DO NOT Buy These Games Before Black Friday (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

DO NOT Buy These Games Before Black Friday (Switch, PS4, Xbox One) Black Friday 2019 All the deals on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch you need to know How much will a Nintendo switch cost on Black Friday 2019 Will the Nintendo switch be on sale for Black Friday How long does steam Black Friday sale last What is a Nintendo Switch Lite nintendo switch black friday ps4 pro black friday

DO NOT Buy These Games Before Black Friday (Switch, PS4, Xbox One)

Black Friday 2019: All the deals on Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch you need to know

So Black Friday is coming up it's like the last Friday of the month I think it's like the 29th the day after Thanksgiving and generally Black Friday is when you can build up a fairly good amount I would say anyway of games physically for cheap and of course you can also go online and order them but one thing that is very important is to see which games are on sale because even if you don't get it on Black Friday there is a good chance based on the history that I've seen and that I've even worked the games will continue to go on sale after Black Friday even leading up to the holidays so some of these games are full price now we're barely discounted now and when Black Friday hits and then you know we have like a month up until Christmas time you're gonna see these games getting cheaper or staying that same price so a lot of these games I'm gonna show you now you do not want to buy right this second you want to hold off until

Black Friday and I'm glad we do have our first real add around article games and what they're going to cost at black on Black Friday and hey if you want to go out and see if you can grab some of these games you can and keep in mind that some of these games will be the same prices that other retailers depending on the publishers and the companies behind them they may be giving rebates to these different stores so you will see similar even the exact same deals other places so again good to see some sort of advertisement come out well ahead of time right like we're at the beginning of November still and we have advertisements for Black Friday sometimes don't get these things until like the week before sometimes days before so let's go through these because there are some pretty good games in there there's one game that's not even out yet that's already being discounted for Black Friday in this advertisement so let's take a look now this one is from Target I'll leave a link down below if you want to kind of go through it yourself they also have

TVs smartreades laptops there are all kinds of stuff that's gonna be on sale this advert is 54 pages long so yes quite a bit of stuff there and again you can kind of go through it and see if you want to go out and try to pick any of this stuff up but I a bit surprised with some of the games they have on sale so let's go through them the systems are okay here's the thing Nintendo doesn't do a lot with their systems on Black Friday with retailers and retailers don't feel like I would say marking stuff down I think there's a game coming with it but up with that end news wave for tomorrow for anyone curious about the different systems but let's go over some of the games here so the doorbuster that target has is gonna be Mario Odyssey Mario Tennis aces or breath of the wild any one of those at $30 now of course Mario how to see in breath a wild or older but they don't typically fall below their standard pricing I mean you can find them on sale sometimes right we've seen it but $30 is for a brand new copy of either of those is pretty low that's like the lowest

I've seen I think ever although when I bought breath the wild and Mario Odyssey you know I didn't really go looking for them again but that's still pretty good Mario Tennis Aces unless I'm less excited about that deal to be honest I think most people will do a doorbuster for a breath of the wild or a Mario Odyssey physically brand-new for $30 I don't think those would be the the ones that Nintendo re-released that have like the extra stuff in it I think comes like a book or whatnot a map but it's still not bad especially if you're going there to get a switch because their switch already comes with Mario Kart 8 deluxe and then you can pick that up so for a330 you could leave with a breath of the wild and you know a Mario Kart 8 des walks all with the switch it's not too bad the thing that really caught my eye here though if we go over to the right $15 games this is this is pretty cool there's some good stuff in here like Resident Evil 2 the remake the one that released earlier this year yeah $15 that game is a steal now that of course has gone sale a couple of times so it's not like it's always been $60 or anything but 15 bucks that's pretty good

I would I would say for what a lot of people will probably fight to be a Game of the Year contender although it's technically a remake so it probably won't be that's that is a great deal for anyone who has not played it that is on the ps4 they do a rainbow succeed on the Xbox one they have sonic racing they have grand theft auto 5 down there as well which I mean great thought of 5 still sells pretty well teens not bad the division-2 already 15 that is that's pretty low for a division - coming out fairly recently dropping to 15 bucks is is something else but those are live service games that's what happens you know they they lose their value quickly surprise anthem isn't over here now that I'm thinking about that but they there you go King March 3 at 15 is not bad either another good one to keep in mind considering again that does go on sale but 15 is probably the lowest I've seen overread yeah I mean although I guess if you don't care about the PvE stuff coming up for overread - this might be a good time to pick it up and then we have the

The Lion King Aladdin combo that's come out fairly recently and you know what at $15 that makes a lot more sense I think than the 30 I've been playing it and it's basically those games of course with some extra content thrown in for like extras like the gallery the making-of and just looks better but I mean there's still the same games they do make a big deal about Zombieland World War Z but then Killer Queen black at 15 bucks physically on the switch isn't bad and then if we move down to the switch games there are some good ones here for 15 bucks especially if you haven't grabbed something like Mario and rabbits that is again an older one but Kingdom battle is very very good I've seen that one on sale couple of times throughout the year but this might be a good time to grab that and then maybe something like CTR or the crash insane trilogy the crash insane shows you by the way at $15 that means that you're getting at each crash game for $5 apiece that might be the biggest deal on here if you really consider the value that you would get although

I will lean a bit myself personally towards Resident Evil 2 just because I liked it so much that mean that there's a lot there for 15 bucks but if you consider the pricing there at 15 each that means you can get four of them four of the games from that list for $60 which is the price of course I'm a brand new game that comes out nowadays so yeah you can walk in with that and come out with quite a bit of value I would say but let's let's drop down just a little bit here because this is where things get kind of interesting some of these games one in particular is now yet some of them have come out fairly recently but let's let's go through a few here the $25 games control I think makes a ton more sense at $25 I wouldn't touch that game right now if it's gonna be here and then other places at 25 as well black ops 4 I'm les sold on I like modern warfare more in fact they are gonna have that on sale for 45 but again you're at the decide if you want the next Call of Duty basically I'm less interested in the Xbox games like Forza horizon considering their own game pass again this is that's just me but then you have things like

I mean Super Monkey Ball just came out but even at 25 it's it's tough for me anyway personally but then Spyro and then the new overread on the switch which is a code so keep that one in mine too but spyro is pretty good to pick up I think at 25 on the switch there with of course the three different the three different Spyro games on there but then over to the left check this out fallout 76 that's just be free now I don't even know I wouldn't even have that they might get some whiteout and put over that I Dragon Quest builders - those is a good one at 30 bucks WWE 2k 20 just came out and it's going to be $30 already it says they say over 30 games I say over 40 games gentleman these are like the big ones they're putting up there but there is a chance that you'll walk in and see games that you you want that are there as well so keep that in mind we're just there kind of showing us the highlights here but ww2 K 20 is as broken as it gets when when it came out right and it's already 30 bucks on Black Friday do not buy that game I would say at all but if you really want the new wrestling game and you saw the patch notes don't buy it now for the price that it's probably sitting at wait for this at 30 bucks that's that's one of the big ones

I saw a judgement at 30 bucks is a good one Katherine makes a lot of sense there as well rage 2 for 30 bucks isn't bad they haven't bring out more content and then Mortal Kombat 11 and right there redemption 2 at 30 bucks about a year later is also pretty good I don't know why FIFA 20 is that large on the switch that's a waste of money I would not buy that at all and then down from there $35 for an e for speedy Heat that games not out yet I'm playing it now on EA access and it is more like old-school Need for Speed didn't have a very big marketing budget it seems as they really didn't talk about it that much but it also doesn't feel like a a big budget game I'll say that but it feels more like an older-style need for speed like carbon kind of so I'm actually I'm actually enjoying it to be honest and it plays offline I haven't run into a microtransactions yet it's shocking I know but need for speed it's not bad I think forts are horizon is much better but it's still not bad for someone who wants I guess more of an arc Katie type experience with it with their racing game and he shells next to that I think some people didn't even know

I didn't show came out Borderlands 3 at 35 is great I would I would wait for this sale for $35 to pick that one up Gears of War 5 I would just get on game paths again I mean do game paths go get that and you'll get a you know you'll get Forza horizon which talked about and then you have the moss hunter expansion there as well I also want to point out one more deal because this is this is pretty good I would say I'm looking at this and it was it was a bit surprising to me how cheap they made this this bundle but they have the PlayStation VR right you can see it there it's a VR bundle with five games that's Resident Evil Astro bot I was at everybody's Golf Skyrim and then they have the PlayStation Worlds that has I believe all the little tech demos and stuff on there I assume this also has the camera as you would need that and I doubt it has the the Move controllers but hey you know what 200 bucks for the headset everything you need to play it and five games including Astro bot which is

I I still think probably the best game on PlayStation VR me personally that is a steal especially if you have not picked it up yet I know we're getting towards the end of the PlayStation for his life and probably by next year we'll be talking about the next PlayStation VR as I think Sony's gonna probably unveil that to a degree before the PlayStation 4 comes out or at least talk about it but hey 200 bucks for everything you have there if you already have a ps4 it might not be bad to grab it with all the games that it comes with there anyway guys that's a look at our first shot of Black Friday deals there for games mat the $15 games are interesting just because of how much you can get for 60 bucks at that point if you show up and you pick out a few not bad for the backlog or if you've bought some games digitally and you want to just have physical copies going forward it's pretty good you don't we don't see as many switch games get that cheap at time so it it's nice to see that we're getting to that point but let me know what you guys think about some of these

Black Friday deals I wanted to bring them to your attention just in case you're looking at some of these games now and if you just wait a few weeks they'll be very very cheap you just may have to make the run out to Target although hey they might offer these online as well and you just order them and it'll just show up a few days later thanks guys for reading make sure you like the article on the way out if you enjoyed it just like it if not now see you guys next time.
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