INSANE GameStop Black Friday 2019 Deals + BIG Announcement!

INSANE GameStop Black Friday 2019 Deals + BIG Announcement! Does GameStop have any Black Friday deals How much is a ps4 on Black Friday at GameStop Does GameStop do layaway 2019 How much did the Nintendo switch cost on Black Friday black friday gamestop 2019 black friday deals 2019 best buy black friday 2019 black friday 2018 console deals ps4 black friday 2019 nintendo switch black friday 2019 black friday 2019 console deals amazon black friday 2019

INSANE GameStop Black Friday 2019 Deals + BIG Announcement!

What's up guys are GT 85 here in today's article is a hodgepodge of three different things that I want to talk about first off we're gonna talk about a news story that Nintendo switch owners should be very excited for that flew a bit under the radar that I definitely want to cover next up we have a big Website announcement a big announcement about me in general that I'm very excited for and then finally as you can see in the background here we're going to go over the game stop Black Friday 2019 ad very excited for this ad after looking at it there's a lot of great deals here of course this came out after I made my Nintendo switch buyer's guide for the Black Friday event as well so there's definitely some stuff we need to go over here I will have a time stamp in the pin comment in the comment section down below if you are just here for the GameStop deals so that way you can skip to the forefront of that but first and foremost let's go over this Nintendo switch related story because one of the games I was really looking forward to for the Nintendo switch in 2019 was alien isolation and yes this game came out on other platforms but this game is arguably one of the best stealth games that

I've played in recent memory it was an absolutely fantastic experience and it was a game I was really looking forward to coming out in 2019 well alien isolation now has a concrete release date for the Nintendo switch it will be coming out on December 5th and it will retail for $34.99 right now it is a digital only download which honestly is kind of upsetting to me I was hoping that this would get at physical release because I think this is a game now it might actually do pretty well now if you've never played alien isolation it's essentially a stealth game with some action elements into it of course you're trying to avoid the Xenomorphs in this game just an absolutely fantastic game really gripping great story as well the Nintendo switch version of the game will include all the previous DLC from the other versions of the game I believe there's 7 DLC packs that are available for free with this version of the game but what's really exciting about this version of the game to me is that feral interactive is doing this and feral interactive did an absolutely fantastic job with grid on the Nintendo switch it's honestly probably the best realistic racing game on the

Nintendo switch by far we did a review of that I'll have a link to it in the screen here somewhere in a card but yeah feral interactive knows what they're doing with the Nintendo switch and I feel like if they do a great court of alien ice they're going to be one of the top porting teams right up there with people like panic button and virtuous as far as bringing games of the Nintendo switch so alien isolation will be hitting the Nintendo switch on December 5th I definitely plan on reviewing this game as I did play it on the original Xbox one and I have an absolute blast playing it so yeah definitely a game that should be on your radar and definitely a great way to start out the month of December next up a couple weeks ago on the Website I announced that the complete Sega 32x guide was done this is my first book in the world of article game books I know a lot of people are getting into it but I kind of wanted to do an obscure system a system that I really enjoy and the system that I actually have a complete collection for when it comes to the North American releases so I was really looking forward to this book I was really had a lot of fun writing this book and it has been officially submitted to Amazon it will be up on Amazon within 72 hours for $19.99 with free prime shipping

I will make an announcement when the book is live on Amazon so make sure you guys are following me on social medias and subscribe to the Website so that way you can see my post when the book goes live but I know some of you guys wanted an autographed copy as well and that's where Ryan from Castlevania games comes in Castlevania games has been a big supporter of this Website he's a good friend of mine and you could pick up autographed copies from Ryan over at Castlevania games for the same $19.99 price now there is shipping with these books as he will be shipping them because basically what's going to happen is I'm going to order the books from Amazon directly I'm going to have them come to my house I'm going to sign them send them off to Ryan and then Ryan will be sending them out to you guys but if you don't mind paying a little bit of shipping it's not very much you can get an autographed copy of the book pre-orders are going up right now and you can see here I have some pictures of the book as well the Sega 32x memories section we have Alan Nielsen we have Blake Jay Harris from console wars Alan Nielsen of course was the director of Sega marketing during that time we have Greg Barga strum enthusiast gaming

Joe Redifer modern vintage game or HD retro vision cables a whole lot more people we have a preview of the review section of the book every 32x game has been reviewed in this book there's a lot of cool details about the system as well unreleased games it's 99 pages long chock full of information there's advertising stuff I'm just very proud of the way this book came out you can see the cover here of the book as well so yes if you want an autographed copy I'll have a link in the pinned comment to the comment section down below to go over to Ryan store so that you can pick it up I highly suggest if you guys are interested in retro gaming or Sega stuff you check it out you know I don't plan on getting rich from this book it was definitely just a passion project but I'm super happy to see it done because now that this is officially done once it's up on Amazon I can start working on that wrestling Website I've been teasing and finally the other day on the Website we talked about the best Nintendo switch Black Friday deals in a article make sure you guys go check out that article but at the time game stops

Black Friday add had not been released now Game Stop is usually very laxed when it comes to their Black Friday advertisements getting out there I remember last year it didn't come out to like Monday or Tuesday before Black Friday so it's kind of hard to get people information well Game Stop actually released their Black Friday at yesterday so I want to go over this because there's a lot of good ass deals on here I think Game Stop might end up being one of the best destinations if you are looking for games on Black Friday you can see here at the top of the screen we have a three $25 gift coupon when he purchased a Nintendo switch light or the Nintendo switch that comes with Mario Kart 8 deluxe now like I said that Mario Kart 8 deluxe Nintendo switch bundle is not the new battery system so you might want to wait because there is that better battery deal that's coming up on Walmart on December 3rd make sure you guys check out the Nintendo switch article that I did previously so that you get all the details on that but the $25 gift coupon with the Nintendo switch light is an absolutely fantastic deal like you are essentially saving $25 on the system they are the only store that

I know of that is doing anything with the Nintendo switch light now scrolling down you can see that we have some multi-platform releases here you can get the Mortal Kombat 11 on the Nintendo switch for just $28 or you could get it on the Xbox one or ps4 fantastic game I really liked an attendance which version of the game you can also get NBA 2k 20 available on all platforms for this $28 so another really good deal I might actually end up picking up Matt and I've sort of been getting into football this year I might pick it up on that ps4 you can see here we have some more deals as well if you're really are a sadistic person you could pick up WWE 2k 24 28 I I suggest you don't I don't think that's a good game that you want to pick up but maybe maybe maybe you just really want to play it I guess we have some more multi-platform releases here you have days gone for just $20 that's actually the price point I was looking at purchasing that game at so I may end up picking up days gone I think I'm gonna end up having to go to Game Stop on Black Friday just because I really like some of these deals if for some reason you don't have spider-man spider-man is only $20 as well you can see here we have some more games coming on here

Resident Evil 2 one of my games of the year for only $20 definitely a great value definitely something I suggest you guys pick up of course we have some more ps4 related bundles here and this is a really good bundle that comes with three games a ps4 one terabyte system for only $200 so if you're looking to get into those ps4 games that we sometimes cover on this Website that's a really good system to get into you're getting you know three of the best games on the system as well but I know I know you guys are looking for the Nintendo switch deal so we're just gonna go down to them but we are gonna look at the Devil May Cry because double May Cry 5 is yet another game of the Year contender for me only $20 if you have not picked it up definitely worth picking up but let's take a look at the Nintendo switch deals here let's see what we have going on of course we have the previously mentioned free $25 gift coupon like I said that is the best deal right now going for the Nintendo switch light if you are in the market for a Nintendo so it's like Game Stop is a place you need to go to we have some accessories here as well you get a PDP

Super Mario accessory kit you can get a little case here little this that and the other you know we care about the games we care about the games and starting things off you know which are three four just 49.99 that saving $10 off and witcher 3 is one of the best handheld experiences if not the best handheld experience on the nintendo switch we did a article talking about that I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the game in handheld mode when you put it on the big screen it definitely looks a bit blurrier you know it's muddy here but I think in handheld mode this game really excels and if you're looking for a you know Elder Scrolls style adventure on your Nintendo switch this is a great great game to add to your collection looking at the 50% off games we have the Final Fantasy 10 10 to HD ester and final fantasy 12 zodiac age available for just $25 a piece great games there the collection of mana is only $25 as well that's something I will be picking up we have ghostbusters on the Nintendo switch ps4 and Xbox one available for $20 as well absolutely fantastic deal if you did not play this game even if you played this game on last generation consoles it's worth revisiting again especially if you're a

Ghostbusters fan they also have ninokuni as well for $30 which was one of my best deals over at Walmart for the Nintendo switch so I think that's a great value as well team sonic racing for just $20 so a lot of very very good deals I also have some things like you know a holiday apparel if you're into that stuff but of course with Game Stop one of their big things is of course pre-owned games and they are doing buy two get one free on all pre-owned ps4 Xbox one Nintendo switch and 3ds games so of course you can mix and match what you're doing with these you could buy for multiple systems and it usually does stack up if you buy you know two games you get one free you buy an additional two more games you get one free it's always the game of lesser value so try to get games around the same sort of price point if you're wanting to save money you know if you pick up to $40 games don't get like a $5 deal with it like try to get something that's actually worth a lot of value but yeah definitely very cool stuff they're actually doing buy one get one free on 360 ps3 DS Wii Wii U and Vita games as well if you're a game collector a great way to stock up on stuff Game Stop also has some pre

Black Friday deals going on these start on the 24th which is tomorrow on Sunday and run until December 2nd you can see a lot of Yakuza games Sega Genesis Classic Collection Shenmue 1 into definitely awesome games that I highly suggest you guys check out if you have not yet crystal crisis I will be picking that up as I never got around to playing that game you have Valkyria Chronicles 4 on all platforms for just $20 but here's the Banger folks here's look at the Sega Genesis mini for $50 50 bucks that is an absolute steal I love my Sega Genesis mini if you have any sort of nostalgia for the Sega Genesis it's a no brainer to me just buy the damn thing it's so well done it's so good you can see here steins gate is available for just 20 or 29 as well there are some deals that will be running from eleven twenty eight to twelve one so you got blood-stained for twenty dollars Aladdin and the Lion King for twenty dollars far cry five for just fifteen dollars Friday the 13th for twenty dollars and dead by daylight for twenty dollars definitely their land at twenty dollars that's a good price you know if it would've came out at twenty dollars I think

I would have enjoyed the game a bit more and then during that same timeframe you also have some thirty dollar games or starting at thirty dollars we have the Baldur's Gate Collection that just came out so I think that's a pretty good deal available for just thirty dollars ever space for $30 controlled Game of the Year potential winner for $30 so a lot of really solid stuff going on here Shenmue 3 for just $40 folks that game just dropped I haven't even picked it up yet now I have a reason to gamestop is gonna make me go broke this Black Friday because they have so many awesome deals of stuff that I need so yeah just a great lineup of stuff I think Game Stop might actually be the winner I think they outed Walmart as the best place to go for your games for Black Friday 2019 alright so that is gonna do it for today's article I hope you guys enjoyed this as you can see from the last time I use the green screen I have improved the lighting and tinkered with some settings because I'm trying you know I'm trying to get used to a green screen again I like to do these articles on the weekend because it's a bit more relaxed

I could just sort of talk to you guys you know get a one-on-one connection so let me know in the comments section down below what you think of GameStop's deals are you going to be picking up alien isolation and are you going to be picking up the complete Sega 32x guy like I said autographed copies are available from Ryan from castlemania he'll be shipping out those directly to you within about 72 hours of this article going live it will be up on Amazon so make sure you are following me on all forms of social media make sure you guys are subscribed to the Website so you can see my post when I make a post saying that the book is available and as always thank you guys for reading this article thank you guys for your support I hope you guys have a great weekend and as always I'll catch you guys on the next article later.
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