BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2019!

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BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2019!

The best Black Friday deals so far

What's going on guys to drive which consumer and it's that time of year again Black Friday is right around the corner as well as Cyber Monday and honestly there are deals happening right now and today we're gonna talk about all the best ones that I could find online so let's just jump right into it now the first we want to start off with our gaming consoles and we'll start with the Nintendo switch now the switch is that having a crazy sale it's the same thing as last year where you'll get a Nintendo strips for 300 bucks and a free copy of Mario Kart 8 deluxe now you're also getting the older switch model and you'll find this sale at like Target Game Stop those kind of stores they're pretty much everywhere but if you really want one of the newer Nintendo switches that have better battery life you're gonna want to look over at Walmart Walmart has it also for 300 bucks which you don't save anything but you do get a free copy of Minecraft so that's the one you want to go for

Walmart definitely has the best deal out of all the other retailers right now now if you're looking for a switch light you won't find many sales there they're still going for about 200 bucks I do believe Game Stop is offering a gift card if you pick one up from their stores on Saturday and Sunday so you want to keep an eye out for that if you want to you know get 25 bucks to spend inside a Game Stop now there are also some sales for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one which are actually pretty good deals but Before we jump into them I just want to remind you guys next year we're gonna be seeing new consoles so if you pick one up you're gonna definitely save some money but don't be mad when those new consoles drop next year to saying now when it comes to the PlayStation 4 you can actually get the slim for just 200 bucks instead of 250 and you can actually get a bundle which includes horizon zero dawn God of War and Last of Us remastered so that's three games and a Playstation 4 slim for 200 bucks which is a really really good deal now if you have a 4k TV and you really want to take advantage of it with the

PlayStation 4 Pro they have those on sell at Game Stop for 300 bucks and you can also get the Glacial white version for 300 but if you want to get a game with it you're gonna want to look at Best Buy Best Buy also has a 1500 bucks with a copy of call of duty modern warfare so that's a pretty good deal probably the best one I think but if you're looking for sale on the Xbox one you can find the Xbox one s one terabyte version this is the all digital version for 150 bucks and it includes for tonight minecraft and sea of thieves but if you don't want that off digital version you want to be able to use your disk you can get the Xbox one that's for 200 bucks and that also includes a copy of Jedi all in order so that's actually a pretty good deal but one that I really really like is the Xbox one X for 350 bucks now 350 bucks means you're saving a hundred and fifty dollars off of the console and it also includes NBA 2k at Gamestop but if you pick up that Xbox one X from Target instead of the NBA 2k you're gonna get Gears of War 5 and it also includes a free $40 gift card for Target so you can even get more stuff so

I feel like that's probably the best deal you'll find but if you don't happen to care about that $40 gift card from Target Best Buy is actually selling the Xbox one X Gears of War 5 Edition the special edition Xbox for the same price you get the copy of the game as well but you get this special beautiful console over here which comes with this console and the controller so this to me is I'd go for this now when it comes to controllers you'll be able to find them for around 40 bucks whether it's for PlayStation 4 or Xbox one but you'll be able to find for 40 bucks so if there's like a special edition that you've been dying to get now it's probably the time they get them and that's across all these stores now when it comes to games you'll be able to find a ton of them on sale for around 30 bucks even cheaper which is actually a really big deal when it comes to these three consoles so you I'll have them listed down below so you guys can check them out if you're interested but that's something to keep an eye out for when you go into these

Black Friday sales lots of games are gonna be cheap now we got to talk about what usually gets people trampled on on Black Friday and that's TVs so now TVs are incredible prices you can get 4k televisions for like 300 bucks or less is absolutely insane so let's talk about some of the ones that we have right here Best Buy is having a Samsung 70 inch TV 4k for just 550 bucks you say 450 dollars it's typically 900 bucks that is an insane insane deal Samsung now this isn't one of their Q LED TVs but honestly who hairs when you got a 70-inch TV at 550 bucks you got to go for that now it's hard it you can find at CCL 65 inch TV 4k of course which has Roku built into it and a read in 24 refresh rate if you're gonna be doing your shopping over at Walmart Philips has a 65 inch TV for two hundred and seventy eight bucks now's a really really good time to get a 65-inch 4k TV man like now's the time target also has a 65 inch 4k Samsung TV for for $79.99 which is a pretty good deal so clearly there are tons and tons of options for 4k 65 inch TVs and smaller but

I'll have them all listed down below so you guys can you know pick the one that suits you best now something that you might want to pick up to go alongside your TV is a sound bar you can get something for like 130 bucks from Samsung at Target which is a really good deal sound bars always enhance your viewing experience the audio quality just is leagues better than what you can get on a television so definitely worth looking into I'll have some of my favorite sound bars that I find on sale listed down below in the description and I'm gonna have more things tonight list in this article down below in the description so as time goes on and I find more deals I'll have that list updated so that you guys can make sure you're getting more than what I'm even mentioning in today's article now let's talk about headphones and surprisingly beats by dre is having tons of sales now you can get the Beats Studio 3 Wireless you can get that instead of three hundred and fifty bucks you can find it for just 200 bucks at

Best Buy Target also has it on sale for $70 off but that's not anything compared to the 150 that you're getting off from Best Buy so definitely look there if you want to pick up a pair of Beats Studio wireless threes a person like those I think they sound pretty good and they have that w1 chip in it so it pairs really well with Apple products or if you have an iPhone or anything like that it's gonna pair very easily it's gonna sync up very nicely so I think that one's actually a pretty good deal the beats solo 3 Wireless are also on sale at Walmart for 70 bucks off making them 130 bucks and the last beats headphones that we're gonna talk about here are the power beats 3 Wireless that are going for 90 bucks instead of the 2 huh that they typically go for so that's 110 dollars off so that's more than 50% this is actually a really really solid by getting a pair of power beats through wireless for under 100 bucks nah that's a good deal and you can find that at

Best Buy now let's say you don't want something from beats you want something from a brand like Sony Sony's actually selling their whch 700 n noise cancelling headphones for also 89 bucks which is typically $200 but you get 110 dollars off and that is also at Best Buy so that one actually you have those and I definitely think that for 90 bucks that's a good deal honestly like me and Jay were just talking about it that's buy and wama have the best deals right now like they're trumping everybody else especially especially Best Buy so if you're gonna go shop anywhere those two are where you want to look first and Best Buy it's also got the air pods - for about 140 so if you want to save $20 off you've been dying to buy some air pods they've got $20 savings there and if you want to get the one with the wireless charging case you could save $35 there and that one goes for about 165 I'm probably one of the bigger deals that you can get here is the WH 1000 X Mark threes for two hundred and eighty bucks now they typically go for three hundred and fifty and they're probably one of the best bluetooth headphones that you can buy right now with active noise-cancelling they sound great they're just around the board they're an awesome pair of headphones you can ask anyone who owns it so a $70 off it's not a bad deal either now if you're looking for a gaming headset for your

PC the logitech g930 3 Artemis is actually on stuff for just 80 bucks instead of 200 at Newegg there's also the g6 33 Artemis for 60 bucks so you got some Logitech headsets for well under $100 which actually is a pretty good deal now if you're looking for deals on Apple products you can get the iPad 10.2 inch seventh-generation for just 250 bucks that is the 32 gigabyte model version so you're gonna be on the lower end of storage you can also get the Apple read series 3 over at Walmart for $40 off making 130 bucks which is actually a pretty good deal and it comes with the sport band 38 millimeter and you can also get the MacBook Air 13.3 inch with touch ID for $200 off over at Best Buy and that's why it also has IMAX on sale right for $200 off up to $200 off guys but there are some Apple products on sale along with like those air pods we mentioned earlier now there are also some iPhones on sale like the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 11 and there are actually special sales where if you're going for a monthly payment plan they actually decreased a monthly amount which will total up to like up to one hundred and fifty dollars off depending on the carrier I'll have them listed out in the description to see which ones you guys want to go for if you're looking for

AT&T; Verizon or Sprint I'll have them all listed out they've got some pretty decent deals there where you're only gonna have to spend like up to $25 a month if you want like something like the iPhone 11 and the pixel 4 is actually on sale as well you can get the pixel 4 XL instead of starting at $1000 you can get that first $7.99 so $200 savings and if you want to get the regular pixel 4 instead of paying 800 bucks you're looking at 600 so it's also $200 savings if only the pixel came at that price from the starter to be a more intriguing buy and these you can also get on sale in various places right now I'm seeing it over at B&H; now let's also talk about cameras the sony alpha a6000 is on sale for 598 so it's basically 600 bucks instead of a thousand bucks you say $400 and it also comes with a 16 to 15 millimeter lens as well as a 55 to 210 millimeter lens and you get some free accessory kits that's over at B they have tons of bundles on sale off all the time so I'll have them down below in the description now something that I feel like you guys have to know about is this Netgear Nighthawk router is the a x4 it's a

Wi-Fi 6 router Wi-Fi 6 is the future trust me and this thing is only going for a hundred bucks so if you need a solid router Netgear always makes great routers but if this being a Wi-Fi 6 compatible router makes it a must-have there's a lot of PC stuff on sale and I don't know everyone's into PC stuff I'm gonna have listed all in the description there's a lot of stuff going on at Newegg AMD processors going on sale gaming chairs Chromebooks on sale for just like a hundred bucks so these are all things you're gonna want to look out for in the description guys hopefully you enjoyed this article cuz I think we're gonna call it rap right here you guys need to get to buying and if you guys come across any sales that you didn't see me mention or have in the description let everyone else know let help out the community let them know where they can find nice inexpensive stuff on sale for Black Friday but hopefully you guys found this article useful if you did bring you the cool guy or girl that gives it a thumbs up and

I'm gonna catch you guys in the next one Black Friday man it's the time to buy.
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