Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review What is the best Microsoft Surface to buy? What is the most powerful Microsoft Surface? Is Surface Pro a laptop or tablet? How much is a Microsoft Surface Pro?

Microsoft Surface Pro X Review

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and this is not surface pro 7 this is the new surface pro X the first new each kind of product that Microsoft's come out with in a while well you could say laptop 315 inches new inch but really it's just a bigger version of the laptop 3 in this case it's sort of like a redesigned surface pro 7 it's a 13 inch display so you get a little bit more screen real estate nobody's gonna mind that the twelve point three inch surface pro seven is great and it's compact but that is kind of a small screen size for some people so what's really unusual and different about this it is running Windows on ARM processors ARM processor means like the same kind of CPU that's in your phone so it's a Snapdragon family CPU 800 family but it's been specialized customized for Microsoft they call it the sq1 and it is noticeably faster the sq1 processor which tops out at 3 gigahertz so we've seen a few tablets

Windows tablets slash convertibles on arm and none of them have been terribly fast so is that enough to make you pay somewhere between 1,000 and 1,800 dollars depending on configuration we're gonna find out now so besides that new sq1 processor which is a variation on your Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU that is actually quite capable though benchmarking it becomes difficult using traditional Windows benchmarking applications because we'll get into that later application compatibility you've got a nice 13-inch pixel sense display which microsoft claims is four hundred and fifteen minutes of brightness again because of application and Driver compatibility we couldn't actually measure it with our color inner so I can't verify what they say using my eyeballs which are fairly well trained after decades of reviewing these products I would say that you're looking at probably the same gamut as a surface pro 7 which means full srgb coverage around 75 to 78 percent of

Adobe RGB it supports the Microsoft Surface pen and the new Microsoft slim pen which is sort of like a carpenter pencil design I leave that up to you as to what you find more comfortable personal preference more than anything else what's nice about that one is it's rechargeable them and in my work I'll link for a little bit smoother lines when using with surface pro X but not so much with surface pro 7 and on their service devices but it's pretty darn close you can use the existing surface Pro and if you have one of those two it's the same Microsoft pin protocol entering technology going on the bad news about that new slim pen is it's even more expensive than the regular surface pro pen it's a hundred and forty five dollars and you can get it bundled with one of two different type covers that are available there's the standard type cover and much like the surface pro 7 comes in black black or black and that's

140 dollars or for 270 dollars you can get a bundle that includes a type cover but a slightly different one that has a little recharging tray built in for the pen which is actually kind of cool it's a place to stow it and keep it so full-sized pen without having to deal with losing it because there's never enough room to stow it in the silo anymore any of these devices that's nice the price is expensive so the keyboard cover is clad in Alcantara it's a big glass trackpad and it is backlit it's just as fine as a surface pro keyboard also in terms of pricing you're looking at $1000 minimum and that gets you a gigs of ram and a 128 gig SSD and you can go all the way up to 1800 dollars if you want a 512 gig SSD and 16 gigs of ram and there's increments you can get a 256 gig SSD you can get it you get the idea there's only one processor available with this so again just like a surface pro 7 you're gonna have to factor in the cost of the keyboard or the keyboard in the pin so the total price so you couldn't pick at the top and line one go over

$2000 with this product ports are constrained here don't you feel like they're kind of making the service pro 7 look better better every moment there's two USB C port so you're gonna need dongles not including the box or these old service Doc's been around a few years couldn't stand to be updated but kind of gets the job done there is not even a headphone jack here and there's no micro SD card slot either other features include dual cameras and they're actually quite good cameras on this and even got 10 megapixel one on the rear windows hello camera Bluetooth 5 you've got dual band Wi-Fi as you'd expect and LTE 4G and a nano SIM card slot it's unlocked for use with almost any carrier and that's accessible via a little door on the back of the device where you can also access the SSD for upgrade now it's a half-height SSD those are not real commonly available you could find them if you want to upgrade it yourself in terms of serviceability it's actually better than the surface pro 7 and the

iPad you to get inside to the guts you still have to pull the display off which is a little harrowing experience really you're probably taking it to a service center to do that but now it doesn't have tons of gooey glue it just kind of pops right off and you can peel that glue off and access the internals shouldn't need to be serviced so that's nice but really is that meaningful to you you still probably won't do that yourself it's still a little complex this is not like one of the Dell Latitude surface pro clones that you actually can take apart without removing the glass so for those of you who wish for a bigger service pro 7 and a redesign which we haven't seen in generations well you've got it here you've got rounded corners less pokey the the kickstand functions in the same way as on the surface pro 7 but it's a little bit less painful against your legs which has always been an issue it's still a nice stiff kickstand that holds its own if you're using it in a variety of positions that part is good there it also just looks chic and high-quality like all surface products - it certainly is well-made so what is the drawback here well it's the fact that it is running an arm

CPU so this gets slightly complicated it can run anything that is arm native and that means most Windows Store programs those are ago and they run just fine on this thing is peppy fast and fluid running Windows running anything that's arm native it's fine with Microsoft Office and you know it's telling that if you look at Microsoft's product page or let's say who's this for somebody who needs their office on the go and wants to stream Netflix and draw on the screen and says that's pretty much what you're looking at here and this can't do much heavy lifting you can install windows 32-bit exe sternal windows programs the challenge is a lot of programs are 64-bit and have been for years why because they can address more memory and run faster so that's just the way it is so you're gonna find that allowing programs might not be compatible at all period and Microsoft even has a tech note page that explains this situation so for those who are looking to run maybe Adobe CC suite on this you start to really have hack around and get geeky with it to get anything running on this most of the

WCC programs are 64-bit and have been for some time with Photoshop you have to go back to CC 2018 we're now up to CC 2020 just recently released and then you can get a 32-bit version and it works ok it is kind of laggy with the brushes and with the with the photo filters and all that sort of thing and but then you're saying why did I pay this much and it just runs ok that's one issue right there and also the Creative Cloud desktop program is still required and I found that it really just doesn't work very well and tries to self update itself not even to you know a 64-bit version but it kind of fails there's an Acrobat DC and that is still 32-bit I couldn't get any version to install and run because apparently the authorization checking application the companion one I guess and make sure you legit can run it must be 64-bit or something cuz it just fails to install that and says no-go I Dreamweaver is still available 32-bit premiere no no way you went one for premiere on this it doesn't have the horsepower honestly so it's kind of hit or miss and for those of you who are artists clip studio paint is available as a 32-bit application and that actually runs ok so yeah if you're doing office if you're doing

Netflix if you're doing streaming article if you're reading TlcShoppe those sort of things that's great but usually when you pay for a premium device you're paying for two things build quality beautiful build quality nice screen okay going along with that and also the ability to run things fast quick more powerful that's the part of the equation that's pretty much missing here the other challenge is when you're running applications that are running in emulation mode which means 32-bit windows exe is traditional Windows programs the emulator is kind of slower and less power efficient and it uses a lot more RAM so that's a drawback too and interestingly even if you closed your 32-bit application the emulator stays running in the background probably the speed-up subsequent launches of 32-bit programs but it will continue to eat away at that battery life and the selling points for your arm processor device here are much better battery life and instant on and integrated LTE 4G which we do have cat 24 fast

LTE so we get that part some battery life now we get onto that we have thirty-eight one hour battery which is pretty close to the surface pro seven so if you are against running arm native programs you know tooling running Windows MS Office Windows Store applications that sort of thing well then the battery life on this is actually pretty good you can hit ten hours on it if you're using Windows 32-bit applications and legacy programs normal Windows programs a lot of them you know then your battery life can go as low as six to seven hours which isn't bad it's not anywhere it's really then surface pro seven but it's not a reason to buy it anymore so there you have it speaking about the charger is the same charger that you again if you buy a service pro seven or a service laptop three it's a 65 watt charger with the little USB connector on the side in case you want to charge a smartphone as well so you can see it's kind of a mixed bag here isn't it and on the one hand I applied Microsoft we're still trying to work with arm and any other processor technology that's available but doing it in a high-end device just doesn't make so much sense because you're not getting the level of performance for traditional

Windows programs or the compatibility and then there's drivers too because arm uses different drivers from regular Windows Intel processor and AMD processor machine so and you might find that drivers aren't available for your device or your program for programs that need drivers like our color imager for example that measures the screen color and brightness and all that sort of thing and they said for mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our TlcShoppe website for more cool tech articles and hit that notification milk.
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