Best Black Friday 2019 Nintendo Switch Bundle AVAILABLE NOW?

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Best Black Friday 2019 Nintendo Switch Bundle AVAILABLE NOW?

The year has flown by Thanksgiving is a week away and that means that Black Friday is almost upon us we're wrapping up the year in terms of new releases so maybe it's time for you to start focusing on what you want to snipe for a discount when the big sales roll around we already talked about Best Buy and Target which do have some really good deals especially on first party titles I'll put a link to that article in the description down below if you want to see what they're gonna have on offer but we've got some new information today and I wanted to update you and get your plans ready and get your expectations in check and so you can know that the best switch bundle is already available right now what's going on buddy it's sacrum switch force hit that like but if you are excited for

Black Friday and let me know in the comments down below what you're hoping to grab a game more controllers maybe a new switch as I mentioned many times there really aren't many deals on the consoles themselves the switch light we'll see no discount Furukawa said it's not gonna see a discount for a long time price drops are not something they're even considering right now and the regular switch isn't seen much of a discount either it's the same bundle from last year where you get the og launched a switch for $300 and it comes in with Mario Kart 8 deluxe digitally a download code it's not the v2 switch that's the better battery life but right now Walmart does have a bundle that's kind of a pre black friday bundle for $2.99 which does give you the v2 switch and it gives you minecraft for free now

I'm sure most of you have played minecraft before but it's a pretty solid port on the switch it's a $30 game so it's basically like getting minecraft for free with your switch or it's like getting your switch for 270 dollars and it's the v2 switch whereas all the other retailers are going to have the Mario Kart 8 deluxe bundle with the v1 switch now on the exterior and for most people it won't matter whether it's a v1 or v2 switch but if you want to ensure that you do have the newest version that does have a bit of a battery life boost then the v2 switch is the switch for you and previously Mario Craig deluxe was a $60 game so it was like hey that's still not a bad bundle on that og switch it's saving you $60 but redick deluxe has dropped in price since and been on sale very often in fact it will be on sale on

Black Friday for $30 making minecraft and Mario Cart deluxe effectively the same price and therefore the same discount so if you're considering a switch or you want one for Christmas maybe link your favorite illative to this Walmart deal that is currently available now no idea how long it'll last probably while supplies last but it's a solid one in a year where the console isn't really going on sale Walmart is actually where we're gonna spend more time because their black friday Ad has come out and it's got some pretty cool switch deals especially on the games side of things now we've seen a lot of these deals at Best Buy and Target already specifically target since they seem to have the best game prices right now but there's some original sales here as well so on the $30 shelf we've got super mario party mario tennis aces ninokuni resident evil double pack zelda breath the wild super mario

Odyssey and splatoon two splatoon 2 is a nice special at $30 phenomenal game any of the first party titles for 30 is to me awesome because it's the lowest I think they've ever been and it's incredible because Nintendo usually keeps these things evergreen meaning they're staying at 60 for years and years and here we are a couple years into the lifecycle and for some of these games just a year after their release and they're down to 30 that's half price on the $25 shelf we have a good assortment as well and quite a lot of variety at Walmart Crash Team Racing 425 is a great price Spyro reignited 425 also pretty nice I mentioned that crash was 20 last year that the insane trilogy so I kind of wish Spyro had hid that price it doesn't seem like it's gonna dip that far but you've also got Final Fantasy 10 and 10 - final fantasy 12 Diablo 3 Just

Dance super Dragon Ball Heroes world mission and zombie land and Street outlaws I'm not really sure what either those games are obviously zombie land is based on the recent novi but $3 you can probably pass on but you know Crash Team Racing spy realm maybe even overread if you want to get hyped and ready for overread - at some point in 2020 or 20 21 but honestly I like the $30 shelf more than I like the $25 shelf but I really like that Walmart is dipping real low with the 20 and $15 shelves here you can see they're also advertising that $2.99 Mario credit deluxe bundle so they'll have that in stores if you want crash insane trilogy is 20 again this year Mario Plus perhaps is 20 again this year it's a lot of familiar faces Sonic Team Racing or team sonic racing rather is 20 you've got

Ninja Warrior for 20 and the paw patrol game for 20 Friday the 13th interesting inclusion if you've been waiting on that and want to get in on that action it's 20 at Walmart they've got a $15.00 shop which I actually may like to raid because there's a lot of Lego games and I think at that price point they're pretty awesome putting lego movie to Lego DC villains lego jurassic park or the Lego Harry Potter collection onto your switch for $15 and getting the physical case and cartridge pretty awesome I like that price point it's almost a stocking stuffer price point and would make a great present for a younger sibling a great present for a girlfriend or boyfriend a great present for any switch owner and you can get them pretty darn cheap Assassin's Creed 3 is an interesting one comes bundled with liberation and while I'm not a fan of ubisoft porting very old

Assassin's Creed games to switch and not even looking and running all that great $15 just like a tempting buy to have some Assassin's Creed on the go I think that price is pretty nice they also have carnival games which is just oh okay so Walmart coming in with a lot of similar deals to target in particular and a lot of similar deals to years past with things like crash insane trilogy and the ever $20 Mario Plus Ravitz Kingdom battle when are they gonna come out with their next project their next game it better be an e3 2020 joint but they also have some original ones I like the $15 shelf and I'm just amazed that $30 is where so many first party major titles are it's a great way for you to build out your library especially if you're a newer switch owner and weren't around for the launches of breath of a while there

Mariana see even tennis aces or Super Mario Party one game that is notably absent from all sales lists Super Smash Bros Altman it's no surprise because the game is a stellar seller and it continues to be profitable and prominent given its DLC release schedule but there's literally no discount on that game and it did come out a full year ago so I thought maybe we'd see one - I'm also surprised that Pokemon let's go isn't more involved here given that the new Pokemon came out and maybe you could encourage customers to double-dip with a really good price but there's still Gamestop and probably more sales Amazon as well to report on will definitely have a best sales of Black Friday article for you the top deals for the day coming out soon once we get all the information just want to wait to make sure it is comprehensive rather than jumping the gun so stay tuned for that hit that like button if you enjoyed the article let me know what you're hoping to grab on

Black Friday and until next time everybody thanks so much for reading hope you're enjoying your pokemon playing on this chilly fall night and until next time switch force out.
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