FIRST LOOK: Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV Top Gear

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FIRST LOOK: Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric SUV Top Gear

Ford has been playing a bit fast and loose recently with its badges hasn't it a refer of course to the Pew formerly a little Terrier of a coupe a recently resurrected as yet another small SUV and now there's this an all-electric SUV with a Mustang badge on its nose hey what you're looking at is the new Ford Mustang Mac eat that's right Ford has named a battery-powered SUV after the world's most famous muscle car the Mackay bit is a nod to the high-performance Mustang Mach 1 from the late 60s it's Ford's first mass-market electric car the first project from the internal Evi skunkworks known as team Edison and you can order your Mustang mackay now but only through

Ford's online portal with either rear-wheel drive or dual motor four-wheel drive and the choice of a 75 kilowatt hour or in 99 kilowatt hour battery pack to save me reading out an endless list of numbers here's a split box for you to hit pause and peruse at your leisure got all that excellent just in case you didn't know here's a bit of a breakdown the cheapest one is the rear-wheel drive 75 kilowatt hour model which should cost from around 40 grand but you still get 280 miles on the W ltp range that is and around 252 horsepower the one with the claimed longest range is the rear-wheel drive model but with the bigger battery with that you get 370 miles of range the fastest one that's the all-wheel drive model with a big battery you get 332 horsepower they're not 60 in 7 seconds and the spangly asjuan

Isn't this this is just an all wheel drive version but it's called the first edition it's a limited run and it gets all the options labeled on it so stuff like unique grabber blue paint full-length panoramic roof or bno sound system 360 degree cameras the lot no prices for that one yet but we suspect somewhere north of 50 grand which is all well and good I hear you cry but none of that apart from you perhaps the range before you have fill up again has anything remotely to do with a good old v8 powered Mustang the link of course is in the way this thing okay so we're gonna do our design walk around a bit now but before we do I think it's worth just taking a moment and just taking in this cars overall design because Mustang and SUV they're two things that just shouldn't go together it's like strawberries and balsamic vinegar but it does kind of works doesn't it my first impression when

I walked in here was it looks like a concept car because you got this Bluff grille you've got no door handles it's smoother than a production car should be isn't it anyway let's look at the details maybe work out why this car looks like it does and the first thing is the face unmistakeably Mustang right but get a picture of the the new the 2019 coupe a out and you'll see there are no actual carryover parts three stripes in the headlight design that's Mustang of course narrow eyes oh this is a bit of a giveaway isn't it mustang badges there are no ford badges on this car apparently they agonized over this one internally should it just be an inspired by Mustang SUV or should it be a proper extension of the Mustang family the thinking was if you're proud of the car the cars good enough go big or go home and

I think they've made the right decision here that's obviously on the grill so this is Bluff this whole thing could have just been flush or it could have been fake mesh to make it look like a petrol-powered car but none of those white works or what they did with this Bluff grill to let you know it's an Eevee but then inset it slightly just hinting at a grill I think where it's quite nicely doesn't it and down here are the air intakes with the switch have been flaps that you so often see an electric cars coming around the side Wheelz yeah these are 19-inch wheels these are the biggest one that you can get for the moment at least there's your charging port then we get to what is probably the defining feature of the Mustang Macke that's the gauze the fact that there are no door handles obviously there's arrow benefits to that but

I can't think of another car that didn't have door handles cut into the sheet metal the McLaren 12c perhaps I'm sure the Internet's gonna correct me on that but here's how it works so you hook up your phone to the card you can use your phone as a key or you have your key in the pocket and as you approach the car the door opens automatically by about 4 inches I don't have my phone hooked up to the car so I'm gonna push this button instead if I push that and the door comes out to meet you you stick your fingers behind it and you open it up simple as that you'll notice there's a little handle here that's because in testing some customers were a bit worried about getting their fingers in that gap there so they've included the handle and the rear door exactly the same push this button here the door comes out to meet you stick your hand in and you flick it open

Ford says it's actually a lot easier to open doors like that rather than having to pull a handle like this when you've got babies in one arm laptops and the other arm shopping hanging around your neck who knows and here's another thing if your phone runs out of battery or you've lost your key which let's face it is quite likely then there are numbers there's a keypad on the b-pillar here so you can use a four-digit code to get into the car and then once you're in there you can put in another four-digit code on the screen to start the thing up back to the design quite an interesting feature here you'll notice the body color comes down here that gives you that lovely sloping sweeping like roofline but the actual roof stays a bit higher it separates away from the body color that gives you the practicality that gives you the space inside but in silhouette you get the design all right coming around the back what else can

I tell you well it's bit of a square off isn't it but there's a reason for that you need this bluff rear end to keep the air attached down the side of the car for as long as possible to reduce the turbulence to maximize the range what else we go more Mustang badges more Mustang inspired lights in fact I spoke to the designer of this car earlier and he said he didn't want to be too heavy-handed with the Mustang design cues that he had a box of ingredients and in the corner there was a little pot of Mustang spice and just a word on the dimensions because frankly I make most cars look bigger than they are overall it's 42 millimeters narrow but 16 millimeters longer and 27 millimeters lower than a Porsche but care in terms of boot space you get 402 liters or 1420 liters with the rear seats down which is about 100 liters less than you get with the

Macan but you make that up with a hundred litre front boot which interestingly is waterproof and washable with a drain plug at the bottom perfect then for very small very wet docks when it comes to the interior Ford has clearly taken a leaf out Tesla's book here because there are physical buttons here you just can't Oh No there they are there's some on the wheel there's a gear selector down there there's a volume switch on the central screen but you get the idea screen is king in this car you get two of them the first is an instrument cluster behind here 10.2 inch screen really slim that gives you all your driving information and your speed is labeled ground speed which is a classic Mustang Q and then you get the central portray orientated 15 point 5 inch screen which is absolutely massive and in fact that's half an inch bigger than the one you get the model 3 clear one up now all the functions on this screen aren't working because this is an early prototype but the big idea here is this is an all-new

HMI and it's written in html5 code rather than software specific to the car so it's easy to are day and it responds to the screen the other big idea is the fact that you can run apps from carplay and android auto simultaneously with native apps on the screen so for example you could have Waze running over here helping you to avoid the traffic but then Ford's native map over here with all your charging stops along the way it's also got over-the-air updates there is a true range predictor which takes into account weather and gradient and traffic along the way to tell you actually how much range you'll have when you get there and it's supposed to learn as you go along so after just a few hours it'll only bring up the functions it knows you really need in terms of seating position we are obviously slightly higher off the ground but all the reference points here are taken from the

Mustang so the way the seat relates to the steering wheel and the shoulder line here all your reference points are taken from the KU page in terms of materials will there's some quite interesting stuff going on obviously the interiors dominated by this slab of screen in the middle but you've got quite an interesting mix here leather seats leather here a sort of fake carbon fiber coating here your air vents and then it gets quite interesting because this entire panel that runs the full width of the dash is one of the speakers from the Bang & Olufsen premium 10 speaker sound system so it's not only a good place to put the speaker it's also a nice tactile material to have right in front of you Ford has obviously made the most of the fact that it's gone TV architecture so you don't have a transmission tunnel here what you have is a large storage tray with wireless charging for your phone another storage tray underneath big cupholders another storage bin there and there's space for three full-size

Adults in the back it really is quite a complete car this especially when you can see that they developed it from scratch just two beers okay they did have an all-new eb platform ready to go even so it's not just good this car it's radical it's unlike anything I've ever seen who forward before and this is just the beginning of Ford's evey mission it's already confirmed that transit and f-150 Ibiza imminent while an even quicker GT version of the Maquis will arrive in around nine months time interesting isn't it that Ford has gone premium with this thing aimed high it's aimed for the Tesla Model Y in terms of range and tech and square footage of screen I'll be honest though when I first heard they were gonna pimp out the Mustang name in an SUV

I thought that's a horrible idea but now I see the logic this could have been just another generic crossover but instead Ford has taken desirability into account it's grabbed our attention is it going to drive like a Mustang now of course it's not but that's missing the point isn't it if you're more into v8 some burnouts well don't fret the original Mustang isn't going anywhere anytime soon you.
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