Good enough to switch? - NEW UNLIMITED DATA Plans from AT&T

Good enough to switch - NEW UNLIMITED DATA Plans from AT&T at&t unlimited data grandfathered att unlimited and more premium at&t unlimited plans how to get at&t unlimited data at&t unlimited plus review att unlimited and more plan best unlimited data plan verizon unlimited data

Good enough to switch? - NEW UNLIMITED DATA Plans from AT&T

Thank you guys for stopping by to read this article if you are new to the sm2 TlcShoppe Website maybe this is your first time here definitely consider subscribing so go ahead and hit that subscribe button and ding that notification bell so you never miss an upload from the SMT and of course for those of you that have been here before and you are returning you are a subscriber or viewer welcome on back glad you guys could make it here today do you know what I really like I like unlimited data plans you know what makes unlimited data plans even better when they get cheaper and that could be what you guys are gonna be seeing in today's update on ATT's new unlimited data plans the AT&T; just drops some new unlimited data plans they just revamped everything they changed features they changed pricing

I think there's a lot to really take apart and unpack maybe you might consider getting some of these plans switching carriers and if you do you want to know what might work for you in terms of data and how it's going to be treated and prioritized anyways let's get into all of those different features and the pricing all the details on AT&T; s new unlimited data plans all of that starts now all right guys so thank you for tuning in to read today's article in this one we're gonna take a look at these new AT&T; unlimited data plans before we get into all the details if you could please like and share this article don't forget you may be helping somebody get more informed on what's going on in the unlimited data smart plan market maybe help them save some money or make the right market decision also if you'd like to get more involved with the SMT communities we've got the patreon page and we have the discord server those links are in the description box below so without further ado the

AT&T; revamp so here's what we have for smartphone plans what we have is some price drops actually which is great we like to see prices improving for you know our customers and consumers across the nation but of course there are some caveats and there are some feature drops in fact none of the following plans are going to have the read TV on any of these plans which is a really nice little TV service that AT&T; was given to customers previously so the first of the three new offers and they all are all our tiered based on features and pricing so number one is the unlimited starter this particular plan replaces the current unlimited and more plan it loses the AT&T; read TV feature which used to give customers about 35 Websites of live TV there is no mobile hotspot included on this plan I think you could probably compare this most to Verizon start unlimited it does seem to very comparable 22 gigs of premium data or what

I like to call high priority data once it hits that threshold you are subjected to data management or network management Verizon always puts their start unlimited on bottom priority so it's nice to see you have that little bit there I think this goes to show you the confidence that AT&T; has in their network in terms of pricing a single line is $65 for lines will cost $35 per line grand total of 140 bucks that pricing is the same as Verizon but where Verizon does have the leg up is if you do five plus lines you'll be paying $30 for that type of service previous pricing on the unlimited more was $40 per line which comes out this 160 so this does save customers about 20 dollars per month compared to the old pricing all pricing included in this article is going to be on auto pay so if it's not auto pay expect to pay more next one as I kind of slide down here from the website you'll see it is the AT&T; unlimited extra this has the same type of streaming there there is no

HD streaming on the limited starter or the unlimited extra so why I have no idea you're gonna be stuck at 480p here for article 15 gigs of mobile hotspot data included in this one 50 gigs of premium unpretending is $40 per line for the four lines so that'll come in at 160 75 bucks for the single line a Verizon comparable plan I'm guessing that would kind of be like the what would they call it like they do more the play more that kind of puts it at that price point that's at forty five dollars a line for the four but if you go five lines or more Verizon will give it to you for 40 so that's the situation their pricing at four lines at $40 per line at 160 you know I don't know 75 dollars for a single line again it it kind of pays to have multiple lines it helps you save money so that's that plan next we have the unlimited elite which is replacing essentially the unlimited and more premium plan which used to be priced at $48 per line for four lines now this is not available now this is the only one that is going to be available in coming weeks

I have no idea why all the other plans are going to be available starting November 3rd pricing on the unlimited elite and I'll just kind of scroll here so you could see some of the features and whatnot this one is priced at 50 $50 per line at four lines each $85 for a single line this gets you 30 gigs of mobile hotspot 100 gigs of premium data once you get to that threshold you are subjected to D prioritization this does include HBO and HBO max starting in May of 2020 and this is the plan that will get you HD streaming now there is no mix and matching of lines of different types Verizon does allow you to do this Verizon plans the play more and the do more I feel like Verizon plans also include a little bit more value because they do give you the Apple music and the HD streaming on the play more plan not to do more but the play more so that's kind of something like when I'm looking at these plans that I'm comparing AT&T; and Verizon because they are considered to be the premium carriers charging the premium pricing and offering the most available

LT nationwide that's why I was kind of doing that as a 5g update we really didn't get 180 just set more info later this year well it's November basically and probably when you're reading this so why no info now I mean later this year there's like a month left of the year so but just keep in mind read TV is not gonna be included in any of these plans it looks like AT&T; is holding true to its word they are going all out in trying to squeeze as much as they can the ARPU out of every customer they're gonna be treating read TV as a standalone service option moving forward now I'm comparing all these plans Verizon has be--start unlimited at 70 bucks for a single line this one's at 65 for their entry-level Verizon has the do-more and play more depending on which features you want you would pick either one those are at $80 for the single line AT&T; is doing kind of like the $75 for that but not giving you the HD streaming and then Verizon is giving you the get more for 90 bucks AT&T; is doing 85 to get very similar type of service so you guys let me know what you think of these plans honestly it's good in a couple of ways

I like to see what they're doing with pricing it has come down a little bit but some of the features are questionable like why the unlimited extra plan doesn't have 720p why they are forcing it to 480p I don't understand why they feel the need to do that I think in that way Verizon's middle tier plans are better they also give you Apple music one of them gives you six months free the other one gives you a year free I'm not sure you know why you know whatever and the unlimited that's their premium option it gives you the most features it gives you the HBO and HBO max gives you a nice healthy allotment of hotspot data that seems to be the best of all of the plans in terms of feature sets but again coming in at 85 bucks so quite pricey so you guys let me know what you think of these new plans from AT&T; maybe you have a grandfather plan that's better or more suitable to your needs maybe this is better than what you have with some other carrier like Verizon and it has what you're looking for and maybe it's just the simple fact that

AT&T; is the better service provider in terms of network performance in your area you could see that based on the D prioritization threshold AT&T; seems to be very confident in what they're doing moving forward with their network the D prioritization thresholds are very high from the entry level at 22 and then the middle tier coming in and I believe 50 gigs and then the elite unlimited coming in at all I think it was a hundred it was it a hundred gigs I forget where that but yeah the priority was that honor gig so they're obviously very confident in the capacity capabilities of the network so they're setting those thresholds high so if you are being heavily deprioritized by some other provider and you're sick of the congestion this seems to be the way to go 18 T's got a strong network there keep on expanding advancing their LTE throughout the nation band 41 rollout the first responders network that contract they're really helping things out 18 T bolstering capacity all over the place with band 66 and other upgrades really is a good time to be on

AT&T; for the network now they've kind of done some things revamping their plans you guys go ahead and drop me a line in the comment section below and let me know what you think if you are interested in these or if you're going to pass anyways thank you for being here to read this article if you are new please definitely go ahead and hit that subscribe button and ding that notification bell so you never miss an upload from the SMT and of course if you are returning good that you made it back glad you're here to read this article I think that's pretty much it a lot of news up and coming keep it tuned to the SMT TlcShoppe Website got a lot going on with the merger and other wireless news so stay tuned and keep it locked here to the SMT TlcShoppe Website thank you guys again for being here to read I am the SMT and I will see you guys on the next article peace.
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