Best Black Friday 2019 HEADPHONE DEALS! (AirPods, Beats, Bose + More)

Best Black Friday 2019 HEADPHONE DEALS! (AirPods, Beats, Bose + More) Black Friday 2019 headphone deals available now AirPods Pro, Beats, Jabra, Sony, JBL on sale (just updated) Will AirPods be on sale during Black Friday Does Apple have Black Friday deals How much are AirPods on Black Friday Will AirPods go on sale Will Apple have Black Friday deals Will AirPods be on sale for Black Friday Does Amazon have Black Friday deals Will AirPods go on sale black friday headphone deals 2018 black friday headphone deals 2019 black friday 2019 headphones best headphones 2019 headphone deals amazon noise cancelling headphones deals black friday deals sony wh-1000xm3 black friday

Best Black Friday 2019 HEADPHONE DEALS! (AirPods, Beats, Bose + More)

Black Friday 2019 headphone deals available now: AirPods Pro, Beats, Jabra, Sony, JBL on sale (just updated)

From Airpods to Bose, Beats by Dre, gaming headphones and earbuds you won't believe. I have your best Black Friday headphone deals 2019, and they're coming right up. (music) Plus, I'm going to give you your opportunity to score any of these deals for free. Hello, I am the TlcShoppe deal guy, Matt Granite from, I have your advance notification of all of the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals 2019. A reminder, that I do this everyday, not just the holiday season. Saving money all year can be really fun, so please feel free to subscribe to this Website on right now. If you are on my email list, you also have the chance to be part of my live draws, where I'm giving away an iPhone 11 Pro, and in today's case, headphones. Because every item I test now gets given away for free to the awesome subscribers of this Website. Okay, okay, okay, let's go. On right now, I'm gonna show you some headphone deals.

We're gonna do some screengrabs, I'm gonna show you what to get, when. Before we get to that, just a quick note about the Airpods, and the Airpod Pro on Black Friday. The Airpod Pro will have a slight reduction, nothing to go crazy about. The Airpods will, and I have that deal link on Matt's Daily Deals, just while I'm recording this article right now, those deals are not yet active. Okay, let me show you the deals, and then I'm gonna show you a couple of my favorites. Head over to, and that annoying pop up is actually your friend. If you want freebies, enter you name, your email address, I will not only notify you of deals as they drop, but I make the announcement of who has won what deal in my daily email newsletter. So, not only are you saving money, but you're scoring freebies. You see, my most recent deals categorized at the top, which includes the best headphone deals of the holidays, which takes us to two huge deals and then several things I'm going to share with you right now. Let's start with gaming headphones.

One brand to keep an eye on through the entire holiday season, is Razer. They're not paying me to talk about them, this is not a sponsorship show, I'm just letting you know that they are reduced. I do is affiliate links, which means I may benefit monetarily by a few cents from your purchase. The other brand to really keep an eye on, if you want them, are Bose headphones. Keep in mind, though, the Bose deals that we see during the holiday season still make these many of the priciest headphones on the market. I love Bose, I love Sennheiser, I don't love the prices, and even with these Black Friday prices, that you can see some of right now, I do wanna notify you that you're still paying $129.00 right now for a pair of wired headphones. That's a bit of joke. The wireless headphone deals tied to Bose will also be reduced, but again, there's a premium applied to this brand and I will get to in a moment. My favorite pairs of headphones, the Bose SoundSport wireless headphones, again, nice reductions we will see on Black Friday. These will be as low as 99, but you are paying for a pair of headphones that still have this dangling wire, if you don't want that I'm gonna show you some really cool alternatives.

The Beats by Dre Solo wireless headphones are a great reduction, 299 down to 164.99. These prices will fluctuate on Black Friday. These are great headphones, my only complaint is these are not active noise cancellation headphones. If you wanna do that with Beats, you're paying at least double the price you're gonna see, even with some reductions. So, please keep in mind, just because there's that beautiful Beats by Dre logo, you are not getting what I'm going to show you in a moment as my favorite bang for your buck. On the Beats by Dre EP headphones, which are also wired, and again an outdated technology no one really wants, $84.99 down from 129. There are great deals, but they are not on the newest and best, which is why I have two other deals I wanna flag for you right now. If I had to pick two favorites for you, I'm going to go with Decibel, they are very popular audio line, where you can save $100 on active noise cancellation headphones, and then 50% off earbuds, which I think are a little bit better than the Beats ones that I've showed you a moment ago. Now, quick disclaimer to the regular subscribers of this Website, and I love you guys.

I know I did a piece not too long ago on Decibel headphones, you're gonna be like, "What, why are we seeing these again?" Well, if they were my favorite in September, they're still my favorite on Black Friday when they are at Black Friday pricing. My favorites haven't changed. You're my favorite, though. Okay, so the, that was creepy. The active noise cancellation headphones that I'm gonna hold up in my hands right now are $100 off, compared to the iDeaPLAY headphones, which I have right here. The design is very similar, I did a whole breakdown, like a dozen different pairs of headphones and I showed you why headphones like this that were gaming headphones were great and some of the ones I didn't like as much, and accessories and so on and craftsmanship. The Atomic headphones, I liked a lot, but these I stand by, based on the memory foam cushion around the ears. They're very comfortable, they're breathable, they're active noise cancellation. They've got a stupendous design. See, I didn't amazing, 'cause I know I say that too much. And I wanna show this to you up close. The Black Friday pricing of $100 off really does make this one of my top picks.

They pair beautifully with the new iPhone 11 Pro, for call quality they do have a built-in mic, but more importantly, if you fly often, this is a great grab. If you follow me on Instagram, where I'm the deal guy, you know it was not too long ago I enjoyed 14 hours of travel to Hawaii, they were both red eyes, and I love being able to block out both crying babies, not that I should speak, because I have one, but she doesn't really cry that much on flights. And the engine noise, because I happened to be sitting in not the best spot on the plane. This was a pair of headphones that really did a great job with that. And I am going to give a quick shout out to the 50% off Bluetooth earbuds with the charging case. I think that if you do want the Apple Airpods and you want those white things hanging out of your ear, that anyone can identify as a potential status symbol, go spend the 129, which I think will be the Black Friday pricing, slightly lower than that on the Airpods. But if you wanna spend $59, 'cause it's just a lot more friendly, get the same performance and a charging case, with a slightly better battery life, let me show this to you very quickly. The Decibel headphones have four days of charge. Four days.

When you incorporate the charging case, there's a quick recharge system built-in and a stand-by time of 80 hours. Really good recharge capabilities on this, plus good noise isolation technology, which means if you have a very busy background, caller can hear your voice over background noise, and any earbud that I can put into my ear that's unobtrusive, that doesn't fall out, that's weighted, and that has a charge case for $59 is a great grab. The Airpod knock-offs, this time of year are complete pieces of junk. You'll notice that many of the reviews tied to those products are computer generated, they're not from real people or they're paid reviews. So, please keep in mind that during the holidays season reviews aren't everything, I am here to help you review those products. I'm also here to flag big, awesome, headphone deals., I do more follow up on the gaming headphones, 'cause I know I gloss over that quickly, but there's a lot to get to. The rest of my deals for Black Friday, TVs, laptops, gaming systems, Nintendo Switch, all the giveaways and all of the products, all waiting for you in I'm waiting for you, leave me a comment, let me know what else it is you want me to profile right here. I love price drops, I love you for reading.

If you're not subscribed, why don't you stick around. You can click on my oversize head right here, that will subscribe you to this Website. If you need help turning on your notifications or leaving a comment, click here. That last big round up of deals I did, right over here.
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