Dell XPS 13 vs. Dell XPS 15 - Which should you buy?

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Dell XPS 13 vs. Dell XPS 15 - Which should you buy?

Should you buy the brand-new Dell XPS 15 7590 or should you buy the older iterations of the Dell XPS 15 to save yourself a little cash let's talk about that right now this article is sponsored by a host singer host singers goal is to make the fastest web pages for their clients they believe if you're not first you're last and in order to be first you have to be fast and this cannot be more true about their service I was up and running with a new site in a matter of minutes and their support team is first-class ready to answer any questions I have curating and an online presence is essential to growing your graphic design business or landing your dream job with the most affordable plans and top performance in the industry host singer is the go-to hosting provider to get you online fast head on over to see if your desired domain name is available and get signed up today more information and links in the description below hey what's going on

Benji Keyser here and if you're new to the Website this is the place to find the best tech and tools for graphic designers and creative professionals so if that sounds like your kind of place consider subscribing and mash down on that Bell notifier so you don't miss out on any of the future articles today we're talking about the brand new Dell XPS 15 75 90 versus the older iterations of the Dell XPS 15 personally I still use a 95 60 on my day to day graphic design and article editing needs and it works very well for me but let's talk about the comparisons between the models to see which one you should buy whether you're getting into the industry for the first time or trying to upgrade your gear you got to make a choice and you want to make the right one the first thing I want to talk about is the specs so looking at the two models that I'm comparing today we have the Dell XPS 15 75 90 with the Intel ninth generation 8 Core I $9.99 a th K and we have the 32 gigs of ram the nvidia gtx 1650 graphics processing unit and one terabyte of solid-state hard drive you gotta take a breath on that one all right next for the

Dell XPS 15 95 60 this is a 2017 model we have the Intel seventh generation four core i7 7700 HQ 32 gigs of ram the nvidia gtx 1050 graphics processing unit and 512 gigs of solid-state hard drive as we're going through this article if you're curious about the exact models I'm talking about I am talking about a few different models and specifications you can head down in the description below and grab one of those links that is an affiliate link so if you do make a purchase through one of those links I will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you and that's what keeps this Website alive the helpful content coming your way as you see we have to substantially different machines as performance is concerned we have two whole years worth of improvements at upgrades we have two whole generations in the processor and we have a vast difference in the graphics processing unit the 1050 versus the 1650 let's dive into some real life tests to take a look at these two models and see how their performance ranks up against one another

I'm gonna take a nine-minute 4k clip and then export it out into 4k settings this on the Dell XPS 15 75 90 takes 6 minutes and 48 seconds on the older Dell XPS then 95/60 this takes 9 minutes and 42 seconds so you're gonna save about 3 minutes with that I 9 processor so as you may be wondering as I was why does that I 9 not go even faster than the i7 it's only 3 minutes that doesn't seem like a substantial amount of time savings well we're gonna talk about that in just a little bit in this article so hang on as we walk through the rest of these specs if you want to save a little bit of time and you want to export to 1080p from 4k on that 9 minute clip it'll take 2 minutes and 29 seconds on the 75 90 and it will take 2 minutes and 51 seconds on the 95 60 again and even closer time between those two on the 1080p export now let's take 100 raw photo files import them into Photoshop into Camera Raw how long does that a lot of times and I'm editing photos I put them into camera raw process them and then send them out to be exported for say the internet or print whatever it might be so when

I bring them into camera RAW it took 21 seconds on the 75 90 and it took 25 seconds on the 95 60 the last test I'm going to do is take one of those raw photo files boost it up to two gigs and then save it out at full quality JPEG it took 11 seconds on the 75 90 into 20 seconds on the 95 60 now these tests may not sound like a huge deal as far as time is concerned 10 seconds 20 seconds 11 seconds it's not a lot of time but remember this is only 100 RAW files imagine if you go on a wedding shoot and you have 4000 images you have to process and click here or you're doing a product shoot or you're doing a big article editing project that is an hour long not just 9 minutes long that's where these numbers really start to matter these numbers could turn into 45 minutes to 2 hours to 3 hours so these little performance increments can be a big deal on an exponential scale I just wanted to give you some basic numbers to really put your mind around in order to understand what scene is better now as promised why is the

Dell XPS 15 75 90 only a little bit faster even though it has two generations and an i-9 behind it okay so what we're seeing here is a problem that we saw in even last years a duration of XPS 15 and that's thermal throttling and thermal heating so what we're seeing is as the machine starts to edit the article as it gets hot hot hot hotter it starts to throttle down the performance of that CPU and kick on the fans and we're gonna listen closely between the two fans running as they're exporting that article so you can see the noise difference here we go alright as you see they're both pretty noisy the 95/60 is a little bit louder because it's taking a little bit more power with that weaker CPU and GPU but as you notice the i9 in the 7590 is almost as loud and it gets almost as hot so what they have to do to keep them at the same temperature is throttle back that i9 so it doesn't overheat which decreases the performance of the i9 so with that in mind you're getting very close performance in my opinion for a vastly different price point okay with that in mind let's keep moving forward and a little bit later in the article

I'm gonna make some recommendations to whether you're a graphic designer or article Editor or another creative professional which model you should get or which iteration let's next talk about the differences in the build so the first big thing is they've improved the Wi-Fi card that is amazing because the Wi-Fi card in the model that I have if I walk 10 15 feet away from the internet hub I start to lose reception and my internet drops substantially on the new model they put in a new Wi-Fi card and it does not do that it is very very good reception so I can walk across the house across the office wherever I might be an internet reception stays relatively high I mean if you're you know 100 yards away yeah it's gonna drop off or you won't even find it at that point so it's not that good but it is a great improvement next that they move the webcam from the bottom of the bezel to the top of the bezel and people are no longer stand up your nose no longer seeing your fingers type on the keyboard that's a very big improvement they're promising a substantially better battery life but as we all know as creative professionals as soon as you put these computers under any pressure that battery life drop substantially they're promising

10 to 20 hours depending on the model you get probably seeing 20 hours on the full HD model with the i7 processor and then they're promising you know 10 hours with the 4k model the issue with that is they're talking about browsing the internet or using word processors like Word or Excel something basic like that just work tasks and so that doesn't give you a fair comparison if you're gonna be a graphic designer if you gonna be union work like that and Photoshop InDesign or illustrator or you're gonna be article editing then you're gonna get substantially less battery life so with the new i-94 K you're probably going to get made six hours how did that battery life if you want to get more battery life I'd recommend getting the i7 with the full HD screen which would get you probably around eight to ten hours now I'm not making any promises there these are estimations on what the model I have has been doing as well as comparisons to the 95/60 the 95 60 I get about five hours of battery life if

I'm not working really hard on the machine both models that I have here have the 4k touchscreen display you can get the new OLED display in 4k on the 75 90 however I don't see that as really necessary as the 4k touch screen is super sharp 100% color accuracy really great contrast so I think the 4k touchscreen display is a great choice alright so which model should you choose I'm gonna start with the 7590 personally if I were to buy this again I would not get the i9i look at the i7 with 32 gigs of ram the reason being is the thermal throttling the machine gets really hot it has to throttle down decrease in the performance giving the i7 almost as much if not equal to performance so you can save some money save some heat and you'll be happy with that machine now if we're talking about the Dell XPS 15 95 60 versus the new 75 90 that's gonna be a bit of a toss up and let's talk about why if you're somebody's gonna be doing primarily graphic design then you're gonna be completely satisfied with the

95/60 you can probably get away with 16 gigs of ram the i7 processor and it's kind of run really smooth really fast if you're gonna be getting into article editing the newer model will have that better GPU to give you a little bit more performance to balance out the power usage between the processor and the GPU like I said I'd get the i7 so if you're gonna be editing 4k if you're gonna be doing some animation on the go the new 75 90 is a great Buy now the one reason that I would pull somebody from the 9562 the 75 90 is that new internet card that's gonna save you a lot of headaches with trying to find good internet reception alright if you're curious about the exact prices and models that I've been discussing here in this article you can head down into the description below grab one of those links that is an affiliate link so I will get a small commission but at no extra cost to you but that's what keeps this Website alive it is held content coming your way if you have any questions please comment below as always thank you so much for tuning in my name is

Benji Kaiser of Benji Kaiser comm and I'll see you here on the next episode you.
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