12 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER "Holiday Gift Guide 2019"

12 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER Holiday Gift Guide 2019 12 great gifts for your girlfriend What is the best gift for girlfriend What is the most romantic gift for a girlfriend What kind of gifts do girlfriends like What should I buy my girlfriend for her birthday best gift for girlfriend on her birthday best simple gift for girlfriend thoughtful gifts for girlfriend romantic gifts for girlfriend romantic birthday gifts for girlfriend creative birthday gifts for girlfriend perfect birthday gift for girlfriend small gift ideas for girlfriend

12 BEST Christmas Gifts for HER "Holiday Gift Guide 2019"

12 great gifts for your girlfriend

Hello everyone and welcome back to my Website and Merry Christmas I'm excited today is my very first gift guide article and it's a gift guide for her or you because 95% of my Website is female based but anyway I have lots of other gift guide articles coming your way I've got a gift guide for him so my husband Josh will be in that article per usual it's always so fun I have another one coming that's gifts all under $50 so this one is definitely geared towards females in your life so maybe even for yourself or your mom a sister a best friend and all of the gifts are so all over the map as far as price points we have some really inexpensive things we have some really pricey things and then we have things all in the middle and just a lot of varied things but everything I just love so much and I really think would be great gifts and none of this article is sponsored at all these are just things that I genuinely love and I think others will too like

I just said so if you're new consider subscribing it's the holiday season without further ado let's get into the very first gift oh and of course everything that I show in today's article I will link it down below in the description box just hit show more and it will expand and you can shop and start getting the gifts at least for the females out of the way ok so I really wasn't sure what I wanted to talk about first and I didn't want to talk about this first because I talk about it so much already but I just really love what they're doing this year as far as gifting it's Miranda Frey I know I talked about her so much but they have six different gift sets this year which I just they are so nice so let me just show them to you I have a few here there's some others online if you want to check them out but the gist of it is they come beautifully packaged and each piece in the gift set works perfectly together it takes kind of like the guesswork out of gift-giving and all of the pieces are just coordinated really well so let me just show you this first one that I have it is three necklaces together one of them being the Shay necklace so that's really exciting but here are just three necklaces that automatically layer perfectly

I love it and then this one is totally different this one comes with a necklace it also has these Audrey earrings which I'm obsessed with the these are my earrings right here love these and then this is a really pretty bracelet but again all of this just coordinates and works great together and then I also have this gift set which again has the Shay necklace and then some classic hoop earrings and then a really pretty bracelet so you could do this one of a few ways that you could obviously take this and just gift it to somebody it's just presented so nicely or you could purchase one and save a little bit of money actually and then take one piece for yourself and then give some other items to a friend or maybe your mom so I did want to mention that if you wanted to tack onto your order or these gift bags I think it's like four or five bucks you can just add it onto your order and it comes with the gift bag and some tissue paper and then this is brand-new I'll just talk about this super quick this is actually like a little care package so if you already have some of her jewelry this would be cool but it's just a little pouch and inside it comes with a little cleaning wipe thing to take care of your jewelry and then some anti tarnishing wipes

I think there's ten of them here so you could tack that onto a gift or if you already have some of her jewelry like I said this would be really good but there are two different types there's one geared for gold jewelry and one geared for silver so as always you can definitely use my code Shay and save 10% on your whole order but yeah you guys know how much I love her stuff I just love how beautiful these sets are you just can't go wrong so anyway okay so for this next item I'm actually not talking about jewelry even though there is some displayed here and yes it is Miranda FRA okay it's like a boulder collection I can link this below too if you happen to like these pieces but the real thing I'm talking about is this necklace display bust thing and you've probably seen it in other articles of mine because I actually have it in my closet it's kind of like a background decor piece I get so many questions about it in my comment section and I just kind of hit me like I think a lot of people really like this and

I think it's a great gift because not only could you potentially like necklace to it and and it kind of serve is like a dual purpose but then it also is just a nice piece to have in like a girly room it could be in a bathroom it could be a closet it could be in a bedroom like on the dresser you know what I mean like it's just really really pretty and feminine and I think so many women out there of like many ages would really like this the next gift is for all of those travel lovers out there and this is a marble passport cover so this is something that a lot of people don't have but it's really cool to have and like I said this is marble it's so pretty I got this on Amazon I can link it below it's only $9.99 so this is one of those items it's really not too expensive but I don't think people would think it was only $9.99 so you're kind of like sneaking in like a kind of an inexpensive gift but it packs a punch because it's just it feels really nice it's really really pretty and then you open it up so you can obviously insert your passport in here and then there's some slots so people can put like credit card driver's license just travel essentials in here some cash it's just so good to have and

I really think this is a good inexpensive gift idea now this on the other hand is a little more expensive I talked about this I don't know maybe like half a year ago it's called Kenzi this is an IPL laser hair removal system so I really really like this and I think again it's something that women girls would really like but they just don't have so let me just open it up and quickly show you what it looks like here it is and it does come with a little thing you plug into and you just plug it into the wall to use it the cord is really long so it reaches far but you just hit this button and then there's various levels here and then you just go over the hair I mainly use this on my legs by the way but you can use it in the Brazilian area you can use it on your face even it's safe to use on your face I would say it takes about five or six uses and I use it about once a week but after five or six uses that's when you start seeing results and then you have to kind of maintain it every few months but it just gets rid of having to shave it gets rid of ingrown hairs it's just really cool so I emailed them recently and I said just FYI

I'm gonna put this in my gift guy did you have a discount code so they did give me one it's Shay 30 you save what's funny is it sounds like you saved $30 but I actually tested it and I plug the code in and you actually save $35 on this set which is really cool so bonus but yeah Shay 30 and you save $35 if you end up wanting to order it I do want to say if you have super light or blonde blonde hair this might not work for you because you do need some pigment in your hair for the laser to to get and stop you know what I mean so medium to darker hair this works best for but again great gift idea so this next gift idea is really cool it's only 22 dollars it's such a good price for what you get you just open it up and it's a makeup mirror but like a really really nice one it actually plugs in and it's lighted so hopefully seeing the footage I don't have it plugged in right now but you should hit this little button right here and it lights up really bright like a bright white natural light so perfect for doing your makeup

I really like how there's different sections of the mirror like this is two times three times so you can get really close for maybe your eye makeup or doing eyebrows it also comes with like a small ten times mirror so you could actually stick that in this corner and get really close to your face that's my microphone this is my living room guys this is a tour of my living room do you want to see my chandelier I really like my chandelier where is it oh there it is I was happy with that decision back to the mirror great just a great gift 22 bucks it really really works it has some really great reviews as well I like how it folds up I just think that a lot of girls and women would use it okay so speaking of makeup and beauty I want to talk about these next two things which are both from so for us all it involves makeup and beauty this first set it's an olaplex gift set and it just I mean come on it just comes already looking like a gift but if you guys aren't familiar with olaplex i'm sure so many of you are but this is literally like magic in a bottle for your hair it's so good so this is four steps the first step is what they're known for this is it has the hair

Perfector like leave-in treatment it's so amazing for your hair there's a shampoo a maintenance conditioner and then a bond smoother in here as well every single product is best-selling like that you people just love this so I thought it would be a really good gift especially consider it looks like a gift and then this other gift set I really like just because it's YSL and why a cell is obviously like a luxury brand I love their handbags when you get like something from YSL you just know not only was this kind of pricey but it's also just really nice luxurious it looks really pretty and it comes with three different products a primer a mascara and a really pretty lipstick and it's again it's YSL so like just it's a good gift you know the next gift idea comes at two different price points I couldn't decide between the two but they're both robes this is the ugh robe I've had this for years my husband bought it for me but they still have it it's like a best selling robe it's so comfy I love it but then this is a more recent one this one is actually from

Walmart and it comes with slippers that are matching and it's so soft this one is I think 18 or 19 dollars and it actually comes already kind of gift-wrapped I can insert footage of what it looks like because I did put it in a article a while back but I love this it's Leopard I think they have some other patterns as well but such a good gift idea now if you want a robe that probably probably will last all like forever this one I feel like is really good quality I just haven't had it as long but this I've had forever it is it's ugh okay so you I mean that's just like a really good brand it's super super thick it's so soft comes in a lot of colors this was a gift to me Josh got it for me and at the time I was like oh cool but like I use it every day but so comfy I love it and I'm so thankful for it so I think others will appreciate it as well so this next gift idea is for all of the alcohol lovers out there this is cocktail kit like a travel cocktail kit and there's so many different varieties this one is the old fashioned because that's Josh's favorite drink let me just pull up all the different options though there there's the Moscow

Mule the margarita hot toddy gin and tonic champagne Bloody Mary like it's so many different varieties but this is great for traveling this is great for going on an airplane that's why there's a little airplane there but it just comes with all of the different ingredients you do need to add the the hard liquor obviously but this comes with the different just a different ingredients to put together that particular cocktail so the bitters the sugar a muddler there's just other things in here and it's just really cool so it's not that big so this may be it could be like a stocking stuffer but it's just interesting and you can get maybe a couple of them just just different it's it's kind of different okay so in the last clip you probably saw the loopy phone case making appearance I love this phone case so much it needed to be in this article because it is such a good gift idea because they will seriously love you for it like they will never go back what's different about this phone case is the fact that it is a loop but it's actually built into the phone case so it's not ever going to pop off pop sockets pop off and your phone

Falls this will never come out and it's just so handy because like you can hold your phone like this I can still put my phone in my back pocket I can like hold coffee and like walk around the house walk around the store it's just so convenient you can also just lean it like this the loop kind of tilts it up at you so if you want to read a article it's just so handy I love the leopard phone case I have my marble as well but they have masculine versions they have plain versions feminine patterns so if you're gonna go this route for a gift just slyly ask what kind of phone they have and then you're good to go you can use my code Shae w10 for 10% off I basically begged them for that but guys seriously it's like just you this is so good you can't go wrong I promise this next gift idea is really unique it is organic tea drops and it's it comes in this really nice like wooden box and here are it actually looks like something else but really

I promise it's tea it smells amazing but it it gives the instructions you just pour in boiling water add in a tea drop there are different flavors and varieties you can get decaffeinated or caffeinated or a combination of both and then you just stir and enjoy and they're in little shapes like this one is a flower this one's a star this is a heart and they're just they're just really pretty and again they smell amazing it's organic tea and a lot of people love just a lot people love tea including myself so I might keep this for myself I'm not really sure but either way great gift this next gift idea is actually a Kate Spade lunchbox so it's kind of like a designer piece but it doesn't have a designer price it's $30 which i think is a really good price it's so cute it says out to lunch I think this would be such a good gift idea for maybe like a co-worker or maybe a daughter that is in high school or going to college or maybe just a friend maybe a friend that works or is maybe going to school yeah I just think this is unique the zipper is obviously amazing you just open it up

I wouldn't say it's like a huge lunch box but it definitely it's like a decent size and then it's obviously gonna keep everything really insulin insulated and then a nice little handle just just kind of different and you know I just want to say this really quick this has nothing to do with a gift guide but this yellow piece has been bothering me we have a very nicely coordinated tree but obviously the kids wanted to add some of their own ornaments and so we let them this is the latest edition this is this is baby Jesus a clothespin baby Jesus in a manger and it's been distracting me the entire article but not now you know what it is this is an oldie but a goodie and it made the list again this year I think it was in last year's article but this is the barefoot dreams blanket oh it comes in so many patterns this is uh this is you know a leopard gray print I don't know if this exact ones still available but they come in solid patterns leopard patterns it's just the softest this blanket of life I am always using this my kids always want to use it it's just a best selling thing everybody loves it so you can't go wrong if you don't know what to do you can't go wrong with a blanket it is a prese blanket just for warning you but worth every penny and used on the daily that does it for this article

I hope you enjoyed my gift guide for her for 2019 and like I said everything that I showed including the discount codes that I was able to get for you will be listed and linked down below but stay tuned for my gift for guys and then my gifts under 50 that's coming like in a couple weeks but hopefully this will at least kind of get your foot wet and you know get some things marked off the list so thank you so much for reading and I'll see you very soon in my next one bye.
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