Disney Plus: Forgotten Shows And Movies That Will Be On The Streaming Service

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Disney Plus: Forgotten Shows And Movies That Will Be On The Streaming Service

Disney pluses nearly here and it's got a whole slew of films and television shows on its release late of course we've got all the Marvel Studios content and the Star Wars content to get you pumped but there are also a ton of movies and TV shows coming to the platform that you might have forgotten existed while some of these are better than others we're willing to bet some stand out as childhood favorites that have totally slipped from memory we are here to restore those memories once and for all let's hop in Darkwing Duck was one of Disney's most beloved animated series from the early 90s Darkwing Duck follows its titular hero as he takes on all manner of crime and villainy aided by his sidekick Launchpad McQuack still one of the best sidekick names on the planet seriously how did that not become one of the top baby names in the early 90s maybe Disney Plus streaming this series will cause a much-needed uptick and children aim to

Launchpad McQuack we can only hope regardless we're willing to bet many a 90's kid will be making darkwing duck their first binge stop once Disney Plus is up and running how could we have forgotten about tailspin this is another animated series that any 90s kid is sure to remember the premise was essentially a semi sort of spin-off of Disney's The Jungle Book the series followed Balu who is now in charge of his own air cargo freight business yeah because that seems like a natural extension of the character from The Jungle Book right the series had a fun retro feel and the implication was that its events took place just after World War Two there's a whole Indiana Jones vibe to the series that is just fantastic and very much appreciated let's switch over to one of Disney's live-action movies shall we here's one we're willing to bet many of you have heard of but few of you have actually seen that would be the 1995 film operation Dumbo drop oh wait you have seen this one huh well we're so sorry operation Dumbo drop is one odd little movie it's about a group of

Green Berets tasked with transporting an elephant to safety during the Vietnam War and yes it involves a skydiving elephant it's the kind of live-action Disney movie that could only have been theatrically released in the 90s The Rocketeer got short shrift when it was first released in 1991 maybe audiences weren't familiar with the comic-book character created by Dave Stevens maybe the world wasn't ready for the film's throwback sensibilities whatever the reason the film was met with a muted response critics weren't particularly fond of it and the film wasn't much of a financial success but the truth is The Rocketeer is actually a solid film while not outstanding it featured a great cast a memorable storyline and solid effects kids that discovered the film when it was released on article have grown up to become its staunchest defenders gargoyles is another beloved animated series that kinda sorta slipped off the radar after it went off the air still it's maintained a reputation as a cult favorite amongst those that grew up reading it it's darker tone was a refreshing change of pace from

Disney's lighter animated fare the series premiered in 1994 and showcased a number of you guessed it gargoyles attempting to come to grips with living in a modern New York City gargoyles benefited from an excellent voice cast which featured the likes of Keith David Ed Asner and Star Trek The Next Generation veterans Jonathan Frakes am marina serious there was a time when Jonathan Taylor Thomas ruled the world he was the star of home improvement the star of The Lion King not to mention his status as a teen heartthrob you couldn't turn around without seeing this kid popping up being one thing or another despite his talent and general popularity his career as a film star never really took off never is this clearer than with this particular entry on our list Tom and Huck Tom and Huck was supposed to be some kind of fun update to Mark Twain's classic literary characters Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn critics panned it but it had its fair share of success at the box office why not give this oddity a gander when it shows up on

Disney Plus oh man first kid is coming to Disney Plus does anyone else remember this movie and yes I realize the irony of asking if you remember something in a list entitled forgotten shows and movies just bear with me alright so for those of you that don't recall there was this guy named Sinbad he's a comedian turned actor who was all the rage through the 90s this man is totally insane thank you in the midst of his popularity peak he started a number of these things first kid was the one where he played bodyguard to the president's son and if the sound of that concept doesn't get you all fired up to read I don't know what will you might not be aware but the 1998 film mightyjoyoung is actually a remake of a 1949 film of the same name the remake star Bill Paxton and Charlize Theron Theron played a zoologist named Jill who met Joe when they were both young uns Jill and Joe grew up together and now Jill is determined to protect Joe from that evil poacher who has come to claim revenge on Joe the film was released on

Christmas Day back in 1998 and it was an immediate flop ultimately it only ended up grossing 50 million on a 90 million budget so much for that mightyjoyoung cinematic universe we were all clamoring for though honestly I wouldn't put it past Disney to fire up something like that in this day and age remember when kids playing baseball in the major leagues was the number one premise for kids movies yeah that was a thing we're not exactly sure why it was a thing but it was Rookie of the Year was the one that start on us he and Nicholas as a kid who breaks his arm Anne once a tree Hill's discovers that he has incredible baseball pitching superpowers the film also starred Gary Busey and Daniel Stern yeah that Daniel Stern and how about this Stern actually directed Rookie of the Year too glad to see that he managed to move beyond his career as one of the Wet Bandits and while we're admiring the acting chops of Thomas Ian Nicholas why not take a look at this long-lost Jim oh did we say gem yeah baby that's the wrong word for it a kid in

King Arthur's Court Thomas once again plays a kid aspiring to be a great baseball player see again with the baseball an earthquake sends him back in time where he uses his fancy schmancy 20th century technology to woo a young princess and save the kingdom more importantly the film stars an incredibly young Daniel Craig and Kate Winslet really they're the best reason to read the movie off the top keep a side fun or you could just not read it and spend your time doing literally anything else we promise that you won't regret it Mighty Ducks the animated series this will is particularly baffling clearly it was produced with the intention of banking off the success of Disney's live-action Mighty Ducks film series only beyond the title and the hockey related subject matter this animated series bears almost no relation to those films the show takes place in an alternate universe where walking talking ducks populate the planet the science fiction concept sees the Mighty Ducks not only playing hockey but taking on evil alien forces and monsters with high-tech equipment and weaponry and once again we'd like to reiterate we're just as confused as you are how this has anything to do with the

Mighty Ducks films remember that whole baseball trend in kids movies that ran through the 90s well there was another trend that Disney tried to milk for all it's worth that would be Arctic dogsledding and we're thinking we can trace this trend back to the success of the 1991 film White Fang White Fang was a major success for Disney grossing around 35 million dollars on a fourteen million dollar budget it even went on to spawn a far less successful sequel White Fang to myth of the white wolf hey Disney when's that one coming to your streaming service huh and did you need further proof that dogsledding was all the rage for early 90s Disney films well how about iron will clearly banking on the box-office success of White Fang a few years prior iron will follows a young man named Will Stoneman after his father meets his demise in a frozen river yes that's actually the main character's name to provide for the family to save the farm will decides to enter an International dogsled race was the film a success well kind of it ended up grossing twenty-one million dollars so that's not bad right not quite on the level of

White Fang but hey not all dogsledding movies can be winners while Disney's animated television series of the early 90s are the most responsible for evoking our nostalgia senses there's a few notable creations from later in the decade one of those would have to be recess the show follows a group of best friends in 4th grade as they attempt to navigate the trials and tribulations of elementary school and the only time the kids get to experience true freedom and be themselves why that would be recess of course the series is filled with humor and charm and is at points genuinely touching recess ended up lasting for six seasons and even ended up with a theatrically released a feature film this is one Disney Plus Edition we personally can't wait to revisit question is your life missing a certain film about a rapping seven-foot-tall genie that emerges from a giant ghetto blaster well you are in luck because Kazaam is coming to disney plus people I am Kabam this 1996 gem is a must-see viewing for any self-respecting movie fan okay who are we kidding no it isn't the movie is just awful but it's the kind of awful you can't possibly tear your eyes away from but hey it's got lots of rap sequences like too many like we're not sure if we should even call this rap music that's doing a disservice to the term while

The Nightmare Before Christmas has a passionate cult following director and animator Henri SELEX other 90s released James and the Giant Peach has kind of faded from view and it's a real shame because James and the Giant Peach has a lot to love the animation is just so impressive and so memorable when it was released it was well received by critics but the film only grows 29 million dollars on a 38 million dollar budget here's hoping that its release on Disney Plus will allow a new generation of fans to discover its brilliance and here's another one that was probably forgotten for a reason nice Poochie Poochie jungle 2 jungle was released in the heyday of Tim Allen's career it's yet another mid-90s the live-action film released by Disney that doesn't have the slightest clue who it's for or why it exists it's a remake of a French film entitled little Indian big city which film critic Roger Ebert and notoriously hated his review for jungle 2 jungle didn't fare much better while he had hoped that the inclusion of Tim Allen and

Martin Short would make for a more enjoyable viewing experience Ebert ended up feeling embarrassed for the actors more than anything else so anyone else up for a reread of jungle the jungle movie party at Screen Rant you're all invited and since we've left Jonathan Taylor Thomas out to dry let's bring him back into the fold shall we I'll be home for Christmas was believe it or not a theatrically released film it focuses on Thomas's character Jake as he does his best to get home for Christmas following a college prank the film was a major box-office bomb only grossing 12 million dollars on thirty million dollar budget it received quite the critical lashing to for its lame jokes and cliched subject matter add this to the jungle 2 jungle category of Disney Plus entries that are probably better left forgotten there was a time where the Disney Website specialized in their special brand of Disney Website Original Movies smart house the film follows Ben and his family as they move into a high-tech house with a computerized mother the mother becomes overbearing and a little nutty and before long the family has to figure out how to escape their new home in the craziest thing the film was directed by

Star Trek The Next Generation and reading rainbows levar burton alright enough with the silly live-action movies let's get into more of the good stuff specifically let's talk about some of the Marvel animated series coming to Disney Plus now we all remember the classic spider-man and x-men animated series from the 90s but do you remember the Fantastic Four series the show only ran for two seasons from 1994 to 1996 but we're willing to bet it was many of kids introduction to Marvel's first family and maybe it's not quite on the level of spider-man or x-men but hey it's still pretty great this leads us to another Marvel animated series that seems to have disappeared from the limelight that would be Iron Man like Fantastic Four Iron Man was most likely a lot of 90s kids first introduction to the wonderful world of Tony Stark these two series along with the Incredible Hulk and Silver Surfer series are going to be a lot of fun to rediscover once the they're released on Disney Plus we're about to say the title of the movie we can almost

100% guarantee you haven't thought of since the film was released in fact you might not ever have thought of or even heard of this movie are you ready meet the Daedelus oh yeah this was a movie remember when it was released the film was torn apart and ended up being a huge box-office bomb it only grows to four and a half million dollars on a twenty four million dollar budget but hey it features a pre Fast and Furious Paul Walker so I guess that's fun the 1999 Inspector Gadget film starring Matthew Broderick as the titular character and Rupert Everett as the villainous claw had a massive budget of 90 million dollars Disney was setting it up to be a grand slam of sorts but despite its moderate box-office success the film ended up being little more than a dud in his review of the film Roger Ebert stated that he was pretty underwhelmed and it's not hard to understand why on the opposite end of the quality spectrum is heavy weights the film didn't make much of an impact when it was released in

1995 since then however it's developed something of a cult following and it's not difficult to understand why heavyweights is much smarter than your average kid film maybe this has something to do with Judd Apatow involvement that's right the same Judd Apatow behind the 40 year old virgin and knocked up he co-wrote the film with Steven Brill plus we get one of the earliest and let's be honest one of the best to Ben Stiller performances that they was separate the men from the boys definitely give this one a look-see when Disney Plus gets up and running and finally we have blubber flubber has a lot working in its favor mainly it had Robin Williams as the main character sadly despite giving it as all Williams just wasn't able to elevate the haphazard material despite its spiritual special effects sequences the film is a little more than a dud despite its lack of quality it still made a ton of money at the box office grossing one hundred and seventy eight million dollars on an 80 million dollar budget how excited or not excited are you for these Disney plush shows and movies let us know in the comments below and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to our

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