2021 Mustang Mach E electric SUV Pics, pricing and info LEAKED!

2021 Mustang Mach E electric SUV Pics, pricing and info LEAKED! electric suv 2020 electric cars 2021 future electric cars 2020 2021 suvs what electric cars are coming in 2020 future electric suv new electric cars 2020 rivian

2021 Mustang Mach E electric SUV Pics, pricing and info LEAKED!

Welcome back the real steal cars for another article and this one ranking news guys I know you've probably heard that there is a Mustang inspired electric SUV it sets debut at the LA Auto Show this coming weekend but there has been multiple forums now and things have leaked about the electric SUV named the Mach II Mach II is the official name that they are using for the SUV and it is a beast these are the pictures leaked of the Mach II SUV Mustang inspired it just looks really cool I don't know what your first thoughts are drop your comments down below what your first thoughts are mine

I love this thing I think it looks really cool it definitely you can see the Mustang all over it the front grille the headlights all you know remind me of a Mustang the taillights obviously we're taking straight off the Mustang it looked really really good I loved it it kind of a lot of the automakers are doing this now they're taking their sports cars and really molding an SUV around them Porsche is done at Lamborghinis done it Ferraris in the mix of doing it there's just a huge market for SUVs and performance SUVs because that's what I mean let's be honest that's the way the world is going but look at the look at this thing they're claiming zero to 60 can be up to mid threes it's in the three second range most of them are saying like 3.5 but of course that's if you get the top of the line model which is the GT model now there's other models going on let's just let's just start from the beginning

I'm getting a little getting a little carried away here getting a little excited so I'm just kind of reading things off my computer here as we go now the 2021 Mach II now this says it has a range of 300 miles now this also could depend on the model variant you get mid three-second range from top of the line there are others that will start alright well start the base price base price is forty-three thousand eight hundred ninety five dollars now that does not include the tax credit you will get federal tax credit all electric vehicles like this one is seventy five hundred dollars so that's pretty cool you will get $7,500 tax credit on that one and in the base model will come with 255 horsepower 306 pound-feet of torque in a rear-wheel drive models they just will come in rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive this model

The baseball will do a mid five second zero to sixty now if you get the all-wheel-drive bottle with those bump torque up to 429 from there you can bump up to a premium model which ranges from 255 horsepower to 333 horsepower torque also varies from 306 to 429 now the range on this one is slightly different it's two hundred and thirty to three hundred pending on I guess if you get all wheel drive rear wheel drive or anything like that zero to sixty also estimated in the mid to five second range and the base starting price for that will be fifty thousand six hundred now that again is before your tax credit because you're gonna get again tax credit on all of this they also have a California

Route one model which is two hundred and eighty-two horsepower 306 pound-feet of torque with an estimated range of 300 miles any mid six second range that comes with all-wheel-drive and 18-inch wheels now the quickest Mach II is the GT which has a starting price of sixty thousand five hundred dollars this is the one you're going to want this one has a mid three second zero to sixty all-wheel-drive 20-inch wheels and the estimated range for the charge on this one is two hundred and thirty five miles obviously it seems the higher you're going in performance the less you're less distance you're getting money or charge two hundred and thirty-five miles isn't bad it's not exceptional but it's not bad we also have a limited edition first run it says starting at fifty nine thousand five hundred this has

Three hundred and thirty three horsepower 429 pound feet of torque with an estimated range of 270 this one has a mid five second range all-wheel-drive 19-inch wheels now these are the variances you'll get if you opt for one you can put your orders in now by the way let me just throw that in there they are accepting orders now see that was the limited edition there are three exclusive exterior colors that will be offered along with a unique interior first edition scuff plates brushed aluminum pedals and red brake callipers so seems like they really have not only a cool electric car but you're getting really performance oriented vehicle at the same time so that is really really cool well I think that's definitely really coming at Tesla with this vehicle again I'm gonna say out of the gate

I love it I think it looks amazing I don't know what your stand points are on a legend let me know what you think about electric vehicles in general especially this one love it or hate it electrics the future I mean we're really pushing electric cars lately the past couple years and its really starting to evolve more and more and more and this is just a really prime example of it you had some heavy hitters like you know Porsche coming out with theirs this year that I can test has always been a pioneer in the industry and now you have Ford who is coming out with an SUV all-electric Mustang inspired I think this is going to do really well it says the Mach II will regain 47 miles of charge in 10 minutes one a fast charge 150 kilowatt charger that's pretty quick I mean 47 miles in 10 minutes

I mean that's about the average time we're going to spend if gas if you're going in fill up your car go ahead and get a coffee maybe a snack get to the register get out you're probably in there ten minutes you just gained 47 miles on your electric car that's pretty awesome now taking a look at the interior this is where I absolutely love this because unlike Tesla Tesla has one big massive tablet in the center which obviously this one does have looking at the picture this has a huge tablet but what they don't have some kind of I guess we'll say gauge cluster something right in front of the driver this does this has a small rectangular screen directly behind their steering wheel for your speedometer any other gauges you may want that is also that

I believe is what really makes an interior of an electric car feel like you're still in a car Tesla has this weird layout in there where all right you have the massive pad all your information is off to the side there's nothing in front of you you don't really feel like you're in a vehicle you feel like you're more just sitting behind a desk or a tablet in front of you or off to the side you for that matter but this interior layout the way things are it really does feel like an actual car with you know digital screens so that's really cool I think for really made a smart decision by putting that small rectangular speedometer engaged display in front of the driver so overall I'm super stoked about this thing and it think is really cool

I can't wait to see the reveal at the Auto Show now again this was all leaked documents from the maquis forums from other forums and it seems pretty legit I mean there are some pretty hardcore information here that I just don't see will say false information being leaked out in this kind of detail so this is a lot to take in I know there's probably going to be mixed emotions about this and I'd love to hear them good or bad let me know what you think of this thing because this is this in the future I mean SUVs we already know the whole world's buying SUVs and trucks and getting away from cars in general but electric vehicles are really starting to take off this is just another primary example when you have

I mean Ford's a huge company but we're not talking like they're exotics they're not Lamborghini they're not Ferrari or Porsche and they have finally I mean they've come out with a vehicle that the average Joe is gonna both be able to afford use and it's designed inspired in a way that I think most people are gonna like it so let me know what you think of this thing it's an awesome setup I think it's an awesome design and I can't wait for the official reveal one Sunday at the show and when that happens I'm gonna get back to you when a follow-up article will see exactly what Ford says how much of this is accurate if anything is not accurate we'll figure that out too until then make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bail notification for your follow-up article when the maquis talk to you then.
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