New 2020 Aston Martin DBX review - Aston's most important car ever?

New 2020 Aston Martin DBX review - Aston's most important car ever Aston Martin DBX is a sporty sumptuous SUV aston martin dbx suv price aston martin suv 2020 price aston martin dbx 2020 price aston martin suv 2019 price aston martin suv interior aston martin off road aston martin dbx suv interior aston martin dbx wiki

New 2020 Aston Martin DBX review - Aston's most important car ever?

Aston Martin DBX is a sporty sumptuous SUV

This is the Aston Martin DBS probably the most important car to be launched in the brands 106 year history now to find out a little bit more about it we haven't gone to the South of France or to the Alps we've come here to Silverstone to hop in take it out on the track out on the road and off-road but before we start make sure you subscribe to Website and switch on those notifications and has ever leave your comments below here it is then the dbx it's probably the most important aston martin ever because it's a new type of aston martin is the firm's first SUV its first a four-wheel-drive car and its first car built in a new factory because it costs just under 160,000 pounds and sports our 542 brake horsepower 4 litre twin-turbo v8 it's also important because Aston Martin is aiming to shift 4,500 of them a year this car is big news so we hitched a ride with its chief engineer for a development drive no other

Aston Martin has ever been subjected to right we're with the famous Matt Becker here is the right squeeze famous the famous Matt Becker I've just noticed Matt we're sitting on some seat covers it's because people have accidents or they have no yeah it's not for me it's because we can't reveal the interior yeah it's okay yeah say weight right weight stow it is your second home yeah it's actually our prime home now because we we have obviously an engineering test centre here yeah which we do a lot of our vehicle testing and development from as well as well as other locations around the world yeah okay so this is where presumably the dbx has got a shine on the track hasn't it to be a genuine authentic Aston Martin yeah that's I mean the Stowe circuit is what we kind of utilize you know every week but we also get regular access to the bigger circuits here as well so either the National International GP circuit yeah so I presumably that was a key engineering goal is to make the dbx fun to drive in an environment such as this yeah exactly

I mean it's called an SUV sports utility vehicle me very much respect the sports aspect of that a lot of manufactures forget about this yeah they do because again we you know our target really was to make an SUV of feel as sporty as advantage which is a challenge in itself as well as all the other things you read need to respect what the car needs to achieve yeah yeah so we're just cruising around at the moment it all seems very very hushed at the moment I know you're it you're it you're rich you're reaching Alba me back down yeah we're going there so how would you yeah the dynamics of this car yeah so some of the technologies and tools we have on this car allow us to really adjust the balance of the car so we have triple volume air Springs which effectively give you full spring rates we've got active roll control but which is via a 48 volt system yeah which allows us to tune the roll stiffness of the car up and down it depending on what mode or in yeah we have an active center diff which in

Sport+ the ESP off as effectively putting a hundred percent talk to the rear use me really does and then looking go pretty sideways with the car see how much pals been since the rear wheels there in that position there and there's a hundred percent hunters there's no yeah that was definitely hundred so he's it am I right saying this is the first four-wheel-drive Aston Martin it is yeah so it's yeah first four-wheel-drive Aston Martin first Aston Martin SUV yeah so is a there's a technical challenge it's it's an enormous challenge as a as a project and you know my initial cynicism of SUVs was clearly removed very quickly because once you started driving these cars in the various locations that can be used at track an off-road course on-road across the field tow and a horse box you suddenly realized actually these cars are so much more complicated than a sports car to develop you know the whole point of an SUV is to give customers that they can use as a utility vehicle but if they want to turn the car up or down that you give them the ability to do that yeah so you think you think you've hit the right balance with this car then yeah

I mean certainly when we did all the benchmarking and target setting is we we realized that there was a space we could go into I mean some of the most sporty SUVs are quite extreme and some of the more GT SUVs are less extreme we wanted to kind of fit between the two names but also we wanted to be the most beautiful best and an SUV in the marketplace and when I say handling it doesn't mean you have to be extreme that the car it means the best blend of you know handling steering and write performance yeah so what's the initial sort of interest being in this cars they've been yeah there's lots of interest I mean you talk about big you know what's that why did we do an SUV well the majority of our customers that own and Aston also owned an SUV but they don't own an Aston s you know because it doesn't exist yet the pressure to get this right is is immense really isn't it because you've got you've got to appeal to the traditional Aston buyer who'd like a say he's gone Aston Martin but it was also got a

Range Rover or and Cayenne or whatever yeah so you've got appeal to them but you've also got to appeal to people who you just want an SUV but that's the massive bad job yeah yeah it talks to me about the different modes that we use Celina comfort so the car defaults to GT mode GT mode being the mode you'd use every day and then we have above that house if you call that zero in terms of ride height above that you have a terrain which the car will go up 15 millimetres and then we have a terrain Plus which is the most extreme off off-road mode which we'll use in a little while and then the car goes up another 30 millimetres so from zero and GT mode upwards it goes up 45 millimetres and then the more sporty amount so from GT we can then go to sport sport the car lowers 15 millimeters it will change active role control the amount of stiffness we have it will also stiffen the dampers and we have a different built on damper on this car which has a wider range of capability that what we fit on the sports cars yeah again to complement what the car needs to do and then below that we have engaged and more aggressive with

Sport Plus yeah as you can see with Sport Plus when you switch the ESP off it's giving pretty much a hundred percent talk to the rear and you can see how sideways we can make the car go and then we have an individual mode in the individual mode will be then your individual selection of what you want the motor be and it's attached to your key so if you or your partner whatever key is when you get into the car when always come up go to the individual mode which you program and within that the Sam character of the car will change a-courtin if you indeed GT it's very you know quiet and serene when you want it to be but as you increase the RPM you'll get this warm sound and then with the Sport Sport+ Plus modes you'll get you'll get more soundboard noise yeah again because we're trying to kind of give the customers what they expect yeah it doesn't feel a big car you feel as though you sitting up quite high and there's great visibility but it feels for he feels doesn't feel that much bigger than advantage and that was the target with the car you know everything we chosen from the steering ratio to the tire sizes to the way the car responds and actually with that ties up with the visuals of

America obviously very creative team that works for him and he works with and they're incredible creating this shape that denies its size very much I have to you know from a very early stage of the development process what we will do is I will go and look at the designs within and make sure the targets were setting for the car what we're doing with them actually complements the visuals and one thing I have noticed in Martin I see if it was with a circular steering and I push like mad for that because yeah I mean the design is you got a allow them their creativity but yeah I want a perfectly round steering wheel because when you especially the car like this when you passing the wheels through your hand you don't want any any brakes or disturbance you know it's like we don't you know road wheels they're not funny shape they're round for a reason so yeah we very much pushed push with this round we're in the mid sixties you know and we spent a lot of time design in the section of it how your thumbs are fitting in the field of aerial because it's it's you know it's a lot of detail goes into these things and it's heated as well and it's like with the additional storage we have in the car which you know you can't see right now

I've got underneath the centre console there's a big storage area under there we've got a glove box in the car we've got you know a boot area which is you know pretty much class-leading we've created a car that people can use on a daily basis right so first Aston Martin we're gonna go across some fielding I know I'm up a hill this is quite a momentous moment there's a very muddy field yeah and a very muddy Hill so I suppose you know you've got a completely clean sheet of paper here because nobody's you know you people have got a preconception of her an Aston Martin should drive on track around town on the long drive where's here you could do anything you like I suppose yeah and because of the level of wheel travel we have and the the active role control system and the fact that we've been very talk front to rear and side side at the fact actually gives you naturally gives you all the tools and ability to to have quite a good level a lot for okay we built a this is a like a 30 percent incline it's just how easy so

I can tell this is pretty extreme this yeah yeah it is and it gets even more extreme than I was like I was good I was gonna I was gonna say that I didn't quite know how to phrase it cuz you're not really an off-road specialist I do not really know I'm having to learn so what made you e in the moment is it the most of terrain flying so it's the highest merge was plus 45 millimeters from GT so is it is it a 50/50 split in terms of powers in terms of Toby's yet what it does is it looks at how much slip each wheels have and then it decides how much to distribute the talk right we're approaching a small lake I've said these thanks before he doesn't really work quite deep so what's that what's the wading depth at half a meter right so obviously not Range Rover levels but pretty good for a performance Road buyers SUV examine yeah so this is our forest section before there's a forest bit imagine you're a your hobby is shooting and you're driving through this forest to get to your shooting local offenses yes there are yeah there's that don't care the shooting kit there's also all sorts of things and even there's a skiing skiing accessory package we have source yeah which has a thing to heat your boots as well yeah so you you pretty you stagger that this car can be this kind of stuff yeah

I'm still surprised it does yeah yeah I hope you don't get it stuck I know a little bit yeah really embarrassing yeah but now I am but it just I think it comes down to it very good for the drive system and good tires yeah I'm having the ground clean and these are totally Road spec these are all season tire yeah they're not actually we offer a mud and snow tire as well which primarily it's intended for kind of the winter seasons yeah but this the good thing about this tire is it's this kind of covers the basis of most it will do summer and it will do winter but if people have one more some performance in there's a p0 yeah I mean it's just bonkers to think that half an hour ago they are technically very capable machine this rather wet afternoon at Silverstone was fascinating it showed the dbx has the potential to be a new type of Aston Martin for a new type of buyer while at the same time being typically Aston the future looks very promising indeed what do you think to it leave your comments below and subscribe to the Website thanks for reading.
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