Black Friday Deals 2019 - GAMING DEALS!

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Black Friday Deals 2019 - GAMING DEALS!

What's up you guys welcome to today's article as you know article game sales and gaming console deals are a big part of the holiday shopping extravaganza whether you're buying the latest titles for yourself or getting your kid a new console this year's Black Friday is around the corner and the deals this November can give your gaming PC a considerable performance boost it is the best time of the year to upgrade your computer and snag a handful of games and other tech because almost all online retailers have some Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale there are tons of Black Friday gaming deals and it can be challenging to know what to expect from the most popular products of the year we've prepared a list of in-demand gaming consoles that are expected to dip down their prices make sure you check out the descriptions below for more details and the latest pricing of all products the

Xbox one Xbox riday offers were massive last year and 2019 will be no different most importantly the Xbox 1s has been out for over three years and the next-gen Xbox project scarlet will be coming next year so this year will likely be the last big one from both Xbox consoles and any deals that you can get on them this means that the Xbox one X should be aggressively discounted as well during e3 2019 the console dipped below 350 with some Xbox one Xbox Friday deals expecting it to drop to 399 or less from the regular price of 429 the Xbox one X or project Scorpio is just one example of Microsoft confirming that Xbox is first and foremost all about the game this is a premium machine that supports 4k and HDR right out of the box it is more powerful it is more agile and it supports the next generation of film formats loaded with six teraflops of computing power Dolby Atmos compatibility along with a full-blown

Ultra HD 4k blu-ray player the Xbox one X is not just the most powerful article game console to be made to date but also an astonishingly wellspect multimedia entertainment hub in short the ex has not only repeated what the pro accomplished but has taken it to a whole new level it won't be long now until the ps4 Black Friday deals start rolling out in force and it looks like they could be some of the best savings we've ever seen on the console for this Black Friday you could most possibly witness a price drop from three 99.99 to 360 190 the PS 5 is heavily rumoured to be coming in 2020 and retailers still have plenty of ps4 inventory on their hands so they will be eager to move as much of it as possible while it's still the hottest console on the block this means the potential for excellent savings for you with 4k and HDR ready TVs getting more affordable every week pairing it with a powerful ps4 upgrade is a marriage made in gaming heaven by alluring its extra power ps4 pro delivers a 4k 2160p resolution with all the rich deep and vibrant color contrast that only

HDR can provide it makes everything from Spider Man to Assassin's Creed Odyssey look incredible it's 20 millimeter more extensive than the launch console measuring in at 295 by 55 by 3 27 millimeters compared to 275 by 53 by 305 millimeters but it isn't taller despite featuring the extra slice on the ps4 pro sandwich weighing in at a rather strong 3.3 kilograms the ps4 pro shares the same AMD Jaguar x86 - 6 for 8 core CPU as the launch ps4 with a 30% boost in clock speed moving from 1.6 gigahertz to 2.1 gigahertz still that is a minor upgrade when compared to the GPU where the power has been double while the clock speed has also been upped from 800 megahertz to 911 megahertz overall the GPU has gone from one point eight four teraflops to four point two teraflops when compared to the launch console quite a jump although it is needed to provide users with 4k gameplay there's also an added one gigabyte of ddr3 RAM that can only be used by non gaming apps letting the faster gddr5 vram to be used solely for gaming performance it's never too soon to start thinking about grabbing yourself a

Nintendo switch Black Friday deal mainly if you know what sort of bundle you're looking for there are expected to be three switch models on offer this Black Friday including the new extended battery life model the og model and the new Nintendo switch light with more and more models on the market we could be witnessing more Black Friday Nintendo switch deals than ever before the price of the console is expected to dip from 316 99 to $2.99 the Nintendo switch is a one-part handheld and one part home console and hopes to be the only device you'll ever need for gaming wherever you are the hybrid console is an undeniable success offering up an exceptional level of handheld graphical quality while seamlessly transitioning into a home console thanks to the incredibly smart and versatile design the console is a 6.2 inch tablet that plugs into an HDMI / USB C dock the two removable joy con controllers slot into the tablet when you're on the move but work through bluetooth when you're not on the surface it has a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack stereo speakers power and volume buttons along with ports for game cartridges a

USB type-c port for charging a microSD slot for expandable storage and a kickstand it also comes with a dock and a cradle that the switch slides in when you want to charge it or play it on a TV the dock is a hollow plastic hub that connects through the consoles USB type-c port it has three ports on the back USB type-c for charging HDMI for article and audio output and a USB 2.0 port although it can't meet the ps4 or Xbox one for graphics horsepower it has enough to work games of a similar caliber not to mention Nintendo's first party hits the Xbox one S is the pinnacle of what microsoft set out to build with the original Xbox one despite launching nearly three years ago the 1s is all and everything a game console should be sleek sturdy and well stocked the Xbox 1s makes a compelling case in how it balances power and price point it has arrived three years on from the original Xbox one presenting a smaller smoother higher quality gaming machine that exhibits what the current console generation can do the

Xbox one s brought out a host of technical improvements initiating the transition from HD to Ultra HD and taking up a lot less shelf space two games are up scaled to the new higher resolution movies and TV shows will gracefully make the most out of the extra pixels whether you're streaming 4k Netflix or else paying an Ultra HD blu-ray the on 4k the addition of HDR is also an excellent inclusion for the console it's more potent and spacious than it was when the system came out three years ago thanks to a larger 2 terabyte hard drive that can be seen in many of the limited editions of the console also the added support for Amazon's Alexis smart assistant lets you control volume power and playback all three connected Alexa devices thanks for reading if you liked what you saw then hit the like button and subscribe to our Website if you loved it take a moment to hit the bell icon so you'll get notified of all our new latest uploads.
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