Best Early Black Friday 2019 TECH DEALS! (Walmart, eBay etc)

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Best Early Black Friday 2019 TECH DEALS! (Walmart, eBay etc)

They are the 10 best Black Friday tech deals that you can buy right now and I'm gonna show you where to get them 2019 almost here and I know that many of you are growing anxious the stores are putting retail pressure on you it's right around the corner and as we count down to Black Friday to 2019 my job hello I'm the TlcShoppe deal guy Matt granite from Matt's daily is to help you save as much cash as possible but also help you prevent markups this holiday season I'm giving all of my subscribers two promises first promise everything you see right here on the Website will be given away to you for free I'm giving them away every day if you are subscribed to my email list which you can get onto a mass daily the second is like a two-fold promise first promises

I'm not gonna let the stores destroy your Thanksgiving I'm going to get you the big deals first and then it's my price match guarantee that any item I show you right here is at its lowest recorded price through the holiday season so that's awesome all right now in addition to the Walmart the Amazon the best buy the laptop deals the TV deals the gaming deals the iPhone deals on the Apple related products which all drop the 48 hours leading into Black Friday I'm going to show you items that are on sale right now before we get to some of those other purchases these are all at their lowest recorded prices and we're gonna count them down first things first number 10 Dyson products now this comes with an asterisks meaning these sales and the product numbers will fluctuate this is the only exception to my price match guarantee because Dyson does different things at different times based on how many products sell so in other words if this $150 offf humidifier is not selling well they will further lower the price at another retailer they're very difficult to predict one thing

I'll tell you don't buy the Dyson VAX until Black Friday those deals will be better than but this is a great deal in the number 10 spot in the number 9 spot while the air pod pros will be reduced slightly on Black Friday a better bet these air pod Pro equivalents that have four days of standby battery time 37 hours and the fact that you do not need to recharge them every other phone call like you do with some of the Apple earpods the go right into your ear they offer unparalleled balance between bass and trouble and music so you can stream but also with that built-in microphone phenomenal call quality now I've tested these extensively the charge case awesome and the price drop of a hundred and thirty bucks down to 59.99 for Black Friday available right now awesome in the number eight spot as a Black Friday tech deal I know you can see behind me lots of different Bluetooth speakers from sound cast an idea play I even have some JBL deals but in addition to the

JBL deals and bose there is one bluetooth speaker that's lower price than all of that with better sound and that's thanks to the bamboo bluetooth audio on this bad boy at $200 down to eighty nine ninety nine the bamboo inside this bluetooth speaker allows for a different depth of audio thanks to how the reverb works with the composition of the speaker spectacular the sound is amazing it'll fill your room like a Bose sound wave at a fraction of the price that is on Matt's daily whereas we go to the number seven deal this holiday season the Cordy Robo vac and Robo mop at forty five percent off now before you tell me you found a lower price on Amazon for this you didn't what you are looking at on Amazon is the Robo vac the version that I found is also the Robo mop and it works incredibly well let me show this to you up close at a price of four hundred and fifty dollars down to two 49.99 this will pick up more dirt than most competing products and unlike the room bug which will also be on sale on

Black Friday this has the mop feature included it's awesome great battery life great mopping great vacuuming and ideal for anyone that lives with allergies or it has accessibility issues and the number six spot is a black friday tech deal you can score right now yes the apple iphone cables will be reduced on black friday but reduced right now at it's Black Friday pricing is a 2-pack of indestructible cables that work for both iPhone and Android devices and USB see some Dainius Li at $60 down to 39.99 I have tested this cable which can sustain more weight than anything else on the market and unlike those dollar store cables that will break and will Bend and possibly even mess up your $1000 smartphone these are made with Apple MFI approved technology and also able to work with Android devices and USBC with different attachments so you're no longer carrying around three or four cables you can charge any device anywhere safely in the number five spot in the season of bad driving weather and really anyone looking to score a great deal where a power bank is so powerful it can also jump start your car and don't worry

I've got one other power bank deal which I will follow this up with this includes all of the accessories and an incredible price with emergency features a seatbelt cutter a window breaker a compass and emergency light oh my goodness is this a deal you want on your radar now the jump starter and power station that I've tested that jump-starts cars with more accessories and more stability than most products on the market is this $69 and 99 cent jump starter and power station down from 130 at it's locked in Black Friday pricing yeah it's a deal that could potentially save your life in the number-4 spot a power bank that won't jumpstart a trailer or a boat or an RV like its predecessor that I just showed you but this will jumpstart any smartphone with wireless technology and a USB C and USB charge port this dual power bank at 55 bucks down to $34.99 is an insane deal with the Qi wireless technology and something that will power any device you need for an extra day or two so you are not chained to your power source in the number three spot it's a smart mask of sorts now

I know the oculus and VR gaming device deals and will drop all have those when they do but before we get there it's a silent snore sleep mask that I've actually profiled on the Home Shopping Network and across the country which is finally at its Black Friday pricing if you are looking to fall asleep faster stay sleep and put it into snoring without any nasal strips or annoying your sleep partner and more importantly for being more productive and healthy this is a snore stopping sleep mask at $99.99 down from 150 on Matt's daily that could possibly be one of the most popular smart deals that I feature all season long in the number-two spot it is the season of the headphone now I know a lot of you are buying new devices a lot of you're looking to elevate your podcasts and your music more people are listening to podcasts now than ever before and if you want to kick back with something that goes beyond the little earbud that your smartphone came with perhaps you already have a pair of these and you want something that offers a little bit more noise cancellation on the go these

Club line headphones at under 70 bucks better than any of the beats by dre deals I'm going to feature and at a lower price than many of the Bose products that I'm gonna feature which is why I am flagging this for you right now yes I will show you the others but in the mean time at $69.99 down from a hundred bucks these Club studio headphones offer enhanced sound quality and more than 10 hours of battery life with a 33 foot range technology they are phenomenal products I'm excited about this deal and this is also at its Black Friday pricing and in the number one spot not quite TV deals but something tied to TVs yes I will have all of those Black Friday TV deals it's a little bit early now but if you are looking to join the more than 1,000 people in the last hour that have cut the court that's actually a statistic a thousand people in the last hour of either cut the cord or contemplated doing so if you are overpaying for your cable or satellite provider and you want an antenna that will give you more free

TV Websites than anything else I've tested it against this is a built in amplifier HD TV antenna at 80 bucks down to Black Friday pricing at $39.99 this will give you better range and a signal amplifier which will cut down on distortion and any frequency issues and an amazing price to score free HDTV Websites from a digital antenna that gets the job done now I hope this helped get some of your holiday shopping done early a reminder I'm showing you the top Black Friday products early oh by the way I do use affiliate links which means if you click any of the links that I've given you I will benefit monetarily from a few cents off of your purchase which helps me buy diapers and more fun things this holiday season but more importantly all of the brands that you don't see just yet the smart lights the Nintendo switch the ps4 these are all deals right around the corner so you can score the deals I just showed you right now in Matt's daily deals calm and get on my email list that will give you the ability to win any item that I've shown you for free but more importantly it will also hook you up for when those big brand name deals drop they will be in your inbox first there you go

Black Friday win win win please leave me a comment let me know what else you are looking for and I will look forward to being back here right here tomorrow with more huge deals if you're not yet subscribed to this Website this is what you can do click on my head right here that will subscribe you to this Website if you need help turning on your notifications or leaving me a comment click there the last big rat up a deals I did right over here.
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