2020 Nissan Versa Review: Once The Most Affordable Car In America, Has Nissan Upped Their Game?

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2020 Nissan Versa Review: Once The Most Affordable Car In America, Has Nissan Upped Their Game?

The Nissan Sentra leaps forward for 2020

Welcome to Nashville and welcome to the 2020 Nissan Versa the entry-level vehicle in the entire nissan lineup and today we are taking a look at it is it more than just basic transportation can it be a little bit of fun and what kind of cool features does it have inside and out well on this article we're gonna go over all the stuff you need to know some of the stuff you want to see and we're gonna let you know whether or not you should take a look at the Versa over this competition that's coming up next probably right off the bat the most interesting thing you notice on this particular versa are all the sporty touches and that's because this one is the top-of-the-line SR but what's neat about it is it's still a subcompact versa so what Nissan has done is added a lot of emotion added a lot of soul into the new car where the old one was kind of a bubbly slightly plasticy fleet vehicle this new one actually feels upscale and one of the ways you can tell that is with this steering wheel

Nissan actually calls us a d-shaped steering wheel but for all intensive purposes it's a flat-bottom steering wheel and this one is leather wrapped with some pretty cool orange accenting throughout the inside one of the coolest design aspects on this versa you see here are these big 17-inch wheels and I do say big because they look quite oversized on such a subcompact vehicle but the base Versa s gets a 15 inch hub cap then the SV has a 16 inch wheel or this SR the biggest 17 inch wheel one thing that is a little bit cheeky you'll notice though are the brakes because we have discs in the front but coming to the rear you'll find a good old-fashioned drum brakes in my opinion the most impressive thing about the Versa is actually nothing to do with the driving experience the engine the looks it's actually the back seat because check this out I'm 6 feet 2 inches tall that right there is my driving position and when you get inside you have a tremendous amount of knee room now why is this impressive well it's no secret that the Versa is used as a fleet vehicle so it can be used in rental fleets but also

I think it's a pretty darn good ride-sharing car for an uber or lyft driver so having a lot of your seat legroom is great and Headroom actually when you're inside is pretty decent as well there is one big issue I have noticed though in the back seat and that is getting in and out because at 6 feet tall I'm constantly hitting my head on this sloping roofline I mean take a look just sitting down in it you really got to duck your head or you're gonna slam it into the roof you'll also find the same thing over here with this grab handle which is kind of uncomfortably far back to the point where in a hard turn you're going to hit your head on the plastic and not on the cushy roof material overall the design in my opinion has improved dramatically the old versa for being honest looked a little bit like a little bit like a sad toad it was just all kind of droopy and bulbous but this new car is right in line with Nissan's design philosophy in the front you'll notice that this Versa has the V motion grill which means it fits in with the other sedans within the Nissan family it doesn't look like that weird outcast anymore it's got the same front end as the larger

Sentra and Ultima and maxima and then you've got the headlights and if you get the SR trim like this one their standard LEDs which means they're bright and they also look pretty sleek and speaking of signature design in the back here we see Nissan's floating roof with this pretty cool little kick up now the part that makes the roof float is actually a piece of black plastic it's this little molding here and if I'm being honest it looks and feels just a little bit chintzy it doesn't quite match the trim around the window here it's it's not quite as nice as I'd like it I do I must say like what Nissan has done with the rear end here on this versa first of all we've got a little bit of a lip spoiler which is pretty sporty and down here we even have dare I say like a diffuser check that out you have these little fins on the rear portion of the valence overall though I think it's a pretty darn good looking car and yes this s Archer may be a little bit boyracer for some of you guys out there like they've incorporated this fake carbon fiber hood down below but I'm kind of a sucker for these little touches and

I think it makes a vehicle look more premium than it probably costs a premium touch you will find on this versa actually is the proximity key so you just keep the key in your pocket and then you can come up to the door and there's actually a little button on the door handle that you push the vehicle unlocks and then you can open the door and to lock the vehicle push that button one more time it'll beep and lock now one thing that is a little bit interesting about the system is that it doesn't actually work on the rear door so in the rear door you can't unlock the vehicle using just the remotes in your pocket you have to actually push the button to get it to unlock now of course being the entry-level Nissan even this top-end SR trim is gonna have some cost cutting and you see that when you open the door so you've got a pretty big swath of black plastic here you do have an automatic window but it is only on the driver window but there are smaller examples as well like throughout the vehicle you noticed a fair number of exposed trim clips like here on the rear door and on the trunk lining there's a lot of them so like across the inside here you'll see how the actual felt is held in place and you know that's okay because this is the baseline

Nissan product so you're gonna expect some of that even in the top trim s are the old verso had this issue where when you close the door it felt pretty chintzy how's a new one actually not bad at all it's got a pretty good solid clunk which is nice now stepping inside the new 2020 model you'll actually find some pretty surprising features for example this Dash is lined in this soft touch material and I really like the orange stitching on this SR model so Nissan is really targeting this vehicle at a younger demographic and being one of the youths of today we like our USBs so how many USBs are in the cabin of the new Versa well let's find out as I recall the old one only in one USB but this new one we've got one here which is actually for connectivity so this car actually has apple carplay and android auto on the SVN sr trim only the S doesn't have it so one USB there and then actually you check that out we have two charging USBs here in the center console which is nice because even the rear seat occupants couldn't reach this one as well so that is a total of three which

I think it's pretty respectable here in the US we're only getting one engine option and it's a 1.6 liter fuel-injected four-cylinder 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque and you'll notice a couple of things in this engine bay a everything is very easy to get to I've got a good old fashioned dipstick alternators right there and B it's all pretty basic so no engine cover and we even have our old fashioned prop rod here now you have one of two transmission options a 5-speed manual or something Nissan calls xtronic which is really a CVT but if you do go for the CVT the EPA rates is vehicle at 40 mpg on the highway and mid 30s combined which is pretty darn good actually and the curb weight of this vehicle on average depending on the trim it'll vary a little bit but at but on average is about 2600 pounds let's talk about two good things and two not so good things on the interior of the

Versa they're good things well number one every versa comes standard with push-button start which is a welcome addition and number two is actually this seven-inch touchscreen display which is super user friendly it's actually pretty awesome in general it's got a volume knob and the two knob and it does apple carplay Android auto all the stuff you've come to expect now what about two not-so-good things well if you're a passenger you're out of luck if you want an armrest because only the driver side seat has an armrest there is no center console and number two there's this little cubby over here on the left side of the steering wheel and it's kind of useless for pretty much everything it's too deep to really be a good change cubby but it's not wide enough for a modern smartphone nor is it really deep enough for a smartphone either this 2020 Nissan Versa has a bunch of manual levers for example the hood catch is a manual lever probably not that surprising but so is a fuel filler cap so

I have to pull up on this little handle here but even more surprisingly is the trunk catch which is here down by your foot and they even have a little cutout in the carpet so it doesn't bend the carpet out of the way but one thing that is pretty cool is actually back here on the fuel filler and it's a nice touch because I'm a bit of an idiot they've incorporated a little holder here for your fuel filler cap so you're not always losing your gas cap because if this was my car and I didn't had this this thing would be gone in like a week let's talk for a sec about the trunk on the Nissan Versa pop it open using a little catch back here and it's actually pretty decent so I've got a few bags here my articlegrapher Alex and I are out here for the evening in Nashville and you'll find pretty quickly that yeah it swallows our stuff easily now the actual cargo volume has increased by just under half a cubic foot over the outgoing model one thing that isn't so great are these hinges which protrude pretty heavily into the trunk space and you can even see how they just kind of ran some wiring up the side of one plus there's no inside trunk liner on the top of the trunk lid another pretty cool design q in my opinion are these taillights they make kind of an error toward the center of the vehicle and their accentuated by these black accents once again

I mean it's not really all that necessary to be here but it is a pretty nice design touch and in fact the entire vehicle Nissan says is lower longer and wider than the outgoing model which has always been a classic American success story for car design the Versa has a somewhat digital somewhat analog instrument cluster so the right side is always an old-fashioned analog speedometer but the left side is actually configurable so right now I have it in tachometer but check this out I can go through my music settings here I can even look at green reports plus I have a whole bunch of information so I could have a digital speedometer here your trip meter driving aids and even a tire pressure monitor so lots of stuff going on and then of course a load of settings on the inside of the cluster here once again it's a pretty premium feature in touch they have inside the Versa and it's a welcome addition one button that you'd have no idea was here unless you read this article is actually mounted on the transmission shifter now you have your standard PRNDL shift pattern that's not all that crazy but at the base of the shifter there's a little itty bitty button and you push it and it engages sport mode and you know that because it gives you a little

S on the cluster here so now you're in the know this is a pretty crazy touch take a look at this visor first of all in my driving position when I put the visor down I can literally see nothing out of the front of the car it is so tall so you're gonna have to angle it or you know somehow adjust it so you can see where you're driving but other than being huge it also does something pretty interesting it's got this little extension and it keeps coming and it keeps coming and it keeps coming and it keeps coming and it's god that's probably what eight nine inches and you need it because when you pulled it over here it doesn't extend this way so you have to use your big hold plastic extension and if you're not careful you could really whack yourself in the face trying to open or close a but you also have a mirror no mirror light in the verse unfortunately but you do have a dome light here with your pretty traditional door settings and you know I don't need to spend time talking about it don't light it works like a dome light and now we get to this vehicles party trick which

Nissan calls the safety shield 360 and essentially what that is is a group of standard and some optional driver assistance technology so what's standard on the verse of well automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection that's great high beam assistance rear automatic braking and lane departure warning and that's all standard even on the Nissan Versa s now optional is on the SV and above blind spot warning and rear cross traffic alerts so for this vehicles kind of demographic that it's shooting at the young urban driver it's nice having all these advanced modern safety technologies so there you have it the 2028 Nissan Versa there are a few things I can't talk about right now like driving impressions those are embargoed pricing has not been announced yet but I can tell you that this vehicle will be available starting in August so it's coming to dealerships know you a very soon now as always let me know what you think in the comments section below is this just your standard a 2b point-to-point transport or does it have some special stuff going on on the inside and out as always

I'm Tommy with TfL car go back to TfL car comm from our news views and real world first drive Nissan Versa reviews.
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