DIY Photo Christmas Gift for Family Members that have Everything

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DIY Photo Christmas Gift for Family Members that have Everything

Best camera gear and cameras to gift for the holidays 2019a

You have a relative that has like everything and it's really really really hard to figure out what the heck to get them for Christmas hey I'm Vanessa welcome to my Website today I'm going to show you how to use Photoshop to create a sentimental photo project the holidays is a really great time to give very sentimental gifts it's all about love and family and memories and tradition using Photoshop for this purpose actually fits well with the holidays even though it's probably something that most people wouldn't think to do as a Christmas gift so what is this project the whole idea is just to restore old family photos lots of people have old crinkled up folded family images in boxes somewhere from the good old film days and they never really think to go back and maybe tidy these up print them fresher or even use them for photo projects so I'm going to show you guys how easy it is to restore an old photograph in

Photoshop it's pretty simple it can be a little bit tedious depending on how damaged the photograph is it's very affordable so once you have this project done they have a digital image that you can then just get prints made up for your entire family and be good to go at Christmas time if you want it to take it even further you could then use this image in a photo project something that you could do is do this for 12 images and create calendars for the new year for your entire family it's something that I think would be such a cool photo project that's sentimental and meaningful and full of heart for your loved ones over the holidays you could also do things like modge podge in the image to little ornaments creating wood blocks that are for display put it on a card use any photo craft DIY with this and because it's an old photograph that you've touched up and made fresh and new again well as fresh and new as old photographs and get it will have that from the heart kind of feel to it I don't know about you guys but

I really love traditional Christmas static and using old vintage photographs for this really really fits with that aesthetics I don't personally have a lot of old images like I'm only 34 so let's say I started taking photos when I was like 12 the first time I ever like got hold of camera and started taking photo so I do have some pictures from my childhood and like early teens but I mean that's not really what we're looking for here so you might have to if you don't have your own contact family members your aunt's your parents your grandparents anybody that might have older images in a box somewhere I got these images from my granny and the image that I'm editing is actually a photograph of her when she was a little girl this is it here super cute just this tiny little photograph and I I've scanned this now I can print this in bigger sizes at this point I could blow it up and I could frame it she also gets this pocket I told her that

I was gonna do a tutorial but you don't necessarily have to tell your family that this is something that you want to do for a gift ask to look at them and then pocket a few of your favorites even if they don't live close to you and you can't get access to it you could just ask them to even scan it and email them to you so that would work as well as long as you could get your hands on the old photographs you're gonna be good to go okay so I have scanned my images into my computer most printers these days are also scanners after you don't have a scanner you could probably find somebody who does that will help you do this or I think places like London Drugs could perhaps get the image in a digital format for you trying to get the highest resolution available to you that's my only suggestion so I have three old family photos here I really love this one just because it's got so much folds and creases in it my first item that I would go to is probably just the spa healing brush tool it's usually pretty good at fixing any lines and stuff I always work on newly so I'm gonna copy this layer and

I'm just gonna go in and start taking out anything that I think will easily go with the Spot Healing Brush and doesn't need a lot of attention in the ground areas these little creases those will come out no problem it's not gonna look weird if there was a crease say and there's luckily not anything on her face but if there was I would probably not use this I would use something else that I have a little bit more control over what it's going to do as you can already see it's making quite a big difference and you can start to envision how it's going to look when it's done down here a little bit it starts sampling into the rain so when I'm done using the Healing Brush tool I will go back and clean up the frame I do not think that I'm actually gonna keep this outside frame completely so I'm not gonna be taking out any of the wrinkles and stuff in this because when I save it as a digital file I am going to crop it right to the edge but still I don't want the frame color coming up into the edge of the photos this technique works really well on older images like this one it works better than if you were to edit out creases and rips and cracks out of a newer image and the reason for that is that older images like this are really soft focus a

Healing Brush tool which can sometimes have a little bit of a blurring effect you go do that with an older image it's going to look completely natural and not as noticeable as with something that's a little bit sharper and crisper it can be done but typically with a newer image if a hat if you could see a lot of texture I like to use something different for this image it works basically perfectly and it is the easiest tool I believe to use because you just literally draw over the line that you want to erase and it does all the work for you you want to have an appropriate brush size like I'm not gonna have a brush size this big to take this out that's gonna be weird I'll do it and you'll see it it might work but it's more likely yeah you can see it gets rid of shingle lines so you don't like that this if you do it smaller it's going to keep more of the image because it knows more what's going on and it understands better exactly what it is you're trying to take out as you can see here there's a little bit of discoloration could try to use something like the Spot Healing Brush or the clone stamp to get that out but what

I'm actually gonna do is a whole lot simpler cuz some discoloration over here as well my final goal is black and white image a layer adjustment and it's going to be black and white and so when I click it into black and white you can see it just gets rid of every color problem that I have there and then I can focus more on the creases okay so with my color adjustments I ended up getting a little bit more complex because I wanted to try and match the original photo which was kind of yellowed in the white areas and a little bit more cool toned in the darker areas this is not necessary so you can go ahead and use selective colors and vibrance and all those things to tweak all the different little areas this is what I decided to go with it's pretty neutral looking but it's not completely black and white I'm kind of a little bit of a nerd this is just my imagination and sometimes when I'm working on stuff like this like to think about like where this image came from this is an older image this is my granny when she was a little girl I don't know who took the image maybe it was my great-granny Here I am using it for a

TlcShoppe tutorial it's gonna be on the internet and I'm using a computer to touch-up creases whole thing that just kind of blows my mind about that is like when this image was taken nobody would have ever imagined that this is where it would end up I look at things that way sometimes it makes me wonder what could possibly happen with the images that I take today like maybe in 70 years somebody it's gonna grab one of my images and who knows they're gonna have like some kind of weird technology where they can like put it into like some sort of simulator I don't know if you guys ever readed Star Trek but there was like this room that could like basically make any other location look like it's real like a virtual reality like is there gonna be some kind of technology where people can like put my photo in it or scan it and then all of a sudden it's a world that you can go and explore that's really extreme but if you think about it like when this image was taken whoever was standing there holding the camera probably couldn't even have imagined or conceived it coming to this point just the fact that

I can even imagine that one of my photos would eventually become some sort of virtual reality world is already a step ahead people worried the past as far as what they thought their images would eventually become anybody following me on this like am I just totally out to lunch are you guys like understanding what I'm trying to say I'm always fascinated because you can look back and you can see how much we've grown just even within like my own lifetime we never had internet when I was a kid I can remember a time that this didn't exist thinking about the potentials moving forward is just kind of like always very mind-boggling for me there will be things that I can't imagine that are outside of my realm possibility right now because they are so far from what I know I'm always in love with like dhole the unknown of anything that's even outside of like I love imagination imagination is cool people can think of like the craziest things but the idea of things being possible that we can't even imagine yet

I find even more exciting and it it's totally like irrelevant I'll probably not live long enough to see be I well I mean technology moves pretty fast but at the same time I think maybe I am having an over idealistic view of what the potential future could be there could be some kind of apocalypse digital photos and technology become completely irrelevant and and the photography won't be a thing anymore I mean that's always possible to I want to pretend that like we're gonna get Star Trek technology didn't they have like a food thing you could just like order food on the wall I want that to be real - if you could only have one room with virtual reality simulation where you go into any place and it seems completely real or if you could have the food maker thing out of the wall that you just order anything that you could possibly feel like you want to eat or drink and then it's like created for you and it's delicious which one would you choose I'm really torn on this tell me in the comments simulation room or food oh man that's a hard one I didn't even really read Star Trek

I had a stepdad that readed Star Trek when he wasn't reading Rita and Friends and if nobody knows what that is I was like a singer I think her name was Reena TV show she would be on stage there'd be some kind of performance she would sing and then other musical people would also perform and I thought it was the lamest thing in the world and for some reason when Star Trek wasn't on Rita and friends is on Rita and friends was it redundant I feel like her name was not Rita but I'm pretty sure it was it was I have to look this up I was right Rita and Friends is a Canadian television variety show which aired on CBC from 1994 to 1997 it was hosted by Canadian country folk singer Rita MacNeil I hated that show which is weird because I like folk music now and I am I am Canadian so maybe nobody else possibly knows what I'm talking about if you do let me know so I don't feel so alone right now but that show was always on in my house okay so like I said around the edges a little bit I want to do some cleaning up and that the best tool that

I would use for that is the clone stamp tool so how the clone stamp tool works is you get to pick where you are copying from so the other tool I had it set to content-aware and so it was just reading what was around the image and using that to sample so that was why down here at the bottoms there's little pieces that would sample from the border and I don't like that so I want to pick somewhere that's still crisp well as crisp as this image gets and sample it by pushing the alt button and now you can see this is what it's going to copy to wherever I put it so I line this up and I just cover that up and I can go and do that to all of these little edges that I got that I didn't like it sampling so any time that I need more control over what what I am exactly copying and sampling this is where I pick the clone stamp tool over the Spot Healing Brush I'm happy with that that's a huge difference right there I've totally cleaned up this image all

I did was take out the creases and wrinkles so we have the original image you could then go on to maybe colorize it by painting in colors edit it and like rotate it to straighten the picture or anything like that I mean you could there there is no right or wrong for this I'm happy with this aside from cropping it and getting it just to the picture without the border this is where I'm gonna leave it I really appreciate you guys checking out my article today on how to restore old photos for the purposes of very nostalgic mental photo gifts for your family hope you have a great holiday season of course if it's not the holiday season you can still do this for birthdays or any other occasion it's not limited to Christmas you can restore photos whenever you want if you enjoyed this article please hit the like button and subscribe to stay up to date on all the things that I'm creating if you have any questions or suggestions you can leave those in the comments don't forget to tell me if you wanted the food generator or the virtual reality

I'm curious to know what people are leaning towards on that one I still haven't decided.
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