10 Apps to Download for LYFT & Uber Drivers 2019

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10 Apps to Download for LYFT & Uber Drivers 2019

Alright let's talk about 10 apps that every lyft and uber driver should have in their smartphone which means you need to go and download these today hopefully you have some of these in your phone already but if you don't let me break them down for you number one you need to have the Waze app and the reason that you need to have the Waze app is I did a article on this app how powerful it is and how it makes me it was making me an extra you know two three hundred dollars a week just having to have so much it's so powerful that I did that article in 2016 that in 2018 when uber was changing a bunch of their the change in their platform and changing their their own application themselves they added a lot of things inside of their navigation that ways already had but I can tell you right now they are still behind when it comes to the social aspect of it being able to link this and sync this thing up to your calendar save favorites and all kinds of stuff if you don't have the

Waze app you are tripping it is a social navigational application that cannot be beat it is ran by Google you know you got Google itself but Google also owns ways okay so understand this that you get the best route in real time with the help from fellow drivers if you don't know how that works trust me go check it out to give you just but just kind of give you an idea if I'm if you have the Waze app and there's and if you're driving on i-25 I'm here in Atlanta if you're driving on i-25 and let's just say you're 20 miles away from your destination anybody who is on that route ahead of you five ten minutes or whatever ahead of you if they see an accident and they reported that accident is immediately reported socially through everyone who's using the app which means that normally maybe that's the best way for you to go that's the quickest way for you to go Waze is going to reroute you in real time to say hey we're gonna actually reroute you and start avoiding that it this thing tracks cops it tracks cars on the road attracts you know potholes attracts hazardous it red camera lights you know the lights that kept you at the red light for running

Raylan it captures all of that stuff people take pictures of this information show you what's going on I just can't tell you how powerful it is it'll make you a lot of money if you don't know about that article if you didn't see it I have I'm gonna put a card here to go so you can go read the Waze article that I did so you can see how powerful it is so that's number one number two the Gas Buddy Act obviously you know you're in your vehicle you're driving around and you're using it to earn an income unless you've moved on to the other side of the quadrant which is where I'm moving people getting away from trading time for driving money but if you're still in that phase of driving you need the Gas Buddy app because this thing will help you find the best gas prices anywhere okay and that's important because if you're if you're you know if you're using if you're paying too much for gas obviously you're burning into your income so along with the Gas Buddy app and another article that I did which shows you how to save money on gas again

I'll put a card here so you can read that article how to save money on gas this you know you just got to have this app okay that's gonna you know put a lot more uh you know keep more money in your pocket the next thing is mile iq mile IQ is accurate mileage reports stress-free logging on your desktop or in the palm of your hand obviously for us in the palm of your hand this app allows you to not only start tracking your miles automatically when you start moving your vehicle and it could you can easily decide whether it's going to be classified where there's going to be business or personal with ease by you know cz swipe but it's also going to give you accurate reports and if you don't know why that's important is because when it comes to your taxes you need to be able to write off your expenses and understand that you might say oh well Google's tracking my I mean not Google but oberus tracking my miles and they are but they're only tracking the mile your miles when you're online but understand you're using your vehicle a lot more than just when you're online for business if you're running it the way that

I'm showing you on this Website so understand this I think 20:19 is 58 cents per mile that you can write off when you're using your vehicle for business which means that every 10,000 miles that you put in your car that's a $5,800 write-off talk to your CPA get this app so as you say that mic is if you if you're not doing the minimum if you're not doing that you are tripping okay so download this my like you it's accessible accessible on all devices iPhone and obviously Android the next one is into its QuickBooks understand this guys this is QuickBooks self-employed you know as an uber driver uber business owner is what you are you're self-employed which means you're not a w-2 you are a 1099 1099 k10 I not 1099 misc or miscellaneous okay you need to understand that you know you need to have this so you can know what you can and what you can't write off so quickbooks self-employed customers find an average of look at it over four thousand six hundred twenty dollars in tax savings per year get this application because it's gonna save you some money and it's going to show you how to file your taxes a lot better as a self-employed individual and again i want to show you these links are gonna be in the descriptions but let me make make a public service announcement I'm not none of these links are gonna be affiliate links

I could easily do this article and make these links some of these links affiliates but I'm not doing that because this information is important I'm not gonna make any money from giving you this information outside of advertising if you read the ad before this article okay number what number is this 1 2 3 4 I think it is 5 audible understand this listening to audiobooks is one of the best things you can do in your downtime which is you're gonna have a lot of that because you spend a lot of time inside of your vehicle instead of listening to the radio and music and stuff that is not going to build up your knowledge base you need to be listening to you know business stuff things that are going to help you get on the other side of trading time for money things that are going to help you get onto the passive side of the income not the left side of quadrant but the right side of the quadrant if you don't know what I'm talking about when I'm talking about the cashflow quadrant here's a link here to go read the cash flow quadrant article which will show you you know why you need to be on that right side okay training time for money is bad alright let's talk about the next one the next one and you need to download is

Freebird Freebird is cash back and points every time you over or you lift you can do this is for Apple and droids you can see here two point over two point eight million distributed to the users over 810 million points from Rhys and promotions and six hundred seven nine thousand on safe rides home what is this okay basically you can go ahead and read this but you can save money by using this app earn points for every every ride rides provided by uber and lyft and you get home safely a lot of bartenders here in Atlanta and club owners use the stuff you can see here if I read this first sentence Freebird helps you reward your customers with cashback on uber and lyft rides when they come and dine and drink at your establishment and for you you try to figure out how do you save money check it out discover business businesses that offer cash back for your arm for your ride all you need to do is make a valid purchase or any location on your credit card linked to your free bird' account you know earn points on every ride check it out by user

Freebird you can earn points every time you take an uber or lyft trade your points in for valuable rewards and cash check this app out it's pretty dope again I have all these apps on my phone definitely had them when I was heavy in the streets and driving making a lot of money with over Spotify is the next app that you need download why because streaming is huge and believe it or not most people are in now in their own personal vehicles they're either streaming music or they're pot you know they're listening to podcast that's that's the reason that most of the vehicles that you see being manufactured today have apple carplay in them because more people are starting to podcast and listen to FM radio which means that the passengers that get in your vehicle they're probably gonna want to listen to their Spotify playlists or you can they can share their Spotify playlist with you or you can share your Spotify playlist with them that's going to give you a way to open up the door to earn more money if you don't know what I'm talking about I can I'll put a guard or link in the description to the 20 questions that most people most of passengers going to ask you that you could turn into making money but

Spotify is definitely an app that you need it's a social app plus it's got really really good music so you need to have it alright the next one we're going to talk about is flush let's just be honest with you you're spending time in the vehicle driving around at some point you're gonna have to use the restroom no need of trying to figure out where you know a good restroom is unless you like me before I figured out flush I have five restaurants that was that I used in the different parts of the city in Atlanta which ones were the best and the cleanest I knew where I wanted to go so if I was in that area that's where I was gonna go but flush is a good out for you to have because it's gonna find you really really good restrooms okay understand like the ones that you want to be in not the crappy ones where there's pee all over the toilet ladies okay and stuff like that and guys you know pee on your fresh sneakers you know you got a stepping on at pee it's not like that at all so check this app out because at some point you're gonna have to do a number one or number two it's inevitable alright this app is available on iOS and actually you can see it's also available on

Android number nine ninth app that you need to download is accu weather understanding this you need to know what you're going to be up against when you jump in your vehicle to go out and drive you need to know if it's going to be cold you need to know if it's going to be raining you need to know if it's going to snow because that is going to let you be aware of what you actually need to put in your trunk to deal with that weather weather if it's raining I have a article I talk to you about the 20 items every Google Drive should have one of those is an umbrella you need to know if it's gonna rain you need to be prepared to get out of the vehicle walk around with your umbrella and actually put the passenger in the vehicle that's out first of all that's automatically gonna get you five stars but you were also working for a tip understand that you're in this customer service business just staying in your car letting them get in the vehicle open the door themselves and let ladies just open the door whatever your shivery doesn't need to be dead because it's ruining your rating and it's also hurting your pockets because you're not understanding if you're in the customer service business the better your customer service and the more knowledgeable you are the better your conversation is the more

Tips you're going to make that's a money plane all right number 10 is going to be flight stats fly stats is really really dope because especially for those of you who have a domestic or an international airport in your city in any city that has an airport more rides are done at the airport than any other player requested from the airport that any place else in your city that is a fact and so instead of trying to go to the airport and sit in the the lot you know trying to figure out when is going to be a good time for you to actually catch a ride you can check you know flight status you know which is what I should do you can check to see when sliced are coming in and when they're leaving because that's when the rides are gonna be called in the most now you might be saying well I don't want to do that and go to the airport no you're thinking about this all wrong you need to reverse engineer it the reason I check the flight stats to see here in Atlanta when the flights are going to be going out is because that's when I want to go into the neighborhoods hello because if it's saying that most of the flights are gonna be leaving out in

Delta on Tuesday at 6:30 a.m. or 7:30 a.m. guess where I'm going to be I'm not gonna be at the airport no I'm gonna be in the neighborhood because the neighborhood's you know especially in the business district of Atlanta those are where the people are going to be calling ubers to go to the airport more money for me so I get money going to the airport in optimal time and I get money coming away from the airport in optimal time I have articles to show you guys where I was making seventy eighty dollars in uber Excel coming to and from the airports this is how I did it I have a freaking app that showed me that tracked flights and glanced at flights and monitored conditions and checked flight statuses this is super dope so these are the ten apps that were absolutely 100% earn you more money save you more time and heartache from being out there you know running your uber business so if you have some of these that's fantastic whichever ones you don't have definitely go and download those leave a comment in the description

I mean leave a comment below the article and tell me how you're using your apps to make more money my name is Calvin I'm the simple driver peace.
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