How To Record DJI (Drone) Go Screen On iPhone, iPad, and Android | Phantom, Mavis, Inspire

How To Record DJI (Drone) Go Screen On iPhone, iPad, and Android | Phantom, Mavis, Inspire dji go screen recorder android how to record video on dji mavic pro how to save dji videos to phone dji go app recording video how to record video on phantom 4 dji screen capture mavic pro record to phone android screen recorder

How To Record DJI (Drone) Go Screen On iPhone, iPad, and Android | Phantom, Mavis, Inspire

How's it going guys in a little different setting here visiting the girlfriend's parents for the holidays I'm going to show you guys how I record the telemetry on my iOS devices and will also do a little extra about Android side note we just made it to 1500 subscribers over when we support from you guys and the website is now live it's nowhere near where I want it to be yet but there's no sense putting it off any longer you're now able to go buy these wristbands and the lanyards that I was selling so go check that out if you want it's jto to go calm and with that said let's get back into the article Merry Christmas guys ok guys so a lot of you guys been asking me how I record my telemetry data from my iPad screen or my phone screen awesome my TlcShoppe articles and

I do it by hooking it with a lightning cable to my macbook pro and that you so I go to QuickTime and say file new movie recording now it's on the webcam I just switched to my iPad alright so now we have the iPad up and I just hit record on here and now this is reporting my iPad screen so let's go ahead and hit record on the actual drone screen okay so what you're seeing right now is actually the recording right off the iPad that I just showed you how to create now you can see it's not quite as high as resolution as would come directly off the drone but you do get to limit your data so here's a comparison against the actual drone footage so there's something interesting that I do I like to overlay them on top of each other and I don't think many people do that but here's what that looks like right here so now you can see they're there they're nice and synced up and so

I'm going to show you guys how to do this to overlay it on top so you can get them close and also how to do this animation if you have the right type of editing software that allows you to do keyframes so with that said here we are in Final Cut Pro I have the two files we'll need here this is the one right off of the drone camera the DJI file so I'll go ahead and put that on the timeline and what I'm going to do is I'm going to hit play and I'm going to wait until I see the stick move over see the thing take off and then I back up one frame at a time using the arrow keys until I use the stick for syncing this time usually I use the first time when that drone starts to lift off but right there is where it is and I go ahead and hit the M key to mark that there and you can see that little blue flag on the clip so now I'll pull the iPad down this is the iPad recording that

I showed you guys how to make just a minute ago and we're going to do the same thing we're going to ignore that background and we're going to play it until right when the stick moves in the iPad footage and we'll pause it and back it up frame by frame again you so there we go that's about eight I'll go ahead and mark it and then you just cut that off right there and you can delete this section then you line this clip up so the two markings are lined up perfectly in nine your clips are synchronized and I'm going to go ahead and cut the front of that one off too so here we go and now you can play it and they're synchronized you push play and let it play as long as I want the animation to last so I'll stop it there and then I'm just going to zoom it into a hundred percent again so let's see what that looks like when we play it back

I'll play it again and there we go we'll animate it so we'll let it play again for a while we'll say I want to animate it again at this point transform button again hit another keyframe to mark it play as long as you want the animation to go and then we'll zoom it down to 0% again now we'll see the whole animation process in action so it comes up here and animates down and in a nutshell guys that's how I do that whole effect in my articles and how we record the screen now let's talk about Android for a second it's a little bit different Android it's actually a lot easier to record your screen so you see this app called AZ screen recorder here in the top left when you have that installed you can scroll down and you'll see the recording controls I'm actually recording now that's how you're seeing it but you would see a record button now you see a pause in the stop button you just hit that record button and it records everything that goes on on your screen as well as anything that happens with your voice it'll actually record your voice as well so you can make notes to yourself while you're flying so all you would need to do is open the

DJI app connect it to your drone and it would record all that telemetry the same way that I recorded the iPad except without having to hook it to an external computer so Android has the advantage in that department so let's get back and let's just read the rest of my flight article thanks again for reading guys I can't say enough how much I really appreciate the support you guys are giving me we've got over 1500 subscribers now as I said before if you want to help me out go ahead and click that image of my face and you'll be able to subscribe and if you want to see any more drone articles here's a playlist of my drone tutorials for the Phantom 3 standard and here's another playlist of all of my drone articles including some of my flight articles so if you like my stuff please subscribe and don't forget to go check out the website where you can purchase my wrist bands and lanyards to help me out I'll see you guys later.
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