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Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Volante: Road Review | Carfection 4K

Aston Martin DBS Superleggera earns its wings with lovely Concorde Edition

Since the mid-1960s Aston Martin has applied the word Volante to various convertibles like spider it's a name taken from the world of the horse-drawn carriage but what does it actually mean well you might find that in both Italian and Spanish it translates as steering wheel so this is the DBS super light steering wheel it could be worse but it's a bit odd thankfully that's just the translation of Volante as a noun as an adjective it means flying a DBS super light flying much better the thing about the new DBS Volante is that it's very much a car of two halves this half is exactly the same as the coupe a whereas this half is where all the changes have happened chief amongst them being obviously that we now have a fabric roof and all the mechanism back here and that adds 100 kilos to the overall weight taking dry weight up to one thousand eight hundred and sixty three kilos the upside is that actually it's improved the weight distribution so whereas before it's fifty one forty nine in the

QP now it is perfectly 50/50 with that added weight over the rear they've obviously retuned to the rear suspension as well so the spring rate since difference have all gone up just a little bit front though as I say exactly the same aerodynamics will oversee the C duct it's no longer here because there's no C pillar so overall downforce has been compromised but only a fraction just three kilos of downforce lost which is pretty impressive in terms of design well they've worked extremely hard because of the repackaging that's gone underneath to keep these rear haunches as sculptural as they were before that has certainly been achieved because it looks absolutely fantastic but as good as it looks sitting still it arguably looks even better perhaps the most impressive performance stat about this Villante is not that it'll do nought 62 miles an hour and 3.6 seconds all that it'll do nought to 100 miles an hour in just 6.7 seconds but that it'll do 211 miles an hour flat out with the roof down that's also something I can't demonstrate today because we have to be in one of the twistiest pieces of

Road in Europe it's just is no straights at all it's absolutely spectacular in case you're wondering these serpentine roads are in an area of Spain called the Pradas Mountains just inland from the coastal city of Tarragona near Barcelona almost empty and beautifully surfaced this is sort of place you dream of driving miss Gracie there are a few other changes that have been made to this car that will actually filter through to the Cooper as well principle among them has been a change to the brake booster calibration just to make them slightly less grabby because a few people have complained about that in the coupe a certainly feel good now and got huge carbon stoppers on the car 410 millimeter diameter discs on the front and Aston is always actually done I think some of the best brakes in terms of feel when you're into the pedal travel the big question of course when you take the roof off any COO pays well how has it affected structural rigidity can you feel that shake and shudder and the answer is well yes you can feel the odd tremor but crucially it doesn't feel like it's affecting precision around the car at all so in terms of torsional stiffness this is 22 kilonewtons as opposed to the coupe a which is 34 kilonewtons so it's kind of keepers got 50% more torsional stiffness but

I don't think it's something that you're really going to worry about to say it doesn't seem to impact upon how the car feels in terms of precision and in a way I just think the whole car feels almost happier as a Volante anyway we've got the same number of modes so three modes for things like throttle response and the engine and the gearbox and the exhaust as you can hear and then on the other spoke of the wheel we have the dampers both in three modes GT Sport and Sport Plus haven't done a huge number of miles on it yet but already it feels like sports in both dampers and the calibration of the engine gave us an exhaust feels like the one to have sport class possibly on this one here as well because it just adds a bit more weight to the steering which is very nice it's amazing it at lower speeds do you get wonderful noise from this 5.2 liter turbocharged v12 and it doesn't sound very turbocharged at all when you're sort of it anything up to six seven tenths beyond that you do start to get then while turbo you can just hear the whistles and chops from the targa a raw but it is a glorious soundtrack its graph and basing were hourly in a way that something like the v12 in a Ferrari or even that makini is in there more sort of more race honed war on a harder aged

I suppose but this somehow fits the muscular looks of this car terms of the buffeting it's strange because this is something Aston I've noticed in the past has done really well I remember a vantage converse will driving that around with all the windows down and being amazed by how serene it was and he's nice to be able to drive with all the windows down in the convertible get the most out of it as Ferrari doesn't do a drop-top version of the 812 superfast unless you include the limited-edition sp1 sp2 perhaps the only true rival to the 247,000 500-pound Volante is something like the McLaren 720s Spyder which certainly has the performance but also has a surprising level of GT light usability and comfort however as I've convertible the Aston still has its fellow Brit licked because with its buttresses and low seating position the McLaren feels more like a Targa than a true convertible whereas the DBS really does give you that unencumbered open-top feeling the interior it's a nice place to be I have to say it is feeling a little bit old already but the lashings of optional carbon fiber have gotten here things like the steering wheel and the paddles do lift it a bit talking in the paddles

I've never really noticed it before but it's just because these ones are in carbon-fiber but they do seem to be as though somebody's taken a really good looker the Ferrari battles in terms of throw but then very much they're like Lamborghini ones in terms of the slowly angular design of them and there's a sort of melding of those two Italian somehow with a little bit of a stand thrown as well not a bad thing at all the gearbox say control is still a ZF 8-speed it's fair to say it's not quite as sharp as the design of the paddles it mostly does a very decent job but it lacks the crispness of a dual clutch and you learn that it's often better to hold gear and lean on the talk but somehow that fits with how the DBS wants to be driven in general for me the DBS has never been about being absolutely sort of supercar scalpel sharp it's only has the performance in a straight line all that huge amount of torque 664 pounds footer though certainly means the straightline performance during the corners is pretty epic but it just as a character of a car it feels like a definitely Super GT perhaps with the emphasis slightly more GT and taking the roof off plays to those strengths so well you can feel the weight in this car when you start pushing on you just get a bit of bobbing of the nose it occasionally just scuffs if you're really pushing hard as

I say this is not Oh Rea twelve territory in terms of how sharp that feels it's not unpleasant and you can say well lovely balance to it it was definitely a sort of stride that this gets into where it feels happiest and the nice thing is though if you do push it it's a car that yes you can feel the weight in it but you can feel how it wants to be driven the steering is good is accurate but also feels really nicely weighted you have to be careful how you deploy all that talk if you do decide to turn everything off start to go a long way to the menus to find how to do that but it's nicely controllable for such a big car with quite a bit of weight no perhaps this isn't the last word in here dynamics if you want it's just a lovely car to be around it's a character that it's nice to spend time with the DBS Superleggera Volante isn't perfect and if you're not buying it for outright pace then you might question why it needs to exist when there is the perfectly good DB eleven Volante but this isn't a car you buy objectively you buy it because those looks and snare you the first time you catch sight of it and then the voice of the v12 seals the deal it has a glamour and romance about it that

I suspect would make even the dullest desi and little Sonia like that moment in an aeroplane when you fly above the clouds perhaps that's why it's called Volante.
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