Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL review: Peppy quad-core performance, but a cheap display

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Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL review: Peppy quad-core performance, but a cheap display

The real reviews thanks for reading I got something new I got the Lenovo IdeaPad this is the s3 40 15.6 inch touchscreen laptop so I'm going to be doing an unboxing and then I'm gonna have a little review article after starting it up showing you all the power cords and all the ports and slots that are in here if you guys haven't seen any of my other articles please check it out I did a review on the Dell XPS 15 the 95 70 I did the review on the 95 60 and also if you guys want to get a lower model I'll show you how to change out the SSD change out the wireless card and change out your RAM very easy to do I did a step by step article I also have a million other articles guys please check it out please support please give me a thumbs up I really appreciate it alright let's get into the article and not waste any more time so this as you guys can see this came in I have not opened it yet I'll give you guys the pleasure it's the

S 430 it isn't all-black as you can see right here here's the serial number which I'll cover up but it's the Intel i3 81 45 you it's the brand new one here's how the box looks like brand new it's got the battery logo up here lenovo down here with a barcode and the lenovo symbol on the side and it's got the lenovo sticker so let's open it up and kind of go through it i'll grab my little Rambo knife and pop this open see if I can do it never use a knife and point it at yourself I've learned that the hard way alright guys now open it up very thin very thin as my first impressions let's see what's inside the box so let's do the usual drop and catch game here okay so here is the charger it's got a barrel poor charger right here and on this barrel poor charger let's see it's got the logo right here on the side and it is 102 a 240 amp of 40 volt with a 1.5 AM barrel port charger let's take out the computer and I'm going to go over all the specs in a second so as usual it comes with a little setup guide let's look inside and it tells you you got to put the charger obviously into the electrical outlet plug the barrel port in into your left side of the computer and it tells you all the ports which

I'm going to go over in a second this computer actually does come with the USB C 3.1 port which is amazing and a lot of computers are lacking that and that's a big problem that's inside the box guys that's it let me close that up and put it to the side so the processor memory in this computer right here it's a I three it's an 8th gen Intel i3 so it's the 81 40 to you and it's a 2.1 gigahertz processor it comes with 8 gigabytes ddr4 and that is 2400 megahertz Wow this feels as light as my XPS 15 very very thin it's got the Lenovo branding on the side it looks like there's some fingerprints from the manufacturing so let me try to take that off so it's very very thin that's really weird with a sealed box from Lenovo Wow looks very clean kind of a fingerprint magnet I just held it on the side so it's very very clean oh it came with another instructional manual it's feeling great got your serial number and process it on the computer for your warranty ok guys so let me open it up for you guys Wow look at those bezels it comes with a nice little keyboard protector which

I love and one of my favorite things is the Chiclets the keyboard Chiclets from Lenovo Wow great push back and it's got the keypad and the numeric keypad is something a lot of these computers are missing nowadays and that's a huge huge flaw and in these computer manufacturers let me kind of go over this it's eight gigabytes ddr4 2400 megahertz it's upgradeable to 12 I believe twelve gigabytes for the RAM it's running on the Microsoft Windows 10 platform 64 gigabit and platform and it's got a 256 in this model right here it's got a 256 gigabyte SSD which is the nvme m dot 2 solid-state drive it does not have an optical drive in this unit right here it's got integrated Intel HD graphics 620 it's got a beautiful 15.6 inch touch screen LED backlit Full HD IPS and that's 1920 by 1080 so this is not a 4k screen but it is beautiful look at those bezels I haven't seen such small bezels like that Dell XPS 15 95 1795 1690 550 it is beautiful it's got the 802 11 AC Wireless 2 by 2 Wi-Fi and it's got bluetooth 4.1 so I'm definitely gonna upgrade this to the killer wireless 1550

I believe and it's gonna have a little bit better wireless connection and internet connection it's got 2 2 watt speakers and those are Dolby audio premium speakers so let's look at where the speakers are there on the sides right here here's one speaker and here's another one right here so there's two speakers there are two watts apiece it's got an integrated webcam with privacy shutter so it's got a privacy shutter which is the newest and greatest thing it's right here it's 720p and you can close it off just like that so the privacy shutter actually closes your camera on the inside which is amazing very great feature very lightweight very portable let's kind of go over the ports and slots it's got two USB 3.0 slots right here so there on the right side there the USB 3.0 it's got one USB 3.1 so this is a Type C it's got one HDMI which is a must it's got one media card writer which is such a great feature a lot of these laptops like sorry to say Apple you need a dongle or some of the other ones as well they're getting so thin you need a dongle a media card reader is awesome to have very convenient and it's got a combination headphone jack right here so those are all the the ports on this computer

I wish I had a little bit more I wish it didn't have this barrel port on the side for the charge instead it had a USBC charging it but you know that that will come so the barrel plug it's a 3-cell 36 Watt lithium polymer battery they say it lasts up to eight and a half hours because the processor is not as demanding as a dowel or as one of those higher i7s or high fives so eight and a half hours is great I'm gonna test that for you and I will let you know if it's actually lasting that long let's start it up guys additional it's 14 inches across it is nine point six five inches and width and it is only 0.7 inches weighing up to three point nine six pounds let's see if there's any juice in here let's start this puppy up well I don't think there's any juice in there but let me plug it in so I just plugged it in I just turned it on two seconds ago let's see how quickly it starts up it's the first time it's being turned on so obviously it's got to load all the processors I love the screen it's got a little bit of a glossy finish to it so you can kind of see my hand if you can see it right there very interesting it's got a nice backlit chick chiclet keypad keyboard

I would say with a great numeric pad I think those numeric pads are very great obviously Cortana starts up in the beginning I can mute it and that's a great looking screen as well very nice very sharp colors from the start let's see if the brightness can be adjusted it's on full brightness that's obviously very dim there is a light behind us so that's the highest brightness that goes on we're gonna kind of find its way here let's check the keypad or the touchpad really quick and see how very responsive I would say it's not as nice as the Dell XPS but it's very responsive very nice and clicky very great feel to it and I'm gonna do a quick review I'm gonna start it up it started up pretty fast and from there I'm gonna use it for a week or two and give you guys a full review I'll tell you if she should buy it if you shouldn't if you guys are just checking out this article if you guys want to buy it that's definitely awesome as well please subscribe guys I try to do this for you try to buy things so you guys can decide if you guys want to purchase it alright if you guys have any other items you like me to review or interested in please comment below

I'll be happy to answer your questions about this computer also I paid this computer was for $99.99 it's a great budget computer that you can do your daily tasks with it like I said it's got an i3 but it's the 8th gen so with it I three you would definitely want eight to twelve gigabytes in RAM and that's all across the board and this thing can perform all your daily tasks your TlcShoppe articles I wouldn't try doing any kind of graphic design or CAD work on it which I would recommend in high seven four or higher or the i-9 but an i3 and i-5 is complementary in a way where you can get all your little outlook your Microsoft Word school work if you're just doing on internet going here and there doing emails this is a great laptop to bring with you if you travel you don't care if it gets stolen stuff like that alright guys I'll give you guys a real update in about a week or two after using it and I'll let you know if I like it or not please subscribe guys and have a wonderful day take care.
Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL review: Peppy quad-core performance, but a cheap display Lenovo IdeaPad S340-15IWL review: Peppy quad-core performance, but a cheap display Reviewed by Admin on 4:43 PM Rating: 5

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