Apple Card - Two Months Later Review!

Apple Card - Two Months Later Review! Is Apple Card worth it After 2 months, the answer is 'sort of' Does Apple card have annual fee Does Apple credit card check your credit What is APR Apple Is the Apple card free What is an Apple card used for How does an apple card work Is the Apple card free How do I get Apple card

Apple Card - Two Months Later Review!

Is Apple Card worth it? After 2 months, the answer is 'sort of'

Hey what's going on everyone Greg here and it's hard to believe that the apple cart has been out for about two months now and ever since my initial review of the Apple card Apple has actually added some updates and new information to the Apple card that wasn't present in my original review so for this article I wanted to go over what some of those changes were and just give you an updated perspective on what it's been like using the Apple card over the past two months first of all let's go over some preliminary information about the Apple card so of course everyone by this point probably knows that the Apple card has a reward system right now it currently offers one percent cashback every time you use your physical Apple card two percent cashback every time you use Apple pay and then three percent cashback every time you use it at an Apple Store or for an Apple service think of buying something on iTunes or for a subscription like Apple music or iCloud storage what has changed since my initial review of the

Apple card is that Apple has expanded the three-percent category to other merchants right now as of the making of this article the three percent cash back reward category has been expanded to places like Walgreens uber and t-mobile personally I think this makes the Apple card a much more attractive card the more merchants they get on board with this 3% cashback category the better this card is going to be now currently it seems like Apple is adding one new merchant around every month and they say they have plans to add even more merchants down the line so hopefully Apple keeps expanding the three-percent category and hopefully merchants don't kind of leave this list on other cards it seems like there's kind of a revolving door where you get these increase in percent cashback depending on the merchant right now it has held steady with Walgreens uber and t-mobile but who knows what the future will hold all I know is that I really hope Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks signs up soon for this 3% cash back reward category so I can start getting few percent

Awards on my coffee now what certainly is consistent about this experience is that all of these merchants to get this increased reward you need to use Apple pay and this has kind of been apple's mission statement with the Apple card aside from making a credit card they very much want you to be using and adopting Apple pay and I think that strategy has worked pretty well especially on me I know I probably wouldn't have used Apple pay in certain situations but because there is an increase in rewards now every time I go into a store even if I'm not sure that they use Apple pay I will kind of try and look at the credit card machine see if I can see the Apple pay symbol or in some instances I'll ask the merchant hey do you guys accept Apple pay because I really want that increase in 2% rewards rather than 1% with the physical card and that kind of goes hand-in-hand it also makes me less likely to use that physical Titanium Apple card which kind of stinks because the titanium Apple card is really cool but hey I guess that's why Apple released a titanium Apple read so now I can pay with either my titanium card or my titanium Apple read so either way

I'm paying with titanium so let's talk a little bit more about those rewards now is 3% 2% and one percent cash back a nice bonus yes but that's just what it is a bonus if you're spending money on your Apple card the reward system isn't going to change your life so for example if we take a look at my apple cart spending for this period it was apple season so I was spending a lot of money currently I have a balance of six thousand three hundred and eleven dollars and thirty cents right now if we look at my cash rewards we can see that it is one hundred and forty eight dollars and 21 cents again I do review technology on this website so I bought a couple of iPhones and an Apple read so that's why the spending is so high for this month but it's also one of the reasons why I have so much rewards cash especially because of that 3% cashback when shopping at the Apple Store and listen an extra one hundred and forty eight dollars is something I'm not going to complain about I'm very happy to have that extra cash sitting in my wallet again just to reiterate my previous point look at how much money

I had to spend to get this 148 dollars in rewards cash the reward system isn't suddenly going to change your life but it is a nice bonus to have now one of the things I do really enjoy about the Apple carts reward system is that getting these rewards is pretty much instant Apple calls this daily cash and it's really not daily because you do have to wait for the payment to process but once the payments process and that usually takes about one full day the reward cash is instantly available to use on your Apple Wallet this loads into an Apple cash card and because it's in an Apple cash card in your Apple wallet that means you can instantly use it with Apple pay so that reward system is pretty flexible in what you can do with it so you can either spend it instantly once you get your rewards you can send it over to your bank and save it up there or you can even send it off to friends through messages another experience with using the

Apple card is that this all takes place in the wallet app and the app is designed pretty well now one of the things it does do is that it gives you a bunch of different categories that are color-coded the different categories include yellow for shopping orange for food and drinks purple for services green for travel blue for transportation pink for entertainment and red for health you can see the spending and either a weekly or monthly chart and you can also see this reflected on the apple cart inside of the app it will change color depending on which categories you purchase from overall while I like the weekly and monthly spending charts I find them pretty helpful engaging just how much I've been spending I don't really think the color-coded categories are that helpful the color coding hasn't impacted the way that I use my Apple card so for example I'm usually just buying groceries which is the orange category or I'm just usually buying something that's in the shopping category which seems to be a pretty broad category there's a few entertainment charges and sometimes a health charge but sometimes that can be Mis categorized as well for example

I bought a can of whipped cream at Walgreens and they put that under the health category spending I don't think whipped cream is a health item of course in this app you can also see what you purchase for this month as well as previous months now another thing in this app is actually where you go to pay off your Apple card balance during the unveiling of the Apple card Apple's mission statement was actually to help consumers by helping them avoid fees and interest charges on the fees front Apple is accomplishing this by not charging you any sort of late fee or really any fees in general however that doesn't mean that you can't just pay your card if you don't pay your card by the due date you will continue to accrue interest now I actually had a few comments in my previous apple card articles about how credit cards work some people thought that you would automatically be charged interest even if you paid your balance off in full that's not how it works so let me run you through an example let's say you spend $100 this month if your due date is on the 30th and you pay off all

$100 by the 30th you will not be charged anything extra it's like you were paying with cash there's no additional fees or additional interest now let's say you don't pay off the full $100 let's say you make a minimum payment of $25 or let's say you don't make the payment at all that's when you will start to be charged interest and that can keep growing over time and apples interest rates for their credit card is actually pretty high so when I signed up for the Apple card I got an interest rate of twenty three point nine nine percent and that's by far the highest of any credit card I own however after two months my interest rate has actually lowered just a little bit to twenty three point seven four percent now this is a variable interest rate so again it could go even lower than that and I wonder as I keep using my Apple card if it will continue to go lower or if it might sneak back up to that twenty three point nine nine percent area however even though apples interest rates are high they do a great job of encouraging you to pay off the full balance every month that's because when you go to pay your

Apple card it defaults to the full amount payment where a lot of other credit cards usually default to the minimum payment it's a small change but it's a behavioral change making you think paying the full amount balance is normal rather than paying just the minimum which is what a lot of people do with their credit cards you can pay less than the full amount of course and as you do this Apple clearly states how much interest you will be charged this is the first and only credit card that I've ever owned that actually gives you this information in really crystal clear plain text most other cards just give you your percentage rate and if you wanted to find out how much interest you were going to be charged by making a payment that wasn't the full amount you would just have to do the math manually overall through a combination of encouraging you to pay the full amount and giving you ample warning of your interest charges when you're not paying the full amount Apple has lived up to its mission statement of encouraging consumers to pay less interest another big selling point with the

Apple card is security and privacy the Apple card does this in a few ways so for example the physical card actually has no card number on it all that information lives on your phone if your Apple card has ever lost or stolen it is incredibly easy to change those numbers through the app and because that card number is tied virtually to your iPhone and not necessarily the credit card itself that makes the interruptions of losing or someone stealing your credit card information a lot better so for example you could continue to make online purchases because you have the card number on your phone and you can continue to use the Apple card through Apple pay the Apple card also does a great job at customer service because a lot of this is done through the messages app on your iPhone so one day I saw a charge I didn't recognize the customer service on the messages and walk me through the steps to make sure that I made this purchase and low and behold I actually did make the purchase it was for an iPad for this website there was no fraud or anything like that but contacting customer service was definitely a easy and painless process

I also want to update you on the physical Apple card's durability itself because when the Apple card was released Apple released a care guide for the credit card and they included some things like maybe a leather wallet could stain the Apple card well after two months of living inside my leather wallet I don't see any signs of staining on the Apple card however my Apple card was recently dropped on a restaurant floor and you can see that on the side of it there is a small chip in the titanium okay so after two months of using the Apple card is it better than every other credit card out there actually I would say it is but it's better in very very small ways all of these little things like how Apple implements its reward system how you can contact customer service how you manage your apple cart through the app all of those little things combined with apples focus on security and privacy make me prefer using my Apple card more than any other credit card

I own and I really like apples mission statement of never charging a late fee and encouraging users to pay off the full balance or warning them with what sort of interest charges they would accrue if they don't pay the full balance however there are still some negatives for example the only way to pay your Apple card is through an iPhone or an iPad with no easily accessible web interface although Apple encourages you to pay your balance in full the Apple card still has pretty high interest rates the Apple card is also limited to you so you couldn't get a second Apple card to give to a family member and I think the 1% cash back on the physical Apple card is a little bit too low I would really like to see that be raised to at least 1.5 percent but for me I think the positives far outweigh those negatives for the Apple card and I would be really interested to hear what you think have you signed up for an Apple card have you been using it how have you been enjoying the experience or if you haven't signed up for an Apple card let me know in the comments below as a side note if you got to the end of this article you probably like my articles which means you might also enjoy a podcast done by me and I recently just launched a podcast with my friend Travis MCP

I will leave a link to that podcast down in the description below I would be really thankful to you if you gave it a listen and left us some feedback alright hopefully this article helped you out if it did make sure you give me like if you want to see more from my website make sure you're subscribed and as always thank you so much for reading and I will see you all in the next article take care everyone.
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