's no point in me grub in that now if you've used android TV you'll be right at home it's a nice streamlined

UI based entirely around your app so as you can see you got fast access to all of your favorite apps up top you can actually customize the fever's just by diving in here you can add some of your other favorite ones and ones that you use more often than others will automatically be added there anyway and of course you want to download some more apps just hit the Google Play Store and it's really nicely organized as you can see they fast access bunch of games all of your apps and just jump into some new stuff you can quickly and easily search using a bit of voice as well Deezer so as you can see there just pops you up nice bit diese and also various other alternatives as well that are also relevant now you see there as you scroll down some the more popular apps there you can fast access bunch of recommended content everything that's trending of course you got bit of that spotlight if you're struggling to find new content as well and as I mention it's fully customizable this UI as well just got to dive down to device preferences and then head into homescreen as you can see they're customized

Websites seeing sure exactly what you want right there on the main UI so for instance I don't want recommended or trending from TlcShoppe I just want read my content instead so let's get rid of both of those and bike my content I mean Websites item subscribed to by the way not my actual articles because that would just being narcissistic and weird as you see here you can actually reorder the apps as well as all your favorites go up top now you can see within the settings menu we've got fast access to quick settings such as puttan the shield TV 2019 to sleep with leave actually got a power button on the remote which does the same thing basically going to display change the resolution the HTR output and all of that shenanigans you've also got a screen saver as well in case you want to leave it on we don't want a bit of screen burn action of course and because it's Android TV you got full Google assistance support as well and that's not just for voice control and the actual shield TV itself is where you can also control your smartphone goodies so for instance just by hitting the the mic button on the remote control

I can see turn on living room lights and boom nice and easy now let's move on to the shield TVs new 2019 remote and I quite like it despite the rather bizarre design a bit first of all those buttons do actually light up their motion sensitive so just pick up the remote and they'll be illuminated you'll be able to see exactly what you're doing even if you read an event in Netflix in the dark alone like I normally do now as you can see you've got all the functionality you would expect from a remote control it's great to see actual dedicated rewind and fast-forward buttons on there which will be especially useful for like some of TlcShoppe articles where you have to fiddle around getting a little timeline meter up and everything you got full volume controls and everything on there as well and as you can see a lot of shortcuts button for Netflix as well so good news if you actually use Netflix not so good news if you don't and by default this little Settings button up top will of course just open the settings menu on the shield TV 2019 but you can actually fully customise it to be a shortcuts button for whatever you like

I say whatever you like obviously not absolutely anything you can't get it to order your pizza or something but you can get it to open a specific app mute the volume take a screenshot do all kinds of random stuff and in also venues the Nvidia shield TV 2019 remote control takes to triple-a batteries now instead there was annoying fiddly little round coin read battery things that the old one did now of course treatment boxes can have all kinds of frills and great features and what-have-you but if it doesn't actually support many great streaming services then it's not going to be much use at all thankfully you've got all of the standard ones here on the shield TV 2019 so whatever kind of stuff you're into streaming music movies TV you've got fast access to it here you got the likes of Plex and all that kind of shenanigans basically whatever you're into chances are pretty good the shield TV 2019 will support it and while Apple hasn't confirmed that its new streaming service will be support on the shields between

I seen be very surprised if it wasn't no as you would of course expect from a premium streaming device like the shield TV 2019 you've got full 4k support mics and Netflix Amazon Prime it cetera et cetera it's your support as well you've got Dolby vision as well as HD or 10 although sadly noir HD or 10 Plus now as for the audio you've also now got full Dolby Atmos support which works on both Netflix and Amazon as well so if you've got a nice TST surround sound set up in your home then you are in for a treat however one most impressive features here on the Nvidia shield TV 2019 is the active upscale and actually don't it using artificial intelligence there's a deep learning your network built in to that Tegra x1 plus processor and this can upscale HD content to basically near 4k resolution and it doesn't better than any other upscale I've ever seen so check this out let's just freeze frame on mr. ed Harris and his lovely wrinkly face no offense mr. Harris I think you've got a lovely face but your wrinkles are absolutely perfect for this demo so this right here is with the upscale and on with a quick tap of this button on the remote

I can turn it back to the basic modes as you can see enhanced basic enhanced basic and if we get really close to that gorgeous face then you can hopefully see the difference that it makes to those little wrinkles and contour so as you can see there this is on this is off as you can see it's just so much more sharper and defined here when it's on compared with when I knock it off again and everything just looks a little bit more fuzzy I can actually do a split screen like so this is actually going to be a bullet in the full retail model and everything as well so as you can see there as we sweep it over the lovely contours and details they just come alive on good old Ed's mug with this thing active you can actually see all the little paws on Tom Cruise's face if you ever wanted to get up close and personal with the guy then yeah this is probably the way to do it it's absolutely mesmerizing I just can't stop doing it incredible stuff so yes definitely if you want to read a lot of TlcShoppe or a lot of HD content on the likes of Netflix and you want to just boost it to make it look better than ever the

Nvidia shield TV 2019 can do it better than any other TV streamer out there cause it only works at up to full HD content at up to 30 frames per second 60 fps is a bit much for that real time rendering but does seem to work with all of your major streamers like spew tube Google Play all that shenanigans and last up of course because this is a shield TV you've got Nvidia in games action on the go as well so the GeForce now hub as you can see there you can access a whole bunch of games you've got free with shield so if you've got a shield TV you can bc jump on board and get streaming with any of these games of selection of old classics you've got a whole bunch of stuff there to browse through and of course you can also stream your own games using your games stream service so as you see if you've got some Steam games installed on your PC or whatever you can use the game stream to actually get those onto your telly and then everyone can enjoy your gaming session here in the living room sort of you've been buried away in the study or wherever and why you no longer get a shield controller bundled in the box with the shield TV it's now fully compatible with the likes of the

Xbox one controller the jewish-owned controller for the PlayStation 4 lots of other Bluetooth setups as well so if you've got a controller line around your household chances are hopefully fingers crossed it will work with the shield TV and are there as the Nvidia shield TV 2019 fresh and updated with out X the new up skill and technology definitely well worth spunk on out a bit of extra cash for that compared with the likes of the fire TVs and the Roku's if you can afford it available four hundred fifty quid right now in the UK if you bump up the price of two hundred pounds you get the pro model which is a bit bigger but you also get an extra eight gigs of storage in there 16 gigs as opposed to the original it you get three gigs around instead of two you've got the support for the likes of twitch streaming and you get two USB ports on there for connecting peripherals as well so definitely better if you're gonna be into your gear man but are you tempted by the

Nvidia shield 20:19 definitely be great to hear your thoughts down below and please do poke subscribe and doing that in order for kitchens both for more on the latest and greatest tech cheers everyone love you.
Nvidia Shield TV (2019) review: This great media streamer is still just a little nerdy Nvidia Shield TV (2019) review: This great media streamer is still just a little nerdy Reviewed by Admin on 4:33 PM Rating: 5

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