Best EARLY Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals

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Best EARLY Amazon Black Friday 2019 Deals

I have the top 10 early Black Friday deals 2019 on, and they're coming right up. Hello, I'm the TlcShoppe Deal Guy from I handpicked the best deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday season and really, every day from your favorite stores. I'm doing Walmart, Best Buy, Target. I'm also doing Amazon, very highly popular and for those of you that tune in on Black Friday to this TlcShoppe Website. I will be showcasing my favorite deals live from Amazon. I will also be live on showing my favorite deals. Yeah, I'm an Amazon insider. With that being said, I am using affiliate links, which means I will benefit monetarily from your purchase by a few cents, if you are kind enough to use my links that helps me buy diapers for my family. And finally, any of the items you see right here, they're being given away for free to subscribers. You need to be subscribed to my email deal newsletter on And I'll show you how to get there and then how to get to all of these huge deals.

Let's count the deals down, but first how to get freebies. On you will see an email newsletter pop-up. Add your name, you'll get notified of my hottest deals as they drop and also eligible for all the items I give away for free. You'll see my latest deals at the top. You will see Amazon up there, and if you don't a reminder, all of my big Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals appear on this website within this section. Okay, as we count down the top deals. In the Number Ten spot, only because it's popular and there is no need to buy this deal today. If you wanna wait, prices may actually drop a little bit lower on the 23andMe DNA test kits on Black Friday itself, but I am just showing you they're down by $100, 50% off. They may drop slightly a little bit more. These are very popular ways for people to learn about their history, their genetic health and wellness and well-being. Very, very popular. Becoming a little bit more trendy than they ever have been before. The 23andMe competitors will also be showcasing price drops. That's in the Number Ten spot. Before we get to tech, I do wanna remind you in the Number Nine spot, furniture. I know, not as sexy as that big screen TV deal, which I will talk to you about in a moment, but if you can save up to 65% off on furniture, in particular Safavieh, which is a very popular line.

Has all of these crazy reductions like this 318 down to 111. That's a crazy deal, plus another coupon. That would be a great price drop. You're gonna find incredible price drops available right now on rugs, I'm just telling you. In the Number Nine spot, that is worth your while. In the Number Eight spot, very popular, you will start to see the bundles now on the TP-link Smart Home products. If you wait until Black Friday, you will be able to score these in bundles, but if you wanna buy single device items now, many of the Smart Home Lights, those are a great grab at the Number Eight spot. In the Number Seven spot, and I do wanna show you something really cool. On there's also a link to my Amazon page, which has all sorts of very popular deals. I update this around the clock. And this is one of the deals you will see on the page. The Fire TV Stick and the Echo Show in the Number Seven spot, is a great deal to grab on Black Friday. In fact, I would wait for these, although some of the bundle deals are really good right now. Of the ten items I'm gonna show you, 23andMe and this and possibly the TP-Link, items to wait for Thanksgiving into Black Friday where you'll be able to score Fire TV Sticks for as low as $24.99. Really insane great deals.

Wait for those. In the Number Six spot, because so many people are traveling this time of year and I get a lot of requests for it. Neck pillows down to $13.99. This is Amazon's choice, and one third of the price of what you would buy at an airport where they are a complete rip-off and marked-up like you wouldn't believe. This is a Microbead Neck Pillow, great for napping at your desk, great for traveling on the go, and a really comfortable alternative to those bean bag knock-offs that you will see. That is a Number Six grab at under $14. In the Number Five spot, Tools and Multi-tools. In fact, right now on Amazon you will see some great Bosch Power Drill deals. These are very popular. Highly recommending that if you wanna buy that on Black Friday, you wait a little bit. Home Depot and Lowe's will rival many of those price drops. But I'm gonna throw in a Multi-tool in the Number Five spot, which kinda takes everything you would know about a Swiss Army knife and a Leatherman, and combines it into 70% off deal drop. $70 down to $19.99. This is an upgraded model from the one that I gave away for free at the start of the season, if you were a subscriber of this Website.

It offers pliers, screwdrivers, knives, everything you would need from box openers and wire cutters into a device that can fit into a very compact carrying case. I am a big fan of that deal. In the Number Four spot, I did mention that Smart Lights were something to wait for on Black Friday, but a very smartly designed flashlight, there you go, $50 down at $29.99. This is a Ballistic, military grade, LED flashlight. Extremely bright, complete with S.O.S mode, My eyes are doing these funny things now. And an insane price drop, $29.99 down from $50. This is an LED Flashlight that you can take with you that you can benefit from during power outages, the storm season, and if you have a large property or you're walking the dog at night, $29.99 makes this one of my favorite deals on Amazon. Yes, you will see flashlights from Made in China knockoff brands at lower prices. You'll see, they're not as bright, I test them side by side, I like this one. In the Number Three spot, I did mention, and you'll hear this everywhere, bedding is the most popular categories on Black Friday. In fact, if you can get an entire sheet set for $50, this is a great grab. You might have seen me showcase this live in bed with my significant other, but these are Aloe and Lavender infused sheet sets.

No, that doesn't mean they smell like Aloe, that means the softness, the composition of the Aloe plant and Lavender is infused into the sheet sets, which means they make for beautifully soft bedding. Dust mite resistant, hyper allogenic, fade resistant, shrink resistant. I am a big fan of this sheet set if you are looking to improve your sleep quality. Keep in mind we spend a third of our lives in bed which will bring me to my Number One deal in a moment. But first, Number Two. Surprisingly enough, this was actually eBay's top pick as a Black Friday Deal, which I had profiled there. But, with a $100 price drop on a Sonar Toothbrush, that has a battery life of more than six months. I tested this as well, I am a big fan of the insane waterproofing, the auto timer, all of the features, the whitening, the different brush modes, the sensitive friendly bristles and all of these incredible features that will not only make your mouth a much healthier place, but you can cut down on bacteria build up, over spending at the dentist and over paying for whitening treatments. Just purely based on how awesome this toothbrush happens to be. And in the Number One spot, a Pillow. Wait, wait, wait, what? I thought it would be a gaming deal or a TV? Yes, those deals will drop on Black Friday and we'll have them on my list.

But I don't know if you know this, this was the Number One deal on Prime Day. There's a new listing that just posted for this specific pillow. Which means, I don't know if you're gonna see any reviews for it. But, one of the most popular pillows in the country. It is designed with a Cool Technology, so the pillow stays cool all night long, giving you firm back, neck and shoulder support. I actually hosted a sleep series on Amazon, where I tore open all sorts of pillows, live on the website. I did the same thing right here on my TlcShoppe Website. And to score one of the most popular pillows in the country at half price, with a coolness, a supportive factor and a way to really make sure you can cut down on any future visits to a chiropractor, a physical therapist, or a massage therapist to elevate any of that tension in your back, neck or shoulders, and possibly help you stop snoring. This is good for side sleepers, back sleepers. (claps hands) And Black Friday bargain hunters as the Number One early Black Friday deal on Amazon. Now I know there are categories you didn't see here, like laptops, like Apple products which actually will be featured on Amazon this year. And some of the other Amazon made deals and other brands that you see on Amazon behind me.

Those deals simply aren't online yet. 'Cause it's not Black Friday yet. But I will tell you that with all the work I'm doing behind the scenes, I will get these deals to you early. That includes Bouws, that includes Dysan, that includes a few other brands that I'm very excited to show you for the first time on this Website. From Air Fryers, to Multi-Cookers. Cassoiree's gonna have some great brands. I have them all, and I will have them early on So make sure you're on that email list if you wanna win any of the items I feature. You know where to go. And more importantly, if there are items that you want to see me unbox right here, I'd love to do that for you. Drop me a line, leave me a comment. And until then, stay subscribed to this Website, I got you a hook up every day, not just Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you're not yet subscribed, click on my oversized head right here, that will subscribe you to the Website. If you need a turning on your notifications, or leaving a comment, click here, that last big round up of deals I did. (whistles) Right over here.
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