Addressing 5G security and privacy concerns - DC5G

Addressing 5G security and privacy concerns - DC5G 5g security risk 5g security standards 5g security threats 5g security benefits 5g security issues pdf overview of 5g security challenges and solutions 5g security cisco 4g vs 5g security

Addressing 5G security and privacy concerns - DC5G

But how is privacy going to be ensured and then related there is always lawful government interception and risk of other compromise of data so always compromise but the question is doesn't that mean realistically that everyone should encrypt everything that transcends whether it be a workers who I wanna meet area tension to be hacked so you guys can address that data security so because I think that what we're doing here understanding when they're building was talking about a 5g the specifications are being worked out 3gpp for all the things within that in transit is the the historical networks like the 2g 3G data center for changes and going forward reading all that will be computed we also store data arrests encrypted so there's a lot of different components of best practices our company and other companies within the wireless industry so

I do believe that we treat it as if every true piece of day we have to protect the tools that we've done and five to use we work with the specifications to ensure that over the airport is home that's all as well as you are corrected that there is one sentence before the idea of interfaces between say servicing information stores interface system because then privacy laws emergency okay they're the ones who provide the regulatory guidance as to what those information services happening from service are kinda brings the privacy question for play well the FTC takes practice takes that action so what we as an industry wanna see and that's all the words get work partners is we want to see consistency in any kind of diabetes or regulation and legislation because one of those dangerous things a wonderful thing for restiveness wearing m/l is the basic tenets of privacy laws because that's one more partisan others different privacy and security are super sir each other if you are asking for privacy and security of - something something is wrong we not know what's going on so it's a very good balancing act set that now if we look at private e to the power to fight you want to be different from the for

G is literally the components that networked like t-mobile and other carriers the service application providers like in social media and I am the websites will be shopping and there will be a consumer so right now what happens is the consumer is not everyone at work there is possible exchange the mechanism of exchanging that the catalyst passes that information to the application so right now there is no basically communication between the network and application so for in 5g that will change drastically it will be a triangle but everything everything will be with every party it will not just be the fight regime in the geography panic carbonara pasta Association but you know we're the government's not known for being involved right and then it's certainly the criticism of government cuts over trying to address some of these issues industry doesn't maybe have right incentives individuals who don't change their passwords from the factory issuing password our job to secure their networks or their data so where does a responsibility file

We need to make sure that these methods are safe right need to see your past but everything is to check the balance so for example let me speak specifically to by G with the list of the set that we have envisioned you can imagine your name it's like a soda can networks are the strong you know whoever is the whatever country in certain country as looks over the straw sucking you know your data sucking up your financial institutions so if there is nothing one that college is a network of security so the piece that we have is the end and equipment piece so it literally no and that's the only way to do it because to have to worry about people change your password you're wearing all these different places where the actual breaches are happening class service levels where the network itself so what you'd be where the towers are 5g powers that great character that's where the security devices be and as well as on insanity so that way there is an interception which monitor interception by so when it's a path misra 4G 5g accident there's

Cleveland and encryption but we tend to make it around that for clearly okay because if it's fully encrypted from the device all the way to the phone network which is doing that let's say let's say you're roaming Colombian law enforcement interested in for somebody's if it's encrypted from their device all the way back to Colombia complete doesn't work okay the only way that would work is if that key was exchanged by that carrier in Colombia for you locally here and in that case you know your friend according would say hey somebody's tapping into your phone so there's certain things within the standards that have to take into account the complexity not them but also which do promise us to do we get the right access and all that so those types of things otherwise the encryption is across from that Tower yes plus if I changed my access that's a totally different nail so I think the 5g before that speakers we're talking about.
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