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What's up everyone how's it going welcome back to the greatest TlcShoppe Website in the world for uber and lyft drivers the ride share hub all right no other Website has merged like this okay so if you think you know the right your guy is better or Dustin is driving not to call any names out this is the best Website no I'm just kidding those guys are great too but today I brought out my car here you know I wanted to flex on you guys a little bit just kidding but today I'm gonna be sharing 20 tips for new super drivers so if you're a new over driver these are twenty of the best tips for you to you know use while you're starting out driving or even if you're an experienced driver these are just good reminders to you know put in to the good old noggin here right alright so here are the top 20 tips for new Buber drivers all right number one is when you pull up to pick up your pasture maybe your first passenger or if you're an experienced driver is ask your pastor what their name is so you never want to pull up and go hey are you

Suzy and you know that could easily be Beatrice and she could just be like yep that's me when people are drinking and stuff they just get in the car so you want to make sure you ask them hey what's your name so that they can confirm with you what the correct name is tip number two is set a schedule I know one of the greatest things about driving for uber is that you know it's super flexible you can drive 24 hours a day you know any time of day if you want but it does help a lot if you do set a schedule so you want to set your schedule around the peak times when it's most busy that's during morning rush hour during the week evening rush hour and then on the weekends like Friday Saturday night if you can hit those times set a schedule it'll really help you you know make more money the third tip use a sign on bonus if you're a new driver you can potentially get a sign on bonus or guarantee up to $1,000 isn't that crazy Kevin filming me that is insane yeah so you want to use a sign on bonus if you're thinking about driving for uber or even for lyft you know a little bonus one use the links in the description you get your bonus up to $1,000 tip number four this helps me a lot as

You want to set a weekly goal or even a daily goal for me my daily goal is 273 dollars why because that translates into 100 thousand dollars per year you know whatever your goal might be just write it down set it down maybe even keep it on your dashboard or on your phone so your passwords can't see and it really helps you out when you're driving throughout the day you're like oh I'm ten percent there twenty percent there and then at the end of the day if you do hit your goal you know set your goal a little bit high so you do have to reach more but does help a lot tip number five is start driving part time before you start driving full-time so I get this question a lot like from new drivers hey I'm thinking about starting driving should I quit my job and start driving uber full-time and my answer is usually no if you can work your normal job and then drive uber part-time after work or before work you know depending on when you work and on the weekends it's a great way to test out you know is uber right for me because it isn't right for everyone and not everyone can really handle driving you know 40 50 hours a week I personally cannot so

I just do it part-time but make sure if you're starting out drive part time before full-time tip number six is don't drive around looking for rides after you drop off a passenger and you know you don't have a ride or quest don't drive around too much looking for more rides unless you're like literally in the middle of nowhere try this you know drive to like a busy spot and just park your car and wait for your ride to come that way you're not wasting any gas at all and you could potentially be driving away from passengers so just stick to there and trust me the rides will come tip number seven is that you can make extra money with these extra apps specifically for rideshare drivers to make more money there's an app called cargo it's like a little box with food inside and your passengers can buy food from you through this the cargo app or there's even a bunch of free samples and every time someone takes a free sample you get like a dollar so this can really add up there's another app called stereo that pays you to play music play octopus those little tablets in the backseat and ratify you know if you

I personally like my car completely clean but if you want you can put like big ads on your car it's called rapa Phi and people are make like three four hundred extra bucks a month so people are actually paying for their car with ratified so you check out those apps I'll leave the links in the description tip number eight this is super important I didn't know this at all when I first started driving but make sure you track all of your miles and all of your expenses and uber and lyft already track your miles in the half but the thing that they don't do is that they only track the miles during your trip so you want to track you know when you're driving in between trips or when you're going say you want to you know drive to like a very popular place those are all miles that are tax deductible and track all your receipts you know you can use my like you to track your miles I think it's only like six dollars a month and that's six dollars you know you get fifty eight cents back per mile so you're gonna save thousands of dollars so the an extra six bucks a month is totally worth it and that's a tax write-off to you know get creative with your tax expenses tip number nine this is important a lot of people do not do this I actually didn't do this when I first signed up but it's get rideshare insurance if

I get into an accident in this car you know this is a pretty expensive car I actually didn't have ranch insurance when I first started and fortunately I didn't get into any major accidents but even if you get into like a fender bender and your insurance finds out you were driving for Cooper they will not pay for it and uber is tax they're ubers deductible is like at least $1,000 so if you want like a deductible that's like three or five hundred dollars which is pretty normal ask your insurance or tell your insurance you know hey I'm think about driving for a rideshare can I add that on to my plan I mean you might need a call around a few places because not every insurance agency actually does write your insurance that way you're covered for any accidents out on your doing the safe way tip number ten this is super important for me I know I personally love listening to music and when I'm driving around and I'm listen to my favorite song it really helps the day go by faster and more enjoyable so what I do is I may have like five playlists I have like upbeat playlist for like what I'm picking up you know party passengers I have like usually

I just listen to like soft acoustic music because most people do enjoy listening to quiet soft acoustic music but make like three or four playlists and you know that way you can switch out throughout the day tip number eleven know the airport rules unfortunately when you're driving for rideshare picking up at airports there's tons of different rules like you can't pick up anywhere you have to go to the designated spot to pick up passengers and you you can drop off you know usually it anywhere but and you also need like a placard an airport placard and if you don't have a placard you can get a ticket of like two thousand dollars it's crazy this is not a ticket from uber this is ticket from the actual airport because for security purposes and stuff tipped over twelve never pick up unaccompanied minors for whatever reason it's pretty normal that a lot of uber drivers just pick up unaccompanied minors so like parents just now we're using uber to take their kids to soccer practice or even to school and it's like sometimes I get right a quest from an elementary school

I'm like are you serious and that's totally legal you get deactivated for that if you get into an accident got like god forbid you can get in some seriously little serious trouble you know you don't want to get deactivated either so never pick up an unaccompanied minor bonus tip for that one if you do get a request from an unaccompanied minor you can just have you know the kid call their parent and be like you know you need to cancel that way you get your five dollar cancellation fee next tip is don't take cash rides sometimes every once in a while you run into this situation where someone's like oh I don't have the app or I don't know can you just take cash and that's against goobers goobers terms of services because they're you pretty much stealing that customer and again for insurance reasons if you do get in an accident and you're taking somebody in exchange for cash your insurance won't cover it Uber's insurance won't cover it lifts insurance won't cover it you're on your own for that payment so if you crash into like I don't know a Maserati or like a even like a

Lexus or something even just any car you know you're paying for all that out-of-pocket so don't take cash rides and for safety reasons you know you don't know who that person is it's not tracked through the app at all tip number fourteen fourteen fourteen fourteenth tip guys is do not start the trip until all of your passengers are in the car unfortunately like sometimes people will come in with like babies and there's no car seats there's no booster seats if they're like a toddler or they have like way too many passengers and if you start the trip before then you're like stuck and now they can report you give you a cancel eight or give you a bad rating but if you never start the trip to begin with you can just you know not start the trip and say hey I can't accept you so don't start the trip until everyone's inside buckled up and ready to go tip number fifteen this helps me a lot just staying balanced I mean you can't work forever so you know like in a day so make sure you take a lot of breaks and get enough sleep that's just super important you know that's why

I like when you're working a normal job you know you're allowed to take a break every two hours unless you're like a nurse or something you have to work like twenty-four hours straight but most jobs you know you get a 15-minute break and then a lunch break so take those breaks you know they really help out get out stretch your legs walk around you know do some hot yoga do some stretches this is my favorite stretch right here oh really feel the burn just get out do some stretches you know maybe a little some jumping jacks get the blood flowing and that'll help you uh help you drive a lot longer because in the long run you know you're not like four hours in like oh my god I'm so stiff I need to go home so yeah get your brakes get your brakes in and get enough sleep so you're not drowsy driving tip number 16 greet your passengers with a smile everyone loves a great smile I don't know what it is it's kind of contagious if someone comes up to him they're like hey how are you where are you going today or let's go to your destination versus are you Peter and you're like yeah

I'm Peter but what's wrong with you like you want to greet them with a smile and it you know leads to better ratings better tips just overall more comfortable experience and enjoyable experience and people tip more if you smile with them because they're gonna be happier and I said this in a previous article but if you're not feeling happy put on a fake smile then somebody leaves you a beard tip because they you know you're happier that will make you smile so it's a it's a full circle you know alright next tip number 17 guys were almost done is after every single ride come follow me I think what I do is you want to check your back seat and make sure nobody left anything inside your car as you can see here you know no there's nothing left in the back seat but if somebody does leave something in the back seat you know you you don't want to you know be responsible for that or if they do then you have to return the next day or then later that night it's just a it's just a hassle so tip number 18 this one goes along with that if somebody leaves you leaves their phone in your car

I would like with an iPhone especially you want to turn the phone off because there's certain cases where pastors will actually track you through the app to get their phone back and some cases where they even show up to your house so turn the phone off so they can't track you through the GPS like on Find My iPhone alright tip number 19 this is really important I've made this mistake and way too many times is don't wait for your passengers like if your pastor wants to go to the drive-thru and there's like you know it's gonna take like 20 30 minutes or I had a passenger one time I ended up waiting for it for like 30 minutes because she wanted to go shopping in Target and she left her bike in my car I should have put it put the bike in my car to begin with but after all it was all said and done I think it made like $1 while I was waiting for her for like 30 minutes so don't wait just tell them hey you know I don't get paid for waiting I'll just drop you off and you order a new one all right guys and that goes with like grocery stores to the next one number 20 almost done well pretty much are done now is

Drive slowly this is really important guys drive slowly follow the speed limit you know when you pull up to a red light you know maybe 80 but even is legal to turn right just you know calm down wait wait for the light to turn green you don't want your passers to like feel in danger so just drive cautiously when you pull up this is like with yellow lights - you don't need a speed through the yellow light like oh I gotta make it gotta make it just calm down wait no don't drive like you know a turtle don't drive too slow but you know drive the speed limit your passengers will appreciate that that's the difference between driving like a chauffeur and like a taxi want to be more like a chauffeur where you're just you know slow to accelerate your passengers feel all smooth and safe and yeah that's it guys those are my 20 tips for new Luber drivers if you have any of your own tips let me know thank you so much for reading again this has been another episode of the ride share hub make sure to LIKE this article if you enjoyed if you learned something new leave a comment down below did you learn anything new or is there anything that

I left out and make sure to subscribe so you never miss another article on uber and lyft this is the best number one ride to your Website for uber and lyft drivers in the world guys so you're witnessing history right now the best Website in the world alright guys thank you so much talk to y'all soon get out there make some money and stay safe drive smart guys bye.
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