Black Friday Deals 2019 - BEST SMARTPHONES Offers for Black Friday!

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Black Friday Deals 2019 - BEST SMARTPHONES Offers for Black Friday!

If you are in the market for a new smartphone? Now may well be the time to buy. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to be home to a ton of awesome smartphone deals on both flagship phones and budget devices alike. Whether you want to replace a slowing, scuffed handset, snag something snazzy for a loved one, or just “treat yo’ self” to an upgrade there are deals to be had. Leave the frenzied in-store shopping to the desperadoes, grab yourself a nice drink, kick back and relax, as we guide you to all the unmissable deals on the best smartphones, and the deepest cuts on affordable phones. Looking to find more of the best deals beyond smartphones? Subscribe our Website for updated every Black Friday Sales. For more information on the deals I have included links in the description box down below which will be updated for the best prices.

Like the article comment and don't forget to subscribe now & press the bell icon button. We Are expecting some great smartphone deals on Black Friday, including Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9, as well as the Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XS and XS Max. We will also see some impressive discounts on current-generation phones too. Google has already announced some amazing deals on the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL for up to $400 off their original price. Other phones, like the iPhone 11 Pro will get some discounts too. That’s along with phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10, as will phones like the Nokia 9 Pure View, which is already available for $350 (50% off). We will see other deals too — like $150 off the OnePlus 7T. At Number 1 is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Introducing next-level power with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ we have designed a mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen, all in one device.

Impossibly thin design High-polish metal and glass meld seamlessly all in an impressively slim design. Cinematic Infinity-O Display with a tiny, front-facing camera lens, the display is a Dynamic AMO LED that's brilliant in all conditions. Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ take mobile memory to new levels with 512GB storage which you can expand by up to an additional 1TB. Our cutting-edge battery intelligence ensures Galaxy Note10+ is 4300mAh (typical) outlasts your day. At Number 2 is Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. Meet the first triple camera system to combine cutting edge technology with the legendary simplicity of iPhone. Capture up to four times more scene. Get beautiful images in drastically lower light. Shoot the highest quality article in a smartphone then edit with the same tools you love for photos. You have never shot with anything like it. A transformative triple camera system that adds tons of capability without complexity. An unprecedented leap in battery life. And a mind blowing chip that doubles down on machine learning and pushes the boundaries of what a smartphone can do.

Welcome to the first iPhone powerful enough to be called Pro. 6.5-inch Super Retina XDR O LED display. Triple-camera system with 12 megapixels Ultra wide and telephoto cameras; night mode, Portrait mode, and 4K article up to 60fps. 12 megapixels True Depth Front Camera with Portrait mode, 4K article, and slo-mo. This is the best smartphone to buy. Checkout the description for latest price. At Number 3 is OnePlus 7T Pro Smartphone. OnePlus 7 Pro is our most advanced screen ever. Experience unrivalled smoothness and clarity with a 90Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution. The display curves over the edges for an arresting design and an immersive viewing experience. Upgraded Screen Unlock technology ensures you can reliably unlock your OnePlus 7 Pro in just 0.21 seconds. Capture life in brand-new ways with a 48 megapixels main camera, ultra-wide angle lens and 3x optical zoom. Combined with smart scene recognition and new Nightscape 2.0 technology. The OnePlus 7 Pro is your personal photo studio.

With a 4000 mAh battery, you will easily power through the day and more, while our Warp Charge technology gets your OnePlus 7 Pro ready to go in just 20 minutes. At Number 4 is Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Galaxy Note9 puts powerful technology in the hands of pioneers who demand more. Innovative features and design make it the only phone to keep up with the next generation of achievers. Introducing a powerful, all-day battery that goes the distance in a single charge. It’s long-lasting and 21% larger than the Note8, so you can enjoy not being tethered to a charger. With the power of 128GB storage built in and up to 512GB of expandable storage, you will have room for what matters most. The Galaxy Note9 intelligently recognizes what you are looking at, optimizing color settings like contrast, white balance and more. By detecting blinks and blurs, it makes it nearly impossible to take a bad shot. At Number 5 is Google Pixel 3A XL. Get more done with Pixel 3A. It has an extraordinary camera with features like night sight, portrait mode, and HDR+.

A battery that charges fast and lasts all day. All the helpfulness of the Google assistant built in. And 3 years of security and Operating System updates included. it’s everything you love about Google – in a phone. Works with all major carriers. Google photos offers free unlimited online storage for all photos and articles uploaded in high-quality. Photos and articles uploaded in high-quality may be compressed or resized. At Number 6 is Nokia 9 Pure View. The Nokia 9 Pure View brings next generation Imaging innovation out of our Labs and puts it in the hands of photographers, technology enthusiasts and everyone that loves cutting edge technology. This limited edition device is the world’s first smartphone to feature a next generation rear 5 Camera system complete with ZEISS Optics. The Nokia 9’s advanced camera system utilizes a custom Ai, bespoke algorithms and uniquely etched silicon all synchronized to each camera in order to fuse 5 separate images into one incredible shot. Utilizing the power of hardware and software developed alongside each other, The camera array delivers outstanding Dynamic range – giving exceptional detail in both bright sunlight and dark Shadow.

Last year, we saw a ton of awesome deals on smartphones for Black Friday. The iPhone 8 was a popular device and saw discounts as high as $400 — which is pretty impressive. Thanks for reading if you liked what you saw then hit the like button and subscribe to our Website if you loved it take a moment to hit the bell icon so you will get notified of all our new latest uploads.
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