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We are just three weeks away from Black Friday and now we're starting to see a bunch of the various ads come out yesterday we covered the target ad in depth and today I want to cover the best buy Black Friday ad in depth some of the deals are better at Target some of the deals are better at Best Buy eventually I will upload like a full rundown and the best deals available across the board but best buy as always just as they do every year they have some really stellar deals every year Best Buy is one of those retailers that's always gonna be a standout and they've really come to play once again so to speak with some excellent excellent deals and I'll go over some stuff outside of just the PlayStation 4 game deals there's some good stuff on switch deals good TVs if you're looking to upgrade in that market and a lot of good stuff all around so I really want to give you guys an in-depth look on everything and before we get into everything

I just want to remind you guys to make sure you hit that subscribe button and hit the bell notification icon so you're always notified of uploads and that definitely helps out the Website too so we always appreciate that first up as far as the PlayStation 4 game sales go they only have select title previews up right now but they're gonna have a select games at the price of $9.99 and some of these games are terrific God of War just hit the PlayStation Hits lineup but yes it will be down to $9.99 so if you've got to pick up God of War man oh man you can do yourself a favor and pick that up ASAP I imagine the majority of you guys have gotta more at this point because one would think you bought a PlayStation 4 and if you're looking to get into ps4 gaming over Black Friday you're probably picking up the ps4 bundle that's coming with God of War anyway otherwise if you've had a ps4 for a little bit even going back to six months you should have picked up God of War by now if for whatever reason you didn't or you want to get it for as a gift for a friend and you want to go and get something cheap $9.99 for that is great

Verizon's Jordaan complete edition $9.99 as well that's fantastic horizons yard on is a terrific game and once again very similar to God of War in the sense that I feel like if you've had a ps4 this long you'll probably have chucked out horizons you're done but maybe you initially checked out the base game you trade it in the game whatever the case may be now the complete edition with the frozen wilds expansion is on sale for $9.99 maybe you want to rethink up the game whatever and be $9.99 for that is great Last of Us remastered $9.99 as well uncharted 2 Nathan a collection that's $9.99 I think that's great some of you guys probably play the Uncharted games on the PlayStation 3 but if you want to revisit them $9.99 for that is fantastic uncharted for a thief's end that'll be down to $9.99 as well as much credit as games like got a foreign Marvel spider-man I get for being some of the best if not the best PlayStation 4 exclusive of this generation man Uncharted 4 is still gonna have a special place in my heart and in my opinion that is the best PlayStation 4 exclusive

I think is better than God of War I know they're a completely neck-and-neck and I don't really want to get into that debate right now maybe towards the end of the ps4 his generation that'll be off fond of article to do but Uncharted 4 is just a magnificent game and even if you have no intention and playing uncharted 1 through 3 you can jump into 4 and still have a great time I personally think you should play the first three games they're all fantastic games them to get all four Uncharted titles for just $20 over black friday that is phenomenal persona 5 standard edition down at $9.99 now I would gush about this deal but of course you guys know that persona 5 royal is on the horizon that's gonna come out sometime in 2020 so your best bet is probably to just wait for the release of that otherwise if you've been eaten to jump into persona 5 and you don't want to sign up to play station now $9.99 for persona 5 the base game is quite good neo is gonna be down to 9 then of course that's a plus freebie right now so

I imagine the majority of you guys are gonna be fine with that otherwise if you want to physically there you go Ratchet and Clank $9.99 for that blood-borne is gonna be $9.99 two games that were previously plus freebies and two more titles that I feel like the majority of PlayStation 4 owners should own but still $9.99 $50 a great LBP 3 for $9.99 God of War 3 remastered for $9.99 and then they did highlight Yakuza 0 and the alcázar kiwami at $9.99 a pop as well so those are all great $9.99 titles are fantastic $14.99 titles are quite good as well some crossover with the target offerings but Resident Evil 2 standard edition $15 for that that is fantastic and given that that did come out earlier this year at this point it being down to $15 is going to be a phenomenal Buy Marvel's spider-man game of the Year Edition is gonna be down to $15 that is an absolute steal considering the fact that the spider-man season pass goes for like $15 on sale this includes the spider-man game on top of that you get the voucher be mindful that it is about it's not on the disk so it's a redeemed ones voucher and then you'll get all the

DLC content so that's a little bit of a bummer but still all that content for $15 is great Kingdom Hearts 3 also down to $15 the division - down to $15 Assassin's Creed Odyssey down to $15 have in battlefield 5 down to $15 as well some really good stuff there they did highlight some games that are gonna be down to 28 dollars including Borderlands 3 Borderlands 3 for $28 I think is fantastic still a relatively recent release and for that to be south of 50% off I think that is great Borderlands 3 is more Borderlands but can you really complain about that no I think that's a very good deal if you're looking to pick that game up Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon break point hasn't been the best received game of all time and I mentioned going into October that this is a game that you probably should wait on a sale for and come to find out that Black Friday you all have the game for $28 but that's a pretty good deal all things considered but this is a game that I imagine is just gonna get cheaper and cheaper given its reception and

I wouldn't be all too surprised if it's $20 by the end of this year or early next year bunch of the sports titles are discount as well FIFA 20 Madden 20 and NBA 2k 20 are all gonna be $28 a pop so you can have a look at those if you're interested as well go back to some of the $15 games they've actually done it a little bit strangely where they've separated some of the games did notice Devil May Cry 5 is gonna be down to $15 so yeah that's absolutely huge DMC 5 for $15 is a steal and that is definitely gonna be a go-to title for a lot of people come Black Friday overread legendary Edition is gonna be down to $15 SOT our shadow of the Tomb Raider down to $15 Yakuza kiwami 2 is gonna be down to $15 I think that is a great Buy you want me to has held up in value a little bit on $15 for that is great Skyrim special edition is down to 15 Shenmue 1 and 2 is down to $15 the outcomes of 6 the song of life is down to $15 as well readdogs to $15 injustice to legendary edition is $15 an FF 15 Royal Edition is $15 should also mention fallout 4 a game of the

Year Edition that's fallout 4 and all of the DLC content $15 for that is quite good as well some games that are gonna be $19.99 dragon quest 11 echoes of an elusive age for $19.99 that's phenomenal a DQ xi is legitimately one of the best Japanese RPGs of this gen yes it does follow a more traditional style in the sense that it's very similar to past Dragon Quest titles however it is a good game all around in $20 for that I think is very good visuals are great story is quite engaging and it tries to modernize a traditional formula as best as it can while also sticking to its roots $20 for that is great Nier automata game of the you audition that is down to $20 and that is a great buy Nier automata one of the best PlayStation 4 titles released this generation do not think it's hyperbole in saying that at all Square Enix did a great job with that title and of course Platinum Games is famed action-oriented combat system is there as well $19.99 for that is quite good Metro Exodus is gonna be down to $19.99 on

Diablo the eternal collection will be down to $14.99 all that is quite good also known as safe euro shadows died twice is gonna be down to $25 that is a great Buy control on Oberon Vespa is gonna be down to $29.99 that is gonna be $24.99 at Target so just be mindful of that like some games are gonna be cheaper at one retailer versus the other so you really want to assess everything I know a lot of you guys aren't gonna be able to hit every retailer on the market and honestly speaking just comparatively speaking if you're going to one retailer Best Buy seemingly has the better deals but targets full lineup has not been revealed at this point but that's just initially looking at it sec euro Shadows died twice will be down to $25 without a doubt the cheapest price we've seen on that that's really held up in price so great to see that that's gonna be down to $25 that's definitely gonna be a hot pickup for a lot of people as it is getting cheaper and cheaper a couple titles never gonna be in 1999 and south of that a rage to down to 1999 so

I do believe target is having that for $29.99 $19.99 is the perfect price for Rage 2 it's not a great game but it does have some really good elements and if you want a no-nonsense open world first-person shooter rage 2 will definitely fit that bill Ace Combat 7 Skye's unknown will be down to $19.99 this is a game that has really held up in value since its release back in January but overall for $19.99 it's a great action-oriented fight combat game a lot of you guys probably missed out on it given that Resident Evil 2 on Kingdom Hearts 3 even released right around the same time so Ace Combat 7 had the unfortunate fate of that but the game itself is really gonna not give that a strong recommendation concrete Genie which just came out that's gonna be down to 1999 so that was a great PlayStation 4 exclusive so as great as that $29.99 budget launch price was it looks like they were keen on lowering the price for Black Friday down to $19.99 that is fantastic plants vs. zombies battle for a neighbor

Ville which just came out that's gonna be down to $19.99 as well so that's quite interesting jump for $19.99 just calls for $19.99 Elder Scrolls five Scott on the are $19.99 that's gonna be bundled with the VR headsets as well so if you're getting into VR gaming just pick up the VR bundle for two hundred and Skyrim VR will be one of the additional games you've got hitman 2 is gonna be $19.99 and that is really the highlights that Best Buy has listed again all of the games that I went over are a part of their preview lineup and over on their official website they kind of line up the games a little strangely that's why I was a little all over the place and by the way forgot to mention some very very marquee titles that aren't gonna be discounted my apologies days gone the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be doused in 1999 that's one of the biggest discounts as a part of the entire sale my apologies for missing that but that is a great Buy believe targets gonna have that for $29.99 so a steeper discount over at

Best Buy really showcases why they have some of the better deals here medieval Standard Edition which just came out that'll be down to 1999 MLB the show 19 will also be down to 1999 and call of duty modern warfare which will be down to $45 over on target it's gonna be a little bit cheaper over at Best Buy it will be down to $39.99 so great stuff there are some switch games are also discounted breath of the wild is gonna be down to $40 and a lot of the other switch titles like Super Mario Odyssey splatoon to Super Mario Party are discounted to the same price so pretty decent as far as that goes switch games don't go on sale all too regularly as far as the VR bundles over on Best Buy they're only promoting the blood and truth and everybody's golf VR bundle that includes the Move controller as well as the PlayStation camera for 250 and then the PlayStation VR bundle with the camera and then trover save the universe and five nights at freddys based on what I'm saying it seems like the target bundle is the route to go for

VR that one's $200 and it includes five additional games so that is a sick deal if you're looking to get into VR looks like every retailer is gonna have the PlayStation 4 console with Last of Us God of War and risings Jordaan complete edition for $200 that's great for those a few of you that are still looking to pick up a ps4 Xbox one X one terabyte Star Wars Jedi phone and order bundle is gonna be down to three hundred and fifty dollars and then they do have similar discounts to what a target is offering with their digital codes Xbox Live 3-month gold membership is gonna be down to fifteen game Pass ultimate down to twenty-five looks like plus will be discounted as well so some decent stuff there as well as far as the games go a lot of good stuff discounted from days gone fall out for game of the year edition is kind of a sleeper at fifteen dollars marvel spiderman Game of the Year Edition at fifteen dollars is excellent we'll leave a link down below in the description box where you can have a look at everything for yourself and again stay tuned for a more in depth rundown of the best deals available in a future article just waiting for all of the other ads to be posted at this point whether it be

Walmart and Kohl's or some of the other retailers some really good stuff is coming out right now and of course Amazon's gonna be a pretty great place to pick up games as well that's gonna conclude this article sound off with all of your thoughts in the comment section down below thank you for reading and good bye hey guys we hope you enjoyed the article and if you did make sure to hit the subscribe button and if you're already subscribed do us a favor and hit the bell icon this way you'll be notified whenever we post a new article that's the best way to keep up with all of our uploads and we usually try to upload two articles a day and with the bell icon hit you'll be notified whenever we do upload a article as always thanks for reading.

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