Bronco Graveyard November 2019 New Products

Bronco Graveyard November 2019 New Products Ford Bronco vintage parts and gear ready for Cyber Monday How much will the 2020 Ford Bronco cost What is the release date for the 2020 Ford Bronco What engine will be in the 2020 Ford Bronco Will the 2020 Ford Bronco have a v8 ford bronco 2019 ford bronco 2020 price 2020 ford bronco leaked 2020 ford bronco news 2021 ford bronco ford bronco for sale ford bronco price ford bronco 1970

Bronco Graveyard November 2019 New Products

Ford Bronco vintage parts and gear ready for Cyber Monday

Hi I'm Jack from Jeff's Ronco graveyard I like to welcome to our November new products article our first new product is this wiper harness this is from carpenter industries made just like the original this fits the stock 6970 bronco comes with the wiper plugin and this would feed across the windshield frame in front of your face and down the windshield frame post under the dash got the protective coating on it to protect the wires where all the sharp edges this will also work if you have a 66 to 69 which came with vacuum and you convert it over instead of just running the wires through you could use this and wire it under your harness or you have a later truck like 73 and above does not have the dome light wire on it brand new for carpenter industries for the 69 70 bronco and our next new product is this engine wiring harness through the 1966 bronco they made a couple different ones and this is the early one this this is their the later one comes out of the firewall splits

the drivers and passenger side and comes up the fender walls to the headlights that is the later one this is the early one this is brand new it's made just like original this comes out of the fire wall you plug right on the firewall has two pigtails for the brake light picks up the oil pressure water temperature and power to the distributor beads along the drivers front apron and here's the key point picks up the headlight and it this early this really tells a difference the voltage regulator is on the side of the radiator mounted above back side of the core support that's the difference and it continues across the front of the core support to the passenger headlight and turn signal brand-new for the early 66 bronco had an actually product of these support jigs first got these in isis what do these things do I looked at them I took one other package and start working with

I go whoever come up with this this is a pretty ingenious idea but these are nice these are magnets they come in a four pound 25 and a 45 which we sold Auto already units what's nice about these you can do three angles with them 45 90 and 135 what's nice about these it actually gives you an extra set of hands when you're working on something even fabricating something on a truck or whatever way better than the clamp just put your piece on here everywhere say you're gonna weld a 90 pop the other piece in place line it up got a true 90 weld it together where you go brand new come in small sizes four pounds 25 and a larger 45 really nice product for a really inexpensive price and are actually product are the extended radius arms for the 80 to 96 Ford Bronco and f150 four-wheel drive if you can want to put our straight axle 44 in your truck here's your ticket brand new heavy-duty extended radius arms come with the radius arm brackets which bolt right to the frame got a grease zerk on here for keep that bushing lubed up come with a front cap ready to go you bolt around the axle with your

C bushings if you get that in place here's the bracket for the frame for the track bar brand-new from proto fab you can get it in this beautiful blue color or comes in bare metal and you could powder coat it any color you want brand new for the 1982 96 Ford Bronco and Ford f-150 four-wheel drive and for our November web truck of the month we have Bobby McGrath's unique truck it's got some interesting things he's done to it you'll enjoy the article to remind everybody that we're having our annual Bronco graveyard holiday sale starting mid-november check our website for the details that'll run through the Christmas holiday just wanna say again thank you for support and hope to see you get next month I bought this truck for $400 when I was 17 probably and then i resold it for actually there was a winch on it so i sold 80 to 74 for like 300 bucks and then I had a Bronco for free basically and then the whole in the whole floorboard was gone so I sold it to another friend of mine who wanted one and it passed around and then

I ended up working on it and replacing a bunch of the floorboard and then it came back and the guy said hey you want to buy it back I said sure so paying four grand for it the second time we'd done a ton of work to it so we replaced all the floorboard and had it lie next inside and then we had the the power steering put on it and new power brakes put on it a whole new I was basically rebuilt he was using it for a daily driver when I bought it got it back in better shape yeah a lot better shape all right he actually and he actually paid me to work on it so I actually repaired all that and then I bought it back later about three years ago I had a 93 Cobra engine in it with a cam and all that business and we started driving at a ton and nine miles a gallon wasn't working so I decided to do a diesel swap because I had an owned one with the diesel yet so I've actually had 17 of these so a lot of different trucks just got really good mileage we were actually coming down me and my dad drove up unfortunately as the cj7 now but he started in a Bronco it's how

I got hooked and so we're driving up and we're getting 22 miles a gallon running 75 miles an hour no problems got a roof top 10 on it so that's the biggest positive and the downsides are it rattles a little bit and so on but that's about it so it's a daily driver drive it pretty much every day I actually build trucks and other vehicles at my shop so so I used to run and get parts and all that and then on the weekends we go wheeling pretty much all the time so two weekends ago we were pulling winch cable in northern Georgia and the rainstorm and this weekend we drove all the way up to the Bronco take over and now we wield today and will wheel tomorrow so right now it's run in a for BT and it has a ZF 5-speed and then a stock Bronco Dayna 20 transfer case and unfortunately in the Broncos with the diesels you run into a gearing problem where you have if you put too little gears and you can't go fast but then if you don't put a low enough gears in when you're wheeling it you run into a problem where it's it's it doesn't die and so it just drives over everything and you can't slow it down so the next upgrade will be a black box doubler so uh gear reduction box in front of a 205 what is it about the early Bronco that you like the most that you think is the cooler of course I like the design of it and mostly like how you sit in it you're a lot more

I guess sports car feeling inside the Bronco and so and I Drive it like we were talking about we drive it every day so we run 80 down the interstate in this truck all the time that's what it's made for and I build trucks so all the jeeps I Drive I hate everything how so just the way it handles really yeah it's always for sale it's just for a certain amount of money right.
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