BEST Black Friday Deals of 2019 HUGE SAVINGS!

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BEST Black Friday Deals of 2019 HUGE SAVINGS!

No all right dude this oh I just saw that I think I peaked a little bit I peaked I saw the I saw the price I know I saw the prize again can I open this one first I gotta start with a big one oh okay guys I am really excited to make this article so I thought it would be cool to put together the ultimate Black Friday article so we reached out to be an H and said hey would you give us early access to some of the Black Friday deals that are going on right now and they said sure all you have to do is sign this 100 page nd and I said okay we're gonna do it now to add a little bit more of an element of surprise I said you know what I don't want to know what these deals are so Connor and B&H; kind of work together to put together some of the best deals that are happening right now now if you want to say up to date make sure to follow me on instagram and also Twitter I will be posting more deals did you guys see that right now did you see that quick flash so what's going on is randomly throughout the article

I will be giving away over $200 in gift cards from B&H; photo and all you have to do is literally pause the article check out that code and then go to the bean age photo website if you are the first one you can save even more money so without further ado let's go ahead and begin the big one is previously discussed sir okay I genuinely do not know what's inside so inside here there's a price I'm gonna move this aside I'm not kidding you my heart's like racing right now it's exciting alright would s1r oh okay you know the sad part is I can't keep this feel like it's mine but it's not really good we have to deploy unwrap this so the Lumix s1r it's on sale all right I'm not gonna open it I know you guys want to know the price well let's just get down okay was three know what three thousand six hundred ninety seven that's the was price it is now $1,800 $1,800 with 12 cents No 50 percent alright guys so I was just told that the Panasonic s1r Black Friday deals are for the ones that are open box now they also told me that these are open box in other words customers maybe wanted to check it out they are not used so they are literally brand new it was just something like maybe they just wanted to take a look they opened them up so they have to discount them so they are like

I said they're literally brand new I checked it out everything looks solid but I need to disclose that so that you guys know that these are considered open box even though technically like brand-new collection oh give this a sec make sure you start off with the the bag okay we'll start off with the bag alright this is a sense okay okay so this is for the audio people out there what is this this is oh the Yeti got you so this is the yet I'll put it this way so the top ten can see it Yeti USB microphone so this is a set you're gonna get everything that you see here right Connor okay so now here's the pricing I don't want to show the pricing just yet so put this aside so you get the Yeti blue microphone and then what's this this must be I'm gonna take you guys maybe a stand or something let's say I love opening up these gifts again I'm really sad I can't keep these oh I was right okay cool so you get a stand actually so we're actually using one right now like this so this is funny good stand to section broadcast arm alright alright so you get this next thing oh nice okay so here we go so you get the stand you get the Yeti blue microphone and then you get the shock mounts all for the low price of here we go so it was three hundred and $14.95 and now it's two hundred dollars 199 95 so pretty good deal

I think and yeah if you're looking for a good audio setup you have your stand your or your microphone arm and also the shock mount it's a pretty good deal already the next 100 this is the one I wanted to open this one this is kind of heavy okay so put the price aside I like this I really do okay so I'm gonna open it from behind get its little seat nice okay so we have another camera we have a nikon d750 very cool let's get this crapping out of the way all right so look at the price whoa okay okay was 1690 $6.95 is 990 $6.95 so that's under $1000 brand new nikon d750 keep them coming dude go did you guys see that Oh another Black Friday deal make sure to go back check that out snagged yourself a code guys those codes earn well sorry I peeked at the price okay it's okay Pete that the price alright here it goes so this is oh this is great again I don't know what's inside these boxes so this is good that a lot more another camera so this is the eos m v really good camera by the way with the lens - this is the kit lens and this is the 24 15 to 45 image stabilized really great starting package to be looking for a good camera now this one's already priced pretty low i think so it was

899 i think it's a great deal already but it is now five hundred and forty nine dollars so i really think this is a great starter camera so if somebody in your family or a friend or anybody that you want to gift this to or even yourself if you're looking to get into photography for literally a little over five hundred dollars with a lens i think this is a really good or really solid deal so yeah awesome we got nikon we have Panasonic and out tanning Happy Holidays Armando Thank You Ruth all right next one this one's kind of light I'm gonna take a guess maybe another audio Prime my desk oh let's put this price tag over here hey young peek don't peek don't stop oh cool Bose oh I love these actually I have a pair of these not in pink though they also come in black these are limited edition these are really good okay so these are the flight Comfort 3/5 - okay so what is the price the new price that is so it was 349 yes I remember two hundred and forty-nine dollars so if you're looking for a good pair of headphones for $250 again they also come in black these are really solid I really I can highly recommend these because I own a pair already Armando kit price set aside okay I know what

I almost want this to be a article game that's create if it's a article game No okay okay it just feels like the old-school article game boxes I don't know okay what's inside oh nice okay Sennheiser MKE 400 so big fan of Sennheiser in fact the microphone that you're hearing this audio is from sennheiser we literally just use a lot of sennheiser products I'm not familiar too much with this one the MKE 400 but it looks like a very small nice shotgun microphone I'd say this is good for like the 863 a six to five hundred little more run-and-gun in fact I don't care what you say B photo I'm keeping this one I want to try this out so what's the price what was the old price whoa even at the original price of 199 95 that the new price in 99 95 I'm sorry just how to get to 100 bucks I'm keeping this one in fact I'm gonna buy it because I think this is interesting I didn't even know about this very small portable mic like I said this is great for vlogging if you guys want to take a look at that I'm keeping this one in fact I'm gonna open it up oh that s1 are under a thousand mm Wow now Mickey

I'm making my own decision no seriously dude the s1r under 2000 I have to say that's probably the deal of the day but I gotta show some love for this canon eos m 5 if you getting into a photography or even article I think this is a great starter camera in fact all of these part products are fantastic personally for me if I had to pick one I don't know I'm kind of leaning towards this one I like the MKE 400 mainly because I always like to find those smaller microphones and this kind of does it for me now the deals don't stop there guys there are more in fact I literally just got more right now they were sent to me so if you guys follow me on Instagram or even Twitter I will be posting more there and you know what why don't we just post another gift card just for fun right here yeah you see that right there so the first person to go to the BH website right now and punch in that code will get that extra discount guys check out the latest merch on the

WEBSITE links down below to all of these products and also the merch my name is Armando thanks again for reading you guys we'll catch you in the next one adios happy holidays.
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